Idyll #273 - My Dogs Are Barkin'

veronicastrum(z5 IL)July 6, 2006

We'll stay with the canine theme. Quebec City has a lot of hills and we walked a lot, so my dogs were barkin' for sure. As for the other dogs, there's been a lot of bunny and deer activity lately that keeps them barking!

Carry on...


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

T, that link was sooo worth it!

I think 'bug should submit her cat photo to the site below. I just hope she doesn't get invaded by vinyl bunnies...

Not much else new here, but we are having an exceedingly pleasant day. Wish I was home in the garden.

Marian, I know what you mean about our weather perceptions. I had to close my window a bit because the lovely breeze was a little too cool!


Here is a link that might be useful: Stuff on Cats

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

V, lol, Nothing like a good laugh in the middle of closing. I just sent that off to my co-workers.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

V, I bookmarked " Stuff On My Cat" a long time ago. :-)

I'm sure glad you started this new thread. The other was taking a coon's age to load for me.

It finally got warm enough for me to turn on a window fan, in the east door.


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Marian I'm sitting here in my long PJs and a fleece jacket on-I'm freezing! It's 64F here.

V how funny,we had a gorgeous day here too and all I could think was that I wished I was in my garden. The rain we've gotten is making the garden look like a jungle: ) I'm waiting to hear monkeys chattering lol.
One odd thing is noticeable though, so many trees seem to have less foliage than normal-the oaks especially and even my Catalpa is odd looking-leaves are falling,some dried and some still green-not sure what to think.
OH V!! That Razzmatazz you gave me is phenominal!!I thank you everytime I look at them. It has such full blooms and they are such a raspberry color I want to eat them; )

Hold on-I haven't started the health aide job yet-it's just orientation. Yikes-a-mikesa there's SO much medical stuff to learn my head is spinning and I haven't even had the first aid and CPR course yet(I take them in aug.). I even had homework tonight-it's kind of overwhelming but I think it will be a rewarding job. We'll see if I still say that in September(usually the busiest month).
They tried to fingerprint me but the computerized thingy wouldn't take my prints!(I joked that that sand paper must have really worked-never mind) It took forever to work right giving me the feeling plain old ink pads weren't so bad. Oh well.

T you sound worse than I do-I hope you take care of those sore parts. I do feel improvement each day so I think I'll be good soon.

Sorry to be short but I need zzz's gee I'm so responsible now,huh. Babs is becoming boring; ).


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Good Morning, Looks like we're in for another beautiful day here. I sure can't complain about the weather we've had this summer. It's been great, not too hot, perfect for working in the garden. We are getting to the place where we are needing a good rain again though. I've been reading along and a few things have stuck in my feeble mind, lol. Babs and T, both of you falling! Glad you're both ok, though bruised and battered. Marian, you're container gardens are beautiful. I"m so glad you've been able to post some pictures again. Marie, I love that sweet little white clematis you posted a picture of the other day. Sounds like dh is recovering nicely. Sorry about the car troubles and glad you have wheels again now. I have Bella today and then 4 days with no plans that I'm so looking forward to. My mom and dad are back home for the time being. I feel like I could lock the garden gate and just spend the entire weekend alone, working in the garden. After the hectic pace of the last month or so that sounds like heaven to me. Even though I haven't had time to individually address each of you here know that I'm thinking of you all and reading along. Got to run now though. Have a great Friday!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I have to ditto Eden's comments about the weather, that's exactly what I was thinking this morning. I hope this good weather can continue for two more weeks!

I'll share a picture this morning, a small vignette from underneath my deck. It took years for the Carex to look this good, but it was worth the wait.

Today will be a shorter day at the office since I'm headed to Milwaukee for the Cubs game tonight. Summer schedules are grueling, you know.

I hope everyone enjoys the day.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

V that cats site is a definite good laugh. Thanks for sharing it.

Eden  your idea of "heaven" sounds just like mine  we finally have gotten this cool weather that others are speaking of & thereÂs no rain in the forecast for 4 days  yippee.... & all IÂd like to do is disappear into the garden as well  one day at work was like 5 days condensed ..... and then

On a downer note, however, I got word last nite that my nephew was thrown from a motorcycle on which he was a rider last nite & has been air-vacked to Dartmouth Med. Ctr in NH (he lives in VT) Â itÂs been a touch & go nite but he made it thru which was more than the drs apparently expected..... so I havent had much sleep.

But Im hoping today will be a glorious TGIF for everyone & all our relatives & friends who are ailing, etc., will have good days as well!

Marian, I can relate re the last thread & its loading  but it was always worth the wait  such lovely photos. I find whenever Im really "down" --- looking at these threads w/ their beauty & grandeur makes me feel better  call me simple or something, but itÂs therapeutic even by computer!!

Ok  guess I better don my flack (sp?) jacket & get to the trenches here at ofc.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Yes, the weather is gorgeous here today too. When I got up with the mutts at 5 AM it was only 56 F. Supposedly we're going to top out in the low 80s with blue sky and my personal favorite, low humidity. Too bad I'm stuck here all day. Tom is home today and going to try and scare up a truck load of mulch so I can attempt to bring the reclamation area back in order over the weekend. The weeds are definitely winning in that garden. Whose idea was it to plant in an invasive weed pit?

Hey T, I think that porta potty story comes from the park where Babs hikes and takes pictures. Babs, have you ever seen any sled dogs in that park? lol

Cindy that is just awful about your nephew. He's probably in one of the best medical facilities in northern NE though so that's definitely a plus. How old is he?

OK, IT is shutting down my accounting system at noon for a major software upgrade so I'd best get cracking.

Enjoy your day!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Cindy, can I share that jacket with you? I can relate to your comment about therapy by computer - why do you think I'm back here so fast? Grumble, grumble - I have to do someone else's work today because of her vacation (I don't mind that part, but do get a little grousy that the arrangement is never reciprocal) and then when I picked up a phone call from a customer with a problem that I knew nothing about, the person in sales just gave me one of those "What do you expect me to do?" looks. Good thing it's a shorter day for me...

