Frriends in Texas stay safe.

don_socalSeptember 7, 2011

Big fires, heard yesterday 1000 houses gone and still out of control. Stay safe and check in.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

Thank you Don for thinking of the Texans who are being delt such disaster.

Back in 1968 we lived in Bastrop, TX where the worst of the fires are now. I can just see those fires rolling through all the pine, cedar, and hardwood trees - it's just heartbreaking. When I was a sophomore in high school our house burned. It is such a devastating occurrance, especially for the children and the elderly. To this day I wake up and check out the house and outside if I smell grass or wood smoke. No, we do not have a fireplace! I thank the good Lord daily that we have not had any more close range fires like those we had here earlier this year.

Again Don, thanks for your concern for fellow mankind. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, also.


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What a shame that some of that rain from Tropical Storm Lee couldn't have headed westward to TX, where it would have been helpful.

Good thoughts and prayers are in my heart and mind for all those folks in harm's way in TX--and anywhere else. Mother Nature has done enough to us for 2011!

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We are uder a fire watch right now, further north, in the Trinity Alps, there is Red Flag Warning in effect, dry T-storms are expected. I feel for those in Texas in the fires' way.
Earlier there were clouds rising behind the Eastern hills and it looked like smoke, I had to go outside and sniff the air -
sigh of relief.
I hope everyone stay safe

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I ran an errand yesterday and was stunned to see a blanket of smog like something. It was from the fires burning around Tyler.It's not as bad today but yesterday was awful.Ther're fires in our county,in the next county a mobile home burned killing a mother and child.

Thank you for the good thoughts.

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mwheel, that is exactly what my son said. "What?! We're getting inches and inches of rain we don't really need when they have none?!"

Glad to see you're ok Gabriell. Wonder how Andie's (and whoever else I am forgetting!) doing?

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