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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)July 20, 2010

"I think its the garden art that can define the gardener, where the personality of the designer can come out and shine." - Deanne

Won't you please share your personal art treasures with us here? Whether it be a Saucy leaf, an intricate gate, a glorious pot, a painting, a rain chain, a piece if whimsy, a bird house collection, a bench, a statue...or something totally strange and unique...I'd love to see it here!

Maybe you don't even own it yet but saw it and love it.

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I walked around and took pictures of my garden art, but they lose something in the picture. Probably because each item has a little story behind it, and I am looking at them with sentimental eyes. Most of the "art" that is in my garden are found items, things I grabbed by the roadside, Skip lugged home, etc, little junky junk. But these two elephants might work. They came back with him from Vietnam.

This is a hosta leaf fired in ceramic

This is also an interesting piece of ceramic. It is fired by the reike method, and was done by my ceramic teacher.

And this little frog was given to Jenny when she had Devin. She was collecting frogs at that time. She left it behind when she got married and moved. (He refuses to stand upright, I tried to rotate him 5 times and gave up)

The elephants sort of showed a piece of the of the old window greenhouse in the pic, I will post a full view. I was going to try to wait until it was perfect, but if I wait for that, you will never see it. He has to put on the permanent roof and I need to paint the interior. And we need to get rid of a bunch of junk laying around. Welcome to my world- not QUITE perfect:) You have to squint and use your imagination. LOL.

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Drema! Your greenhouse is fabulous! I'm green with envy. The little table with the butterfly chairs looks very cute too. The elephants are great along with the pots they flank. You have some wonderful art there.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Drema --WOW - that greenhouse -- Incredible!!! I too am soo envious... It's really really marvelous -- and I love the elephants and the pots next to them; the ceramics are beautiful too -- now this is what beautiful eclectic means to me -- Just a Wow. I'm sooo glad you posted these.


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Drema that is totally fabu ! You must be thrilled with it.

Here is some Doobie art.. From Garden Summer 2010

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

My "art" tends to be small; I seldom get scale correct with this stuff; but as you know, I'm fond of "faces" - and with a classical theme and warped humor, I have several gargoyles one can find peering out from place to place; I think this is Igor:

And I'm fond of shells:


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

What a great idea this thread is Bug! Drema, I LOVE your greenhouse and I am also green with envy. There are so many wonderful ideas here already. Cindy, just love the shells in the shell.

So where to begin?! I think it should be with my Saucy leaves, wonderful!

the new ceramic fish

The lovely Windblown

Im thinking I need to take a walkabout the gardens and see if there is anything I havent shown before.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Drema - ooh... I want that greenhouse!

From gb: I can't really call all this "ART", but it is the stuff that gives personality (mainly mine) to our outdoor home. I have included my choice of furniture, vine supports and structures, the garden gate I brought from our old city home, a bird bath for the memory garden, and even decided that I'd add a path and garden, as situating them is and artistic decision, no?


We met with Mario this morning to discuss whether he can make the 'arty' iron tuteur for the garden. Barring further health crises in his family, I should have it in about 3 weeks.

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Marie, what a great idea for a thread. Idyllers have the best garden art.

Drema, I especially love the little frog and that greenhouse is really something! Lucky you to have that!

Kathy, rusty cats are one of my favorites! Love your Doobie :)

Cindy, what a great little gargoyle and the shells are so nice! I never feel like I see enough of your garden. I'd love to see more of your faces. I love the idea of them as garden art!

Deanne, your art is beautiful and just perfectly sited. You know you always inspire me. I don't think I told you that I ordered the schooo of blue koi as my birthday present from Brad because I loved your fish so much.

Marie, these pictures are wonderful and everything you do is so artistic and so unique. The rustic bench really caught my eye.

I tried to find a few things in my garden that you all haven't seen and I did include a picture of my fairy. I love her. Here goes...

A bauble made from an old mixer beater

This years bird gargler by pottery artist Doug Fey. I have him make a different one for me every year. This is the fifth, a frog. I also have a cat, a dog, a fish and a giraffe. I've already chosen the one I want for next year, a floppy eared rabbit.

Fairy door

Gnome in the angelica ebony

A family of fish

Rusty old jalopy

My fairy

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My awesome Saucy leaf From Garden Summer 2010

A few from OPG's

An artists private garden in the village of Mendocino From Mendocino

From Iu 6, the rose garden from day 1 , whose name escapes me ! From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

At The Compound ! From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm testing our system to see if I can post again. DH thinks it is partly restored!

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Everyone has such interesting and diverse artworks in their garden. I love them all! It is so much fun to take a walk around your spaces.

Thanks for your kind words re the greenhouse. It will look much better when completed, has to be before the snow flies, or it will collapse, LOL.