So I'll waste some time and share some more about Quebec. The politics are interesting. I know I am commenting from a very uninformed American perspective, but I did not realize that the separtist issue was still quite the hot button there. For example, as you drive into the city, you pass one of those decorative "Welcome to our city" signs that identifies Quebec as "the capital of our nation". Hmm, silly me, I always thought that the nation was Canada and that the capital of Canada was Ottawa! We also toured the legislative building, and found it interesting that in the House chambers, only the Quebec flag is displayed. Our tour guide, who was a lovely young man from Rwanda, explained that it was a very deliberate decision by the House. The separatist party is not the party in power right now but they still have a strong voice.

I've also been amazed at how many Americans have no idea where Quebec City is located. Shame on us!

The city is built on a bluff overlooking the St. Lawrence River. There are several staircases leading from the lower city to the upper city, so you can definitely get your exercise going between the two. In fact, I kept thinking that Deanne could move there and save on her gym membership!

I haven't gotten the pictures off the camera yet, but I will try to do that this weekend and perhaps post a travelogue thread.

Okay, the therapy has worked and I'm ready to tackle the things on my desk. Thanks!


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Hi Everyone! It feels good to be back to normal here. I have big plans for the weekend in the garden...Good news is I think I sold another house! The kids are getting ready to go on their honeymoon (cruise) and Skip is going to Phoenix. I love Phoenix, there is so much to do there. But he is going to be toasty for sure. I have big cleaning plans for while he is gone. With everything else going on, my house is a mess. But when I have to pick between cleaning and being outside, you know what wins:)

I have to agree with everyone about the gorgeous weather we have been having. It is just perfect. I was actually able to get out in the garden to weed a little this week, but there are still so many I don't know if I will ever get the pristine look I wish for...

Cindy, so sorry about your nephew's accident. It sounds like he is getting the best in medical care.

Babs, you are going to do a fine job this fall in your new position. Did we tell V the new flight time? I have to look it up to remind myself.

V. I have to ditto what Babs said about the Raz Ma Taz... mine is such a pretty color. So bright. Something is munching the petals though. It is either bugs or deer, not sure which. I am going to brush Maggie and put her fur out there. I tried it a couple of weeks ago because my brand new Persicaria Firetail was being used for salad. A couple of days ago I walked back there, and 3 bunnies ran out of my garden. My Sunrise Echinacea is lunch.

T- how is your daughter feeling? The babies are coming soon right? You must be so excited! I can't wait for the pictures.

Deanne, I found the tag to my fuschia. It is Machu Piccu. I have to say your garden is looking exceptionally lovely this year! I planted my Elegans lily, but don't know if it will bloom this year.

I also wanted to say to everyone... thank you so much for everything I have learned here. My gardens are definitely a direct reflection of your skills and knowledge, along with a lot of enabling:)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Good morning

Zippedy-do-da, zippedy-da....... That's me singing as I just returned from a garage sale where I purchased a brand new in box, programable Phillips Coffee maker for $10. Ours was showing its age and we'd talked about replacing it. However, we would never have got anything this elaborate and I can't wait for tomorrow morning to have coffee brewing itself while I'm still in bed. What luxury!

I also picked a rather good Dunlop tennis racket and had a spare thrown in because it was cracked (though still usable), with 2 bags for $3. David has developed a passion for tennis so I thought they would come in handy. We played after supper last night and I was surprised at how powerful and low his shots were, especially as he is still so small. I certainly got a work out;0) I see tennis lessons in the future but as they are rather pricey I'm hoping we can sqeak by just playing together for another season. (His school has courts we can walk to and anyone can use - so far we haven't had to wait as players usually invite you to join them for doubles).

Yesterday was an active day for in addition to gardening all morning as I'd also taken Annie on a hilly bike ride - she loved mountain bikin at camp so we did a few ups and downs. Probably only 5 or 6 miles but bum can feel it today!

Deanne - you asked what David did at Summer Fun. They have a theme for each day and base activities and crafts around that (Harry Potter Day, Around the World). However what David loves is playing dodge ball, four square and squirting his buddies and the counsellors with super soakers on Splash day. The program is supervised by a nice group of college students and David loves getting to know them and hang out. He's tickled that they now call him by his last name which for him is like a badge of honor.

Annie was excited and nervous as today was her singing/dance audition for the musical. The nice thing is that everyone is in the chorus so the pressure isn't too high. I dropped her and a friend off at the high school where they are rehearsing and was smiling to see them running in together. I'm not sure I would have been running back to school when I was their age.

On the humor side the cats were funny but it was T's link to the porta potty story that had tears rolling down my cheeks. It conjured up such great visuals.

Hope everyone is enjoying lovely weather, beautiful plants and a great Friday.


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Cindy - I was so busy rabbiting on about my garage sale etc. I didn't mention how sorry I was to hear about your nephew's accident. I hope he contnues to pull through and make a good recovery. Thoughts going out to him and his family and you!


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We are having pleasant weather here as well, but a soaking rain would be very welcome.

I stopped and picked up some annuals and a couple of perennials for 90% off. I got several fiber optic grass, Hibiscus acetosella Maple Sugar, several variegated Plectranthus and some ajuga Burgandy Glow. 9 plants for $3. I think most will be added to existing containers where there might be a bare spot.

Cindy, what terrible news about your nephew. He will be in my prayers.

V, Im on day # 3 of covering for the boss and his wife. When they take vacation time, its 2 to cover for. Actually, Im the only one here except for the techs. I know exactly where you are coming from. Im a little grumpy as yesterday was a bear and there were 2 of us here. Thanks for the sneak peak at a little of your garden. Im anxious to see it in person. Since we are driving, if there is anything at all that I have in my garden that you would like a divison or cutting of, please let me know. Id be happy to bring it along.
The same goes for anyone else.

Drema, I know the relief you feel when the wedding is over. Its so much fun, but by the time the big day rolls around, you are glad that its here, its just so time consuming. Congrats on the house sale and enjoy your weekend.

Eden, I hope you enjoy your quiet time. I dont know about Bella, but Kenzie is a whirlwind these days. She is so quick.

Mary, it sounds like you are having a busy but very fun summer. Coffee that is ready when you step out of bed does sound like a nice luxury.

T & V, thanks for the fun links.

Wishing all a great day doing whatever makes you happy!


