Lots of pics of my garden

bellarosa(z5/IL)July 15, 2006

Hope you enjoy them!











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Bellarosa, You have a beautiful garden! Your plants are all so big and healthy. And such great plant combinations you've put together. Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures. I really enjoyed looking at them!


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Bellarose, beautiful photos. Is that a greenhouse I see behind the arbor? Wow! Just color me green with envy!

Thank you for sharing your photos!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So much fun to visit your gardens! I like the fact that you posted both overall garden shots as well as close-ups...a very pleasant mix! This is what we wait all winter for!

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I really enjoyed your garden pics. You have done a wonderful job with everything. As always those beautiful clematis catch my eye. They are lovely.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Bellarosa - I love your gardens and I love your user name too! :-) Yes T, I was wondering about the "greenhouse" too...If it is a greenhouse,that's about the most charming one I've ever seen and what a gorgeous path of perennials that lead to it...I'm "green" too T! :-)

Which clematis is that Bellarosa? It's about the most floriferous one I've every seen...very pretty.

Well everything is lovely in your "cottage garden"...love all the plants you've chosen. Say, I just noticed that you are from Illinois...I am too! I live in the S-Western suburbs.

Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.


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Thanks everyone for the compliments! Yes, that is a greenhouse behind the arbor. As for the clematis, its Etoile Violette. Definitely a favorite. Oh, and Ei, I live in Woodstock, IL - 60 miles NW of Chicago. Its a beautiful little - but growing - town.

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Bellarosa, what a wonderful garden. I just love your arbor and the garden leading up to it. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Very beautiful garden and beautifully photographed. I'm so envious of your greenhouse! I'd love to have one but have no room here for one. Thanks for sharing.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Beautiful! The longs shots with the arbor and greenhouse remind me of some of the nice public gardens I've seen. Nice job with the plant combos.


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Lovely drifts of color, and I love the arch in front of the greenhouse. It really dresses it up.

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