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What a fun thread!

Eden, you always have the most interesting art. The fish made me smile.

Deanne, you have lovely things and they are so artfully displayed.

Kathy, I have quite a few rusty pieces too, but so far no cats ;O)

Cindy, the faces are just like little friends in the garden. Do you name them?

'bug, you have lots of great garden art. I especially like the watering can wreath. I have a collection of old watering cans.

I have 4 gates in my garden which I consider art along with several benchs and birdbaths that each have a unique style.

This concrete bunny guards the strawberries in the Secret Garden.

This fairy was a gift from my sister and I think she is adorable. So does Kenzie. She calls the fairy her daughter.

One of my Dad's old bowling balls painted with "stone" paint. There's also a copper one and one with the blue marbles.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

So many wonderful things and such creative people here.

Michelle, love your leaf! When did you make that? It's a beauty! and also love the idea of using the stone paint on the old bowling ball.

Eden, how fabulous you ordered the shcool of blue koi! Have you gotten them yet? Can't wait to see them in your garden. Just love my fish.

Bug, love the gates and artistic outdoor spaces.

Kathy, great photo of the statue from Fuller Rose Garden. I don't remember that one.


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Back to see what's new here.

Kathy, your Lisa Leaf is awesome! And I like that you included a piece of Chelone's garden art too.

Michelle, what a great idea with the bowling ball. And your leaf is beautiful too. Maybe I should try my hand at one. You and Saucy are a tough act to follow though I fear. That mirror reminds me of something out of a fairytale. And it made me smile to read that Kenzie regards the fairy as her daughter. So cute! I've always loved the art in your gardens!

Marie, more great things from you too. I like the wire piece. Is it supposed to represent a bird cage? That's what it looks like to me.

Deanne, I do have the fish. I'll have to grab a photo.

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I did make the leaf, it was one of the first I tried. I've made only a few, so they are far from Lisa's quality. Eden, you should try it. Its fun. The painting part is where I fall short.

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Michelle, I think you did a great job on both the bowling ball and the leaf. I really like the fairy too. I have been looking for one for awhile for my sister Cindy who died in 1981.

Woody, I just love your gate. Garden gates add so much to a garden.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Drema - tat's gb's beautiful gate - I just posted the picture for her.... :-)

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I was so happy to see you post this topic, bug! Gardening on a much smaller scale than many of you, I have tuck ins throughout the gardens. Many are not visible unless you are seriously Walating and its amusing to watch the reaction (or lack of) from guests.

Just loving all these photos and the stories or comments included with the art make them even better.
Oh, that wonderful gate, bugif I could have one designed, that would be IT! I confess to lack of architectural knowledge but it doesnt matter, I covet that gate. Do tell more historyany old photos of the city house you brought it from? I imagine that took some doing to detach and haul off as it appears so heavy.

Drema, my gaze was cut short of the elephants when I saw window panes and my brain registered GREENHOUSEshe got her greenhouse! Idyll envy is contagious and spreads rapidly, lol. Seriously, that is so cool, I cannot wait for more photos.

Kathy, love the Doobie Artrusty is a favorite of mine and a cat in the garden is always right!

Cindy, great to see another Idyll who loves gargoyle statuary!...poor misunderstood creatures of lore with a fascinating historical background. I incorporate many styles of art in separate garden areas, nothing jumps out jarringlyits just that I want it ALL. Classical, rustic country, cottage, whimsy with a touch of the mystical thrown in, too.

Eden, you know what I mean, right? Your art is delightful with such unique pieces, hope you post more! The jalopy intrigues meis it a kiddie car with additional parts?

Michelle, Kenzie calling the fairy her "daughter" is another sweet glimpse as to what personalizes our gardens. The stone bowling ball turned out super, Ive wondered about using the spray, hmmmm. Love the mirror, too!

Deanne, my favorite is windblownperfect placement! Island bed, between two trees, back against the larger, I can envision the wind tunnel effect coming right through that area. (I think I have latent ocd tendencies, Im just not as successful with them as you, LOL!)

Better get these posted before DH returns and the day gets underway.

A corner of the patiothe little coasters under the ladybug are ones DS gave me for Mothers Day with his first paper route earnings. I couldnt part with them when they became too discolored for inside use!

I love collecting rocks and stone, heres one with a very faded lizard that kids still manage to notice and adults never do. Interesting, isnt it, how kids can be so observant.

Walating along the pathsometimes, Im known to take great liberties with rocks.

A bling stake for my container of cherry tomatoes.

And Drakon, my garden sentinel, ever watchfulshould have photographed him when the daylilies were in full bloom.