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Cindy I'm so sorry about your nephew's accident-how frightening-I wouldn't sleep either if I were you. I'm keeping him(& you)in my thoughts-update us when you can.

OK Sue,you win-I secretly have four huskies; ) It took months to get that @$#% blue stuff off too lol.
ACTUALLY,the Cleveland park system covers 33,000 acres so the area where we hike is a teeny speck! Now I will be on the lookout for huskie teams and foul mouthed smurfs(I bet she never does THAT again)lol. Thanks T that was a great one!

Drema I did just email V about our times just before I came here.
Congrats on selling another house! You are so nice I would buy ten houses from you(if I had the money: ) Maybe I missed it but I don't know if you were actually let go or given a time limit on your CWRU job-did you say? I think things will get better at Case so hopefully Chris can stay on & you too for many more years. Strange how you just never really know these days.
Enjoy your quiet time(have fun gardening!-aw heck to cleaning: ) Is Skip growing chokeberry again this year?

Why is it that I can't envision you grumpy, Michelle?lol
Wow 90%off! I never find sales THAT good here.

Mary-way to go on the garage sale finds! Hearing you talk about David enjoying being called by his last name does bring back childhood memories-Our family nickname was 'Gut' and it was an honor when especially being called that by the older friends of my siblings-funny how some things don't change. I even had a teacher who would call me little 'Gut' since I was fifth out of six 'Gut' kids. Hmmmm now that sounds gross lol. Both your kids sound like they are having a great summer.

T yes,I have been wondering if your DD reached/passed the all safe mode for possible delivery for the babies? How is she feeling these days?

I've finally been able to start using pinchings of my coleus for planting-this cool dry weather allows them to take better I think since the soil is moist
I'm amazed that a small volunteer seedling in one of my pots is now a 6 foot sunflower and it's just beginning to open up!(Michelle sometimes waiting on weeds pays off!). It's been great for the kids to observe-they are pretty excited about it. I have to get the yard tidied up so I can take pics of everything. Hopefully this weekend we can do more work on the ant sculpture. I just had this great idea to have vines climbing the six legs-wouldn't that be cool? I think Nasturtiums would be fun to try but I would bet the deer,bunnies AND chippunks would be wrestling over that one.

If Deanne doesn't show up soon do ya think she might be on a bike tour somewhere? : )

I hope Taryn checks in soon-hope she's hanging in there.

Eden I agree with you-though here we had the flooding,in general the gardens haven't needed irrigation in weeks-I love the temps too. I haven't seen my hosta stems stand this straight and tall in...ever!

What's UP Ei?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, it's been quiet here today. Everybody must be out enjoying their gardens. I tried tonight but the mosquitoes drove me inside to the screen porch. Usually mosquitoes aren't a big problem around here but this year they've been exceptionally annoying. So, here I sit with my wine, candles, fountain and laptop. As you can see I got my internet back. What else do you need, right? It's almost chilly but I'm too lazy to get up and get a sweater. I blew off garden work tonight and took my town walk, went through a stretch routine and did a Pilates workout. I've been pretty bad about workouts for the past couple of weeks. It felt good to go through the old routine.

Tom managed to arrange for a truckload of mulch to be delivered tomorrow-7 yards. Reclamation area here I come. First I have to do some serious weeding then lay cardboard over the areas abutting the field. I've decided to stop the nonsense of trying to dig out the Sassafras and Sumac seedlings and just start painting them with Brush-be-Gone. As much as I hate using chemicals, it seems like the only workable solution. Sassafras is a native plant that behaves like an invasive.

Tonight I tried to take some pictures of my containers. The reason you don't see many shots of them is because I can't get anything that looks remotely like the original. I just can't caprure them. It's good to take garden pictures though even if you don't share them with anyone. I have a couple of areas that need more contrast and bolder foliage and that really shows up in pictures.

Can you believe we'll be hanging in IL and chatting in person two weeks from tonight? It doesn't seem like a year ago that everyone was here. I was just telling Tom that my gardens are in better shape this year than they were last year for IU2. Now that I'm pretty much done with building new gardens I can concentrate on making the existing ones more appealing. Next year I see alot of things finally coming together.

Mary, I had to laugh at your zippety do-da. My nana used to sing that. Nothing like a bargain to make your day.

Cindy, any updates on the nephew?

What happened to Deanne today?


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86 degrees today, but this evening got down right chilly. My parents, Kenzie and my 2 nieces who are 8 and 5 came for supper. My mom babysat all three girls today. Brave soul that she is. I offered supper as I thought she might need a break. Mom likes touring my gardens so we did that too. Tomorrow is a garden tour around the Lakes area. It sounds like it might be worthwhile.

My 90% off plants were from a seasonal greenhouse thats closing up. Last year I got some for .10 each. I actually got 3 blue oat grass plants that are perennial for that price.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

It is going to be a fabulous and gorgeous day here. Woohoo! Can it be, another gorgeous Saturday??? Ive been crazy busy in the gardens the last few days. Soooo much to do, as Sue says about sun gardens, there is always something to deadhead or stake. The terrace garden is overshadowed by that huge oak tree so all the plants lean toward the sun quite a bit so I stake many of the plants in that border including many of the long stemmed daylilies.

I thought of all of you this morning as I was doing my morning rounds with my coffee. Darned I wish you could join me for coffee in the mornings. Everything just looks so fresh and lovely in the damp air and morning light.

Michelle, Woohoo, now that is what I call a sale! Where are you going to plant those fiber optic grasses? ~~ Youll have to let us know how the garden tours are. ~~ We are supposed to have MJ and the boys as well as a friend of hers for dinner and a garden tour tonight so Ive got a busy day ahead here. We are supposed to start off with a bicycle ride and then perhaps fix the pond, then also have to get to the grocery and do a bit of vacuuming to take the chunks off the house. As usual, too much to do and too little time.

Sue, the mosquitoes have been pretty bad here this year also. Im contemplating getting one of those mosquito machines. One of my paintings students said that she has one and it really works well. Your evening sounds lovely.~~ Ive been pretty on again off again with my gym time lately and need to get back to it pronto. I did go and do my abs and 40 minutes of cardio on Thursday and my abs are sore today. Oh well, Ive been having to choose between getting garden stuff done or getting to the gym and the gym has lost the last week or so.

