Volleyball, anyone?

agnespuffinSeptember 9, 2011

I'm not a sports fan, so my knowledge of games is sparse. Volleyball is waaayy down on the list.

However a couple of the grands play. And one of them gets her name in the paper for every game. She's GOOD!

So, dumb me can figure out what an Ace is, and I suspect an Assist is helping someone else get an Ace.... But what is a Dig? A Block? A Kill( I think I know that one)

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I used to be a fantatic volleyball player. Not competitvely, just in gym class and on church outings. But I could "ace" it with an overhand serve not often seen. An ace means I would serve it, and it would zing right past them, inbounds, they were unable to return it. A dig is when you save the ball just when it's about to touch the ground. A kill is a great spike. A block? You know that move when someone tries to spike it, but the opposing team's person is really tall and they just stick their hand in the way and it goes right back on the person spiking it? That's a block. I could never spike it or block it. Too short! But I made a good dig or two. My best was a fall in my knees into the sand, and it went backwards over my head, the net, into their territory, and we scored. It was totally cool!

Bet your grands are better than I ever thought about being. But volleyball is the sport I liked that I was good at. Baseball/softball, I didn't like them, but I was good; not enough action and too hot standing still!

Here is a link that might be useful: Volleyball jargon

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Thanks!! Now we know about all the other stuff about the game that we never knew that we didn't know!

Oh well, she enjoys it and since she is really quite good at it.....well, who knows what might happen!

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