Journal 3 September 2010

rob333September 3, 2010

This weekend is the big end of summer hurrah at the pool that we do every year. Which is ironic, since the pool is open until the 12th ;) Tomorrow, there is a yardsale at the house. I've only participated in a yardsale one other time and it was a week before LF's first birthday. I guess it's been long enough as he'll be 11 in another month. I hypothesize that I was traumatized by the former yard sale. Story: Ed the stubborn ox decided he'd buck what he thought was overkill on safety measures and set the open bottle of bleach on the ground next to his feet while cleaning chairs. LF picked it up and took a slug off the bottle quicker than a flash! And immediately threw it up. It was so chaotic. Ed grabbed him under his arm and took him into the bathroom to try to get him to throw up. I chased after him and tried to get him NOT to make him throw up, but then he decided instead, to give him bread. Which of course the boy had no interest in eating. Ed was in total panic mode. Just picturing him in the bathtub with a bewildered baby puking up bleach and Ed with a torn up bag (trying to open it) of bread makes me laugh now, but then, Ugh. When the paramedics got there, I basically kicked Ed out of any decision making or baby holding. Instructed him to get behind the ambulance and follow in the car. Whew. But it was for his own good and LF's. Nothing was wrong with LF as it was so small an amount and he immediately upchucked it. A safety cap went on that jug and I was allowed to move the cleaners up really high rather than just lock them up. Needless to say, I've been deterred from having yard sales since. Surely, there can't be a repeat. There is also a picnic after church at my sister's house where we will NOT be swimming. It's green water right now as the pump broke and she didn't want to go to the amount of effort to fix it for two-three weeks of swimming. Monday, we'll swim. Today I got paid and I divided out the money into the proper places, happy that I can now get the checking account down to $2 or $3 now that I know the amount in it every second of every day and no one (ED!) will overdraw it. I can actually put it to work in a some sort of savings account or go ahead and pay off another bill. So much better.

Happy food and fun this weekend everyone (and stay safe)! I'm really looking forward to it.

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My uncle sent pictures of my grandfather in his lab hard at work; he was a chemist. Just made me smile. Guess I should've continued on with bio-chemistry. Everyone in my family has been in it somewhere, sometime.

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Rob, I hope that this garage sale will not be as traumatic as your last one. Wow.......

I just luv the pic of your grandfather in the lab. I can't tell by the photo, but I bet there is a bunsen burner in there somewhere. we had one in our chemistry lab in high school in Sweden. I also recognize some of the beakers in the photo.

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Have fun at the yard sale, this time without trauma. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and of course we want a report after the holiday!

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