Babs, thats pretty neat about your volunteer sunflower. Ive tried for years to grow them because it is one of the few flowers that Doug really likes and the squirrels get to them before they open every time. Ive given up on them.

Mary, too neat about the garage sale. That is always fun and what a bargain on that coffee maker. How was your AM waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? ~~ Sounds like David is having a great summer. I hope Annies audition goes well for her.

Drema, I love that fuchsia!!! Congratulations on the house sale. Good for you! I thought of you yesterday when I was enjoying the Regale lilies in my driveway garden. I took this pic for you. This year there are three large stems with nine buds on each stem. A couple years ago I lost most of that clump and there was only one stem left so Im over the moon with it building up a clump again.

V, sorry about your aggravating day yesterday. ~~ I went to that Stuff on my cat site and laughed my bum off! Toooo funny! Ive got a couple photos of Rahjii that I should send there.

T, loved your site too. I shared them with Doug and he had a good laugh also.

Cindy, so sorry about your nephew. I hope he is doing OK. Please let us know how he is doing.

A couple of pics from what is going on here in the gardens.

Rahjii was helping me prune back the nepeta this morning

The patio and terrace gardens are just bursting with color right now.

My first flower from my Charles Grimaldi this year. This plant was a cutting from Mary two summers ago.

The last of the Manhattan lilies at sunrise this morning.

Have a great day everyone!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning. Finally we have a beautiful day on tap AND I am home to spend it in the garden. And there are a few weeds just screaming to be yanked.

Last night we went to the Cubs-Brewers game in Milwaukee. What weird night. To sum up the good part of the evening, the Cubs won (a rare event this season). The downside was that it was a very long game (3 hours 45 minutes with no extra innings) and a very strange crowd. First on the bus ride, we sat next to a woman named Connie who decided in 30 seconds that she would be our new best friend - well, make that my DH's new best friend. I thought I was being a little paranoid until my SIL made a comment about it later.

Then at our tailgate, I was chatting with one woman when she literally started babbling. Then she got up and started staggering. Oh crud - this woman is diabetic and does a very poor job of controlling it. I went to track down the SIL who also works with this woman, but in the meantime the woman ran into another person who son is diabetic, and this person recognized what was going on and got the situation in hand.

It's odd because this first woman is one of those people that kind of makes you nuts, and she has a daughter my DD's age who creates the same reaction in my DD. But neither one is a bad person, and you just find yourself keeping an eye on them to keep them out of trouble, because they don't seem to do that very well themselves. So we kept an eye on her for the rest of the evening and she was fine.

But to top off the night, there were two sisters in their 20's with our group, and they proceeded to try and drink Milwaukee out of beer. They were screaming at the top of their lungs throughout the game and after awhile the "f" word was flying liberally. Eventually they got to screaming at each other. They were sitting right behind me, and when some seats opened up several rows back I moved up there.

Oh yeah - I forgot the rest of the Connie story. She got up in the 2nd inning to go have a cigarette, and was gone for 4 innings! The woman she came with was quite worried about Connie and had people looking for her. Connie didn't have much of an explanation when she did return beyond "I was talking to a LOT of people" and I don't think I want to know any more than that.

The bus got back at 1:00 am, and I would have had a better time going to bed at 9:00 pm!

Okay, I just found out that a contractor is due at our house soon, so I'd better get dressed. And I hear a few thistles calling my name...


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning - who wants pancakes? I've got blueberries...

Just had to share this picture of the brugs grown from one of Sue's cuttings last fall.

I should be packing right now, we are leaving for vacation in a few hours. DH asked me last night when I got home from work "Are you glad to be on vacation?" I told him my vacation starts after we arrive at the cottage, unpack, go grocery shopping and I can stick my sand-covered toes in the ocean.

Cindy, good thoughts for your nephew.

Monique, sorry to hear Les was so sick, hope he is feeling much better now.

Michelle, great score! I haven't found any sales like that around here, I actually paid full price for a rather pot-bound coleus last week.

Deanne, love the Manhattan lilies at sunrise - such a pretty sight. Almost makes me want to fight the beetles and grow lilies again.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Babs! :-) Just busy doing things with Paul. Actually the next few weeks are going to be very busy here, between sis and mom, gardens, and family in visiting. I agree...I think the nurses aid job will be very rewarding. Thinking how lucky those kids will be to have you. I can imagine you will be perfect at it - making a kid smile when they need a little cheering up or doing "the mom thing" when they need a little comforting and have total confidence in your capabilities to handle an emergency. Cracked up about your reference to deer as giant squirrels. We always ask Scout if he wants to go to the woods and trek "giant squirrels"...he loves them. But we usually only do that during the winter so as to avoid ticks. Hes totally fascinated by horses too. Every time he sees one on t.v. he is glued to the screen and just stares...totally mesmerized. Id love to take him to a horse farm so he could get a better look. I just know he would fall in love with Ts Boo. :-) Oh! Wanted to tell you...the other day when Dotty and I went to the Farmers Market...well we stopped by a local nursery too...Sids. Guess what I saw there? The most *gorgeous* Clero. standard! The price was out of this world...I think they wanted $79.00? Not sure exactly, just knew it was way out of my realm of possibilities. But oh my, whoever trained that Clero. is a genius! Wish I had a camera to share it with you guys. It was huge and perfectly pruned so that it looked like hundreds of blue butterflies flitting about the branches of a tree. Treemendous! :-) Babs...please keep me posted on how it does this year for you (especially over the winter) and how you get to the training part of it. I so wanted this plant after seeing the one at Sids, that if you have *great* luck, I may buy a baby to try myself some day, even though I know that is asking a lot of myself since I cant grow a decent houseplant and I am lousy at pruning. But Oh, did I *want* that plant! I bet Deanne could give Clero a run for its money too. Wish I had a pic of the one I saw today...I *know* Deanne could have been swayed...LOL! You know thinking of it, somehow I think my girlfriend Anita in Arizona has a neighbor who has that as a tree, outside! Im not sure, but I remember her talking about this gorgeous blue spring flowering tree that looked like blue butterflies. Im going to have to ask her the name of her neighbors tree.