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How strange to pull this thread up (great idea, BTW!) and see that silly Victorian poodle emerging from the hosta... . Looks familiar, though he's nearly buried this season and Sue's words echo in my mind... bring him out into the open, so you can enjoy all of him... . (he was a "factory second" and the seam down his back looks more like dorsal fin than a "seam"; that's what you get for $10).

I am utterly charmed by your contributions and feel terribly inadequate... but it's OK. My heart's in the right place. Thanks for the lift.

(I love Doobie)

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Uh, I was pretty sure that was a sheep, lol...isn't it? One of the long curly haired kind?

I'm working on a contribution...


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Chelone, I thought that was a poodle! Cute! Good to see you surface.

Candy, I love your art! Just my taste and yes, that would be very eclectic. I read somewhere once that if you collect things you really love, whether in decorating inside of out, they'll work together in the space. I hope that's the case in my garden and in my house or I'm in trouble. That m&m of yours is my favorite! My jalopy is just a Homegoods purchase. The cashier inquired what I was going to do with it as it's quite large. I had to balance it across the top of my cart. I told her I was going to put it in my garden and she warned me I should coat it with something so it wouldn't rust. My response was.."But I like rust." LOL!

Looking forward to seeing your contributions, Saucy!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I feel a need for a package of M&Ms...but not a poodle. That poodle would hurt when I beat it.

Nice rusty obelisk behind Drakon. Where's the clematis?

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So everyone still agrees its a poodle. I'm pretty sure it's a curly haired ram/sheep...I looked and there are other such statues :)

Okay, as I looked around for art in the garden, I realized that I sort of create a good deal of the junk around here and I'm not sure I ever realized that, or even what I think that says about me.

Here's a "bowl" I made to be used upside down or rightside up: From Art In The Garden

Another bowl that needs a scrubbing: From Art In The Garden

My new fountain and all my other "stuff". Is that art? Dunno. From Art In The Garden

Here's some real art :) From Art In The Garden

And finally, I like little cast iron figures to sprinkle around: From Art In The Garden

I've really enjoyed this thread and everyone's contributions. I was thinking that my plants play the biggest role on where I put things. Without the plants, I don't really display the art. It all gets put away before the snow flies, with the occasional leaf hanging on the wall.


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Drema, that is so neat to see photos of your greenhouse after hearing you describe it to me in person. It's gorgeous. I love the arrangement of the windows, the row of "celestory" ones along the top. (Is that the right word, window lady?)

Woody, I love that scrolled "park" furniture. Don't think I've seen it before!

'bug's wirework sculpture caught my eye too. So much wonderful stuff on this thread. I remember Michelle's stone-painted bowling ball, a great idea that is holding up beautifully in the weather. Candy's are all new to me. Drakon makes a formidable sentinel, and I like that rusty tuteur just behind him too. I don't keep much at all, more the "rust never sleeps" category of garden art. And lots of pots ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The wire sculpture is indeed on a birdcage theme and has clematis reaching up to it.

Saucy, tell us about your amazing new fountain!!! I love your bowls too, whether up facing or down.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

More wonderful things here!

Candy, I lol over your observations about the placement of Windblown. You are correct in that the wind blows through there almost all the time but it comes from behind her. Te he.. If I placed here so that the wind was blowing in the correct direction one would be looking at her back. Ive thought about doing that but cant quite make myself be that ocd.

Love your garden art! I especially love the tufa looking stone with the lizard on it. Very cool, and the M&M, priceless. Also am very taken with the bling stake. I could find a place for that here.

And Saucy, love, love love the vignette with your fountain! So beautiful! So have the goddesses been placed in their garden? And also love the vignette with the beautiful leaf and the baby s. cylindrica. So cool.

Denise, your succulents always amaze and delight! Love your vignette with the interesting pots and plants.

Heres another from NH, Im really enjoying the bakers rack arrangement this year with the caladium pots.


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From yesterdays garden tour... From Open Gardens East Bay 7-25-10

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No clematis yet, bug. Just trying a position for the oblelisk thats a construction zone. I recently removed a very large, mature hosta from the area. It seems my gardens are always a work in progress unless were expecting company.

Saucy, I really like the bowls, how did you do the blue leaf pattern?

Love your succulent photos, Denise. The leaves have such wonderful texture and so do your pots! It must be great not having to worry about them cracking in the winter months.

Lol on your wind conditions, Deanne! Id have never knownthats the power of illusion, isnt it? Beautiful arrangement on the bakers rackespecially love the second shelf.

Must run, dinner out tonighthope everyone contributes to this thread, its too good to let go!

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Deanne, your bakers rack looks fabulous. The green/white theme is wonderful along with the silver and the cement rabbits. It just looks so coordinated. For those who don't know I have the same bakers rack and it doesn't look anything like Deanne's lovely display.

