And we were there!

agnespuffinSeptember 11, 2011

Not exactly "there", but we had a ring side seat.

I was on the Garden Web, as usual, that morning, when someone came on and posted "Turn on your TV quick!! A plane just crashed into one of the twin towers." (or words to that effect)

I turned my set on. A nearby TV station had windows facing the Towers. They moved one of their cameras to the window and we could see the smoke rising from the Tower. The speaker was quick on his commentary about "the accident." Soon there appeared a small black dot over towards the other Tower. It go bigger and bigger as the plane got nearer to it's target.

The speaker seemed to be almost at a lost for words as it became plain that THIS was no "accident."

Those scenes have been played over and over again, but never has it been more horrifing that watching it happen the first time.

I don't remember who the GW poster was. But it was a memory that I shall always have.

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I was watching the "Today" show when it happened. May it never happen again, too much horror and memories of days past all at once.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

How scary for you, agnespuffin. I can't imagine being there -- it was bad enough watching it on TV here on the west coast.

Next-door neighbor was there too. The disaster happened before she would have caught the train into work. Her office was just a few blocks away from the towers.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

So many have said they saw the first plane hit the towers....but I don't think there was any news cameras focused on the tower at that time.
My memory is watching the Today Show and having them show a picture of the tower smoking and leaving the camera there and saying they had reports of an airplane hit and would get back with further information...then shortly after the 2nd plant hit....and panic ensued when they said there had been an explosion at the pentagon. We wondered what next. Bob's daughters worked one in Manhattan in the financial district and the other in the tallest building in Philadelphia...and my son in downtown Chicago in a tall building adjacent to the Sears Tower as it was known as then..:-(.
We soon managed to contact everyone and found that tall buildings had been vacated in many cities.
I got on the GW.....could have been me who said turn on your TV....or not. But someone very close to the incident had no TV and the only information they were getting was from the GP postings. I think Ulrika was getting good info....better than some here in the US.
Then that morning Spike implemented the policy that no one could post unless they had paid their fee. There were lots of regulars who wanted to ask questions but couldn't.
For what seemed like days but may have only been an hour, we didn't know what happened to the 4th plane...or even how many more there were.

Then later in the day I learned that a friend's husband had an appointment at the World Trade....contacted his wife after the first plane hit....but she had not heard anything for hours....then days....and knew the worst.

Unbelievable time....
Linda C

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It was Susanne from Germany who kept us informed.

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Yes, I was here at the Party that morning too. I think it was Susanne who let us know to turn on tv. And yes, we were watching when the second tower was hit. It was horrifying, but I was glad I was on with my friends at the Garden Party.

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