Cindy I was so sorry to read about your nephew. That is so scary! I hope he is improving every day and will keep positive thoughts that he makes a full recovery. Glad to hear from Sue that he is at an excellent health care facility. My best wishes and good thoughts for your nephew and you & your family. glad to hear Trubby is feeling like his old self and going on walks with Nolon again (well except on the 4th)....thats a good sign that he has made a good recovery. Hope he continues to feel good and lives a long and happy life with you and Nolon! :-) I love the way you described your impatiens in such a fond way! :-) I can tell you are really tickled by them. How about a close up pic of them? Or am I pushing my luck with your camera...LOL! Are you still thinking on getting a new one? BTW....just how long do racoons live?....LOL!

Taryn...I lasted one day on the Master Cleanse...LOL! I just cant go without food. I will say the drink wasnt *bad* tasting, though I thought it would be...lemons, water, maple syrup and cayenne?! Actually it tasted like a spicy, yet diluted lemonade. The acid got to my stomach though. How did you last so long? Im in awe!

Seeing Deannes and Maries lovely is on my permanent list of clematis to find. Deanne we are having an onslaught of earwigs here too. They are just awful this year and I despise them...ugh...they are so ugly! They remind me of skinny cockroaches with pinchers on their butts...yuck! Oh well, on to more beautiful thoughts! Your garden pics on the previous Idyll were just stunning! I love the lily and armillary photo and that one long shot with your the way the pink of the fuchsia makes the pink lilies in the background just pop! Your Poly is beautiful. I will have to learn more about that plant and your pink container is gorgeous! I get so caught up in the "bright colors" sometimes that I forget just how gorgeous the color "pink" is and how much I love it.

Drema...congratulations on the house sale! :-) Thats great. I will echo Babs...that I would be *so* happy if you were my realtor! :-)

Michelle...I meant to tell you before, Id have to look at my master list, but I think that Echinacea is Big Sky Sundown. I bought several Echinacea last year at Sunrise Nursery ($6.99 per gallon!). Sunrise, Sunset, Sundown, Mango Meadowbrite, and regular Meadowbrite and they are all planted together. Am worried that they may cross-breed, but I think Clematisintegrifolia mentioned when I asked, that they are hard to propagate, so he thought it wouldnt be likely that they would cross-breed. Boy, did you score at the nursery! :-) Oh! And thank you for the tips on carrying your geranium overwinter. I think I will keep it blooming in a window, if I can. Youre right, it is *so* cheery to have something blooming in winter!

I too have to chime in with Eden and everyone else who commented. It really has been a beautiful summer here, so far. What a gift after last years lousy drought! If I had my druthers, Id wish for a little more rain, but we have been very lucky...with enough to keep the plants fairly happy. We are expecting more rain on Sunday, which is perfect because I noticed yesterday that the soil was getting a bit dry again. I sure have been enjoying this weather though...perfect temps, sunny days, fairly regular rain...reminds me of a "real summer" like the kinds we had when I was a kid....or maybe I just have a selective memory...LOL! Anyway Eden, glad you are enjoying the lovely weather and hope you are taking care of yourself. You sound so busy these days, I hope things will ease up soon and hope that mom is feeling okay too.

Mary good...Im sure Ill have plenty to share, as soon as the seed pods ripen. Maybe they will be ready by IU3 and Ill give them to you then! :-) BTW, I would *love* some of your red double flowering type. Thanks! :-) Am concerned about GBs reverting Laurens...I wonder why that happened? Guess Ill keep my Laurens far away from my other poppies, just to be safe.

V I loved your combo of carex and alchemilla! Love the way the color of the carex echos the flowers on the alchemilla. I have not tried carex, as I have heard they are a bit iffy here. did you succeed with yours? Not trying to be pushy (I know your plate is full) but dont forget me and the itinerary; okay?

Okay, gotta go...have a great week-end all! Ei

Oh My! Just getting ready to post and saw Deannes *stunning* pics! That Rhajii makes for a lovely garden ornament! :-) LOL! What a handsome boy! Your lily pic is gorgeous. My regal lilies are blooming now too...What a heavenly scent! My African Queen lilies are *so* tall this year that I actually tied them to the branches of the tree behind them to hold them up...LOL! Looks kind of silly, but at least the flowers are facing me! :-) Your terrace always makes me swoon...I think I told you before, but it reminds me of a particular pic I have from Wisley Gardens...Im going to have to see if I can dig it up and post it for you. Oh...I hope my Brugmansia looks like that one day! :-)

Okay....really gotta go now...Have a great day all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

P.S. Cool Birthday Pic Sue...*love* those colors!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Yikes! That picture was huge...let me try that again!

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Wendy those pancakes sound wonderful. We have blueberries on our blueberry hedge right now. Your vacation sounds fun and relaxing. Have a great time.

V, Rick's 10 year old GS is a big Cubs fan. They were at the Cubs vs. Twins game in Mpls a few weeks ago. I forgot to ask who won.

Deanne, I took a morning stroll too and wished I could have you all with me too. It had rained lightly, not enough to help, but it made things look nice. Your lily/sunrise picture is fabulous. As for the fiber optics, notice in Eden's birthday card. I stuck one in kind of a bare spot. I'm sure I'll find a spot for them. I've tried to winter them over with out luck.

I must get a couple things done before leaving for the garden tour.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Things are looking up here too - on the family front, the nephew has stabilized and they think they managed to control all the internal bleeding (removed his spleen) & he'd punctured both his lungs but all in all, good news & they think recovery will be on the horizon after a bit more surgery. So I feel I can breathe a bit easier too - thanks for all the good thoughts!!

Mosquitoes have been raging here too -- and West Nile virus has been found in the county so it's a must to wear bug repellant - even for a short step outside --

Deanne - your gardens really are bursting literally with color!! Altho I tell you, when yo mention you even stake your daylilies - Im thinking - boy what a perfectionist!! Yikes, that is meticulous!! One would not really guess from the photos (but a gardener might wonder, gee, how perfect those gardens are - where is she hiding the stakes? LOL)....