Denise, I like all your succulents and especially like the green pot and stand(?)

Saucy, the bowls are fabulous! I'm so curious to know how you made them. You are getting quite accomplished with cement. I like the way you painted the blue leaf.

Candy, I hope you don't mind me stealing the M&M idea. McKenzie just needs one of those in her garden. I showed it to her and she wants a red one.


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Another little something from my garden. This was an extra doorknob from the house that I grew up in.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Candy, about the gate...

I found that gate at a flower shop that also sold finds of old "stuff". That was years ago in Toronto. It was painted bright turquoise at the time. I NEEDED it.

So then began my search for posts to support it and make it functional. There was a huge warehouse near the Humane Society and I went there and searched, resisting many other 'finds'. I found the two posts at last and managed to unify things by painting them the dark dark green.

Then I asked my Italian brick layer friend (the guy who rebuilt our chimney and cement walkway and front porch pillars and more...) to install the gate in our small backyard. He sank the posts in concrete, installed a rose arch above it and lay a flagstone path to that area.

About 15 years later we moved to the country and sold the house. DH said I could either keep the gate or the old Quebec pine fireplace mantle, but one of them had to stay with the house to give it character for selling the place. Not yet knowing what our new home would be like, I risked taking the gate. So Benny returned to remove the posts from the concrete! One of the bases broke in the process. Once we actually moved here, the contractor who removed wallpaper and sanded floors here found me a man who could repair the post and then he installed the gate in its present location. Given my age, it will either remain here forever or else make one more trip to wherever we go if this place becomes way too much for us to handle. And so it is well loved, even though I would never have thought to mix it in with a farm atmosphere.

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Michelle, Im delighted Kenzie NEEDS an m&m rock and cant wait to see it! Hope you can find one asap. This cobblestone was so perfectly disc shaped (the bottom is rounded also) I knew immediately what it had to become. After deliberating, I chose green since its a good tuck-in color but bright red will be wonderful and just right for her garden! So neat you showed it to her and she got to personalize the color. A quick, easy projectbut sheesh, every little bump was magnified painting that m! Heres the picture from last year after I finished and exhaled in relief. For scale, that's a 9 inch paper plate.

Love that doorknob!visiting a salvage store has been on my to do list this summer. I NEED one and WILL find it, lol.

Bug, thanks so much for taking the time to share the gate history! Its so interesting to have an art object enriched with a story. Maybe youll post another view, please? (hint) Is it by the barn or house? How great if you can see it from a windowmaybe a walkabout approach with the camera very soon? (STRONG hint, LOL)

This day will not wait for me any longer, I have to run. Why do all these great Idyll threads occur in waves when I have no leisure time ??! Tantalizing. Drives me crazy. However, I refuse to skim or rush through them. Later


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I have pretty much only scanned the "pittures" on this thread, but what a nice way to relax. :)

Focus here has been on the nuts and bolts kind of work... drainage, primarily. Definitely not fulfilling in the short term, but fundamental to any desired future effect. Sigh. (double sigh that it also bears a significant price tag and a lot of planning).

I love the doorknob, too, Michelle. I recall thinking how really pretty the glass doorknobs were when I was a kid. I also really like the old-fashioned white porcelain ones.

I want a fountain, too. But now is not the time to let my mind wander there, lol!

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Golly, you are all so clever. Love the gate story, 'bug. Loved the gate when I first saw it, but its history makes it all the more precious. Also plan to try my hand at the m&m idea and your doorknob is such fun, too, Michelle. Really, everyone is so creative. I keep coming back to look at all the pics over and over again.

I seem to have misplaced my camera. All I have in the way of art are a buddha (which I love) and a rusty moose (silly gift for DH last Christmas). The moose is in the desert created by the idiots and in front of what used to be a beautifully-stacked wood pile. Probably a good thing I can't post a pic. If I find the camera, though, I will.

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Like minds....

Another here who wants m&ms in her garden. :) I have three stones that are the perfect shape, though smaller than yours Candy. My "m" logo is printed out and ready to go. Red, yellow, and green? I'd like to do blue but it might be hard to find that perfect m&m shade.

More to say on all the cool garden art but having a busy day. Later though....


And Michelle, love your doorknob! Here's mine.

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Eden, nice way to display yours.

Chelone, I have several white ones and a couple of the brown ones too. One day I saw something white and shiny in our gravel driveway. I thought it was a stone. I started to dig it out and found an intact white doorknob.


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Got the kids all together for a group shot.. From Garden Summer 2010

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Love the glass doorknobs in the garden and methinks I could use a couple of those stakes in my containers.

Kathy, LOVE the kitties! great collection.


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