Im sure I've got every pest imaginable in the gardens -- the dahlias are particularly kind of keeling over at present - earwigs or something.... I know I can't keep up w/ them. Well, it's out to the gardens for me too w/ no rain in sight -- I can cut the grass & some other stuff. Even terrific temps!

I can't believe in 2 weeks it will be IU time either - Im so excited to meet most of you!!

Yum, on the blueberry pancakes!!!!!

I know I havent commented on much of anything here -- just gotta get out into the yard. I hope everyone has a terrific, glorious sun shiney day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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Good morning!

Happy Birthday Eden! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day.

Monique, I hope Les is feeling 100% now. Scary to have an adult run a high fever for days. Poor guy!

I was also happy to read that Cindy's nephew looks to be headed on the road to recovery.

The birthday cards (and photos) are beautiful!

Here's a pic of DD who is just over 33 weeks along. I promised her I wouldn't plaster her face on the internet so I've blurred it out. ;o) Technically I'm not lying to her, right? LOL She has a bit of difficulty finding maternity tops that fit her shoulders and still cover her belly. She had a doctor's appointment a few days ago and one baby is still breech so the doctor believes they'll deliver via caesarean.

It is suppose to be in the mid 90's today so I went outside early to cut back some wild blackberry vines that were entwined in a tree along the driveway. Drove me nuts each time I went by but I never had my clippers with me. During the spring/summer I usually carry loping shears or hand pruners so that I can stop the car and nip off any long vines that will rub along the cars.

Guess that is it for here....

Hope it is a lovely day for everyone (especially Eden!).

My best,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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Happy, Happy Birthday Eden! Enjoy your respite .....

Actually had a whole hour to sit and read what's been going on with everyone. My thoughts are with Cindy's nephew, and Les, and "the fallers" and anyone else with something not-so-pleasant happening. As always, the pics are stunning and the gardens an incredible inspiration. If I don't get back before then, here's hoping IU3 is dynamite!

The gardens here have really benefited from all the rain and recent sun. I didn't put mulch down as thickly as I have in the past and most of it has pounded itself into the soil -- ALAS THE PLAN!!! The garden areas don't have a tinge of clay red anymore and are growing nightcrawlers and worms like crazy. Patience, patience, patience.

Must admit that DS offered to take pics to post here, but I'd have to title it "Do You See What I See That Isn't There Yet???" since there's so much more to do before it remotely resembles what we have in mind. Yes, I know you've all been there :-)

This year in particular am really taking advantage of sales -- plants in particular. My budget decided that I should concentrate on plants rather than hard goods and I'm glad. I've added another 30 or so new plants within the last few weeks and am thrilled with how well my two-year-old plants will divide when it's time. Again, patience is the watch word.

Work and home are fine and I won't bore you with details. Rich sends his regards to everyone he met at Logee's and is glad most of you live far away so that I can't go plant shopping with you. LOL

Best to everybody -- I think of you often!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just back from pedicure. Told NOT to use treadmill for a few days until my heel heals...BUT I WANT TO use it! Darn.

So, for comfort, passed by our local nursery that just changed management and bought some phlox 'Flower Power'. Buy 2 get one I got 2 of the phlox and an echinacea. When I checked Google for a photo to show you, the price per plant was #32.98!!!! I got 3 plants for $24. Something fishy going on! Make sure you click on the photo below to see the close-up.

I'm hoping everyone is doing well. There have been so many things to worry about, accidents, falls, etc. Thank goodness there are highlights too, like twins, grandchildren, giant ant sculptures, weddings and visits with each other.

Expecting Woody here next weekend and doubt I'll be entirely ready garden-wise, but I'm working on it! The watering really cuts into garden time though.

Lovely photos everyone! :-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am sure you ALL heard the extremely loud screech this morning when I discovered that 2 of my long planters of caladiums had been reduced to leafless stems!!! The 3rd was unscathed, and is now on the deck ! The chomped off ones are there, too, with hopes they will regrow. The large pot with the Penta is now on the deck also. I wonder what will be next? Yaaarrrrggghhhh !
Oh,the 2 large chartruse hostas,and the huge blue hosta, in the wild flower bed beneath Nolon's bedroom window, met the same fate..... nothing left but stems!
I am ready to declare war, and drag the carcases over to the bluff, and throw them over. I am sure the coyotes, foxes, opposums, and all other meat eating critters would have a feast. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I'm tired. Too much 'going'. Yesterday was my follow-up with my doctor. Followed by grocery shopping in the newly rearranged WalMart. Today was 3 and 1/2 hours at the yearly Bible lectures in a nearby town, after stopping at the Farmer's market and getting more peaches and cucumbers.
The temps are on an upward climb, but still below average. The past two nights got down to around 50F. I doubt if we will see that again until September.

Glad to see other people's Brugs doing so well. I'm afraid the one Deanne sent be does not like me, and is very scrubby looking. I planted it in a large pot, in potting soil. It loses as many leaves as it sets on, so has only a few at the top, and they are pale green.I wish I had planted it in the ground. I don't think the varmints eat them?


Eden's birthday pic is what the blue hosta used to look like....:-(


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Poor Marian! That's terrible! I sure hope the deer move on and leave *you* alone. I guess I should be grateful for least they can eat a whole plant and the bunnies can't reach the tall plants.

Speaking of tall's a pic of that silly African Queen that's held up by tree branches:

Wendy, I am in love with your brug...what a pretty, delicate color. I see another talented grower there. How old is your brug? Hope you have a wonderful vacation...sticking my toes in the wet sand sounds like a wonderful way to while away the hours.

T - Thanks for sharing that pic. There is something about a pregnant woman (whether you see her face or not...LOL) that is so beautiful and so reassuring about life. :-) Love your pretty rose!

Cindy...great news on your nephew...Thanks for keeping us posted!

Marie - that Flower Power Phlox is *very* the delicate color.

Well, off to watch a video with Paul....hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


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Hi everyone

Eden - hope you got to do something special today.

Martie - nice to hear from you! Gardens in progress are make for some of the most interesting photos.

Marian - how miserable about your Caladiums. A couple of nights ago a critter (deer or rabbit I imagine) chewed all the flowers off my Beacon Rosa fuchsia and spat them onto the ground - grrrrr. I've taken to covereing the most vulnerable things with bird netting which the deer don't seem to want to eat through and is almost invisible. Are peaches in season already? We've only just started to get local corn here.

A pleasant day here - music lessons in the AM, swimming all afternoon and just finished a birthday BBQ for DH who turned 48 today. I've perfected a "Chipotle Burgers" and grilled corn and they were the requested meal. DH has taken the children to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie - it looks fun but a bit gooey (lots of oozing things) for me. I'm finishing dishes and a then a second round of watering here instead.

A gardening friend called today - she has volunteered her garden for a talk given by an instructor from our Civic Gardening Center titled "Taming the out of control garden". It has become one of their most popular talks. Her garden is not "out of control" to my eyes, but romantic and free, full of billowing roses, clematis and cottage flowers. My friend asked me if I would come over on the night and it will be interesting to see what advice is offered. I admire her for having such an open attitude.

Well, the dishes are calling. Actually they are the plastic ones we use for outside, but machine washable to save on waste.

Sue and Cindy - our mosquitoes must have taken up residence with you guys. Usually we are made miserable with them but this year barely a one - we haven't even needed the mosquitoe netting around the gazebo. Its hard to figure out as we've had plenty of rain and enough warmth to hatch them out. Still - I'm not complaining.


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HI guys, Thank you all so much for the beautiful birthday cards and wishes. You're all so much better than Hallmark. I've loved looking at each and every one. Brad took me out to lunch this afternoon. He had to work tonight. I worked in the garden a little and treated myself to some plant shopping. I ended up with some cool stuff including a miniature banana called Truly Tiny that's supposed to stay under 24" tall.

Marian, I hope the deer move on and leave you and your plants alone. I can imagine how disheartening that must be.

Deanne, your garden is so filled with color now. It's beautiful!

Babs, I keep forgetting to mention that I have that clerodendrum too. I haven't had any blooms on mine yet.

Cindy, so glad to hear the positive news on your nephews recovery. I'll keep thinking good thoughts for him. Hope you had a good day in the garden.

V, I had to laugh at your Connie story. Once after Brad sang a song at Karaoke a girl followed us, or should I say him all the way out to our car. Guess I was invisible to her, lol.

Ei, it sounds like you and Paul are having lots of fun together. I always love it when Brad and I have time to just hang out together. Doesn't happen often enough though.

Hi Martie, sounds like your garden's really starting to come together and your having fun with it.

Marie, your new phlox is such a pretty pale pink. Bet your toes are pretty too!

T, what a big tummy! Can't wait until those babies are here!

Michelle, I agree that those little girls moving towards 2 are a handful. I know mine tires me out.

Sue, glad Tom was able to score a security blanket of mulch for you. Have fun with that reclaimation area. Reminds me of the work I'm doing with that darn LOV and next I get to tackle a nice clump of ribbon grass. What fun gardening can be sometimes, lol.

Mary, good score on the coffee maker. Ours is programable and though we don't always use that feature it comes in handy for early mornings. Sounds like Annie and David are having such a fun summer! Oh and I keep meaning to tell you how cool I think your mini fuschia is.

Wendy, I'd like some of those pancakes about now for dinner!

On other subjects, we have lots of earwigs and mosquitos here this year too. And my brugs have yet to get any blooms. My musa basjoo is growing like gangbusters though. It's pumping out huge leaves now, over 4 ft. long. And some of it's babies are starting to really grow. Soon I'll have a banana grove.

I've lost this post once and had to redo it so I'm going to post now before it happens again. Have a good Saturday evening everybody, Eden

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hmmm, halfway through 7 yards of mulch and nowhere near halfway through mulching the reclamation area. Guess I'll go for 10 yards next time and fill up the truck. At least I've liberated my Thuja Green Giants from the weed pit behind. I weeded back at least a foot, cut a clean edge, put cardboard down as a barrier and 4-6" of mulch on top of that. I should be good to go now for another two years with minimal weeding. Hopefully I'll finish the mulch off tomorrow. Snakes only scared the crap out of me three times.

Cool! I love birthdays around here. Last year we celebrated Eden's at my house. Has a year really gone by that fast? And Happy Birthday to Mary's DH too.

Marian, that stinks about the deer. Did I mention I saw my first one last weekend? It was just getting ready to cut through the reclamation area and into the field when I startled it. Oddly enough, my nephew, an avid hunter, currently has a pet deer he found by the side of the road about a month ago. Apparently it was still wet and no mother around anywhere. So he brought it home, went to Agway and got some calf formula and started feeding it. It lives in his room and behaves just like a dog-even wags it tail when he comes home from work and comes to the sound of his voice. He's been on the phone with the DEP and other agencies about what to do. Because he tamed it it will never be able to be wild again so he's building a pen in the yard. Odd pet for a hunter but you just never know.

My oldest friend, BettyAnne, who was actually only 46 on Thursday, called me today. She wanted to tell me she and her husband are throwing themselves a 25th anniversary party and were hoping to get the whole wedding party back together (yes, that would include me). The date, unfortunately is the Friday night of the Martha's Vineyard garden weekend someone is planning on the New England forum. Drats! I wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard but there are some things you just have to do.

Cindy, so good to hear your nephew is out of the woods.

So, T, when are the babies going to be born? I'll bet that day can't come soon enough fo your daughter.

OK, I'm pretty stinky and when you can't stand yourself it's past time for a shower. Tom brought his brother and nephew back here after golf today. So far they've cooked burgers, been in the hot tub and are now watching baseball. During most of the that time I was shoveling mulch. They think I'm nuts-you all know the

Nitey night.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! I'm off to start the day already, but wanted to post this for Marian. Marian...I had you on my mind all night trying to think of some simple/practical things you could do to discourage the deer. I know that there are no easy solutions, but was hoping to find *something* that would at least protect the area closest to your house. I even dreamed about you last night...LOL! Had a dream where me and Scout came to visit you and Scout was out patrolling the property and chasing your "Giant Squirrels"...LOL! Anyway, found this website, which may or may not help you, but I thought it was an interesting article and you may find something helpful in it too! :-)

Loved all the *gorgeous* birthday pics. Idylls celebrations are the best! :-)

Mary the Chipotle burgers sound right up my alley...I *love* Chipotle flavored anything! :-) Smiled when I read about your friend, I sometimes (lots of times) feel that way about my garden too. By any chance is her garden in full sun? Was interesting to read Monique's and Sue's comments *somewhere* (can't remember where now) about how there are few sun perennials with the handsome foliage that can be found in shade perennials...I have to agree. I'd love to have a garden that had equal amounts of both...sunny areas for lots of color and shady areas for rest. Oh well, I'm a flower addict anyway, so wild or not, I guess my garden suits me. :-)

Eden I *love* when you go plant shopping (sorry if that's enabling)...but you always seem to find the neatest things. So many unusual plants that I have never heard of. I see you have that Clero. too! :-) Are you going to train yours too? I'm anxious to hear how all who have it, keep it going through the winter. It *sure* is a beautiful plant!

LOL cracked me up about the snakes. Hope they are only "garter"..."garden" snakes (never was sure what they were called). You reminded me of my sweet Mrs. Shack (an elderly lady who lived next door to me here). She was terrified of *any* snakes. And you brought up a visual image I had forgot. One day I see her out there in the yard swinging a shovel with such verocity and such terror in her face....bang...bang..bang! I ran over to see if she was was a "garter" snake about 6 inches long...LOL! You could barely make out what he was by the time she was done beating him...LOL~ Also, when my son was about 3 years old he had a sandbox and was amusing himself for quite a long time one day, so I thought to check what he was doing. In the sandbox was a mother snake and *all* her least 10 of them and there was my son sitting in the middle of them playing. I screamed and swooped him up, running into the house. LOL! The poor kid, by the time I had him in the house he was crying hysterically. Obviously the snakes didn't scare him at all...but I did with my hysterics! I wonder if he remembers that?

Okay, well I have to go now, time to get ready for chuch. Have a great day all! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idyllers,

What a perfect day we had yesterday. We started out with a short 13 mile bicycle ride then had a lovely soak in the hot tub. After that we spruced up the gardens and house for company. MJ brought a gardening friend of hers over for a garden tour and dinner and the evening was just perfect. It was nice to have a reason to get all the deadheading done and edging spruced up and in general just polishing things up. MJs friend was quite a knowledgeable gardener and made my day when he noticed and was over the moon with my Rosa rugosa standard. Most people wouldnt even notice that little tree at the corner of the terrace and he walked right over and asked if it was a rugosa and how the heck did I do that? As it turns out he loves standards and is going to try his hand with fuchsias after seeing mine. What fun!

Sue I love that container in your card for Eden. What is that coleus in there? Also, what are the two plants in the front of the pot? That one on the right looks like some kind of angel wing begonia. Lovely! ~~ Sounds like you are making some real progress with mulching the reclamation area. I lol about the snakes. They dont bother me but they really can startle you. ~~ Are you still heading north next weekend???

V. I hope you had a great day in the garden yesterday. I cant believe your weird trip to the baseball game. That woman sounds like a pill.

Wendy, wow! That brug is fantastic! You must be thrilled with it. Thanks for posting the pic. ~~ Have a terrific vacation.

Eileen, I thought of you with your beautiful lilies when we said good night to our company yesterday. The entire driveway was perfumed. I can imagine your garden is the same way with that clump of flowers. ~~ Sorry you are dealing with an infestation of earwigs also. They are such a pain and ugly little beasties on top of it. Yukky! ~~ I drooled over that description of the clerodendron standard. I really need to try my hand at that beauty. ~~ LOL about your snake story with your DS. Does he hate snakes now or is he still ok with them after that?

Michelle, I sure wish Id been able to come along on your morning stroll also!!! This is the very BEST time of the year for the gardens. There is so much going on it can take my breath away at times. ~~ I love your container for Edens BDay card. What is that purple leaved plant to the left of the arrangement? Also, is that a Tilt-a-Whirl peeking over the top left of the container?

Cindy, thank you for the update on your nephew. Im so happy to hear it looks like he will pull through. Sending more positive thoughts his way. ~~ Yes, I even stake the tall stemmed daylilies otherwise when it rains it beats the stems to the ground and you can't see the flowers if their faces are in the dirt. LOL Like I said, it is because they all lean quite a bit toward the sun in that garden. I dont have to do it elsewhere, just the terrace garden. I do have to say I have a great collection of plant supports. Sorry about all the pests in your gardens. I feel your pain. I swear that over the years Ive probably imported every single damaging insect on the planet from all the plants Ive bought and brought home.

T. Oh my goodness!!! You DD looks to be ready to deliver now! She is going to be past ready to deliver those babies when she finally has them. Yikes!

Martie!!! How absolutely delightful to hear from you. It sounds like you are making a lot of progress in your gardens and that your soil is really in good shape. That is the key to everything isnt it? You cant grow healthy gardens without healthy soil. ~~ I do have to tell you that I really miss your morning posts. It would be great if you were able to post a bit more often. ~~ Im still waiting for dinner at Surfs with you. Just let me know if you are in the area.

Bug that Flower Power is lovely. Youll have to let us know how it makes out with mildew. I have this one area next to the east side of the house that I always get mildew on my phlox there and as much as I love them Im going to hoik them out this year. Im tired of battling it.

Marian, Im so sorry about all the new deer damage. That is just awful! Id want to give up by now. You must be heartbroken with all that damage to your plantings.

Mary, I love your BDay card for Eden. Your Persicaria is looking particularly lovely. ~~ OH no about losing all the flowers from your Beacon Rosa! The good side of that is that it should set new buds and have flowers again within a week or so. They come along really fast this time of the year. ~~ Happy Birthday to your DH also. We have a lot of birthdays in July here. Doug was the 6th, his sister is the 3rd, my DD is today, then my DB, BIL, DS, SIL are also in July.

Eden, it sounds like you had a good day yesterday. That mini-banana sounds so cool. Id love to see a photograph of it when you have a minute. Id also really love to see some updated photos of your gardens and containers. ~~ How long have you had your clerodendron? ~~ RE ribbon grass, Im fortunate that I was warned to NEVER plant that in the ground. I have it in containers where it performs beautifully with no work whatsoever and I can move it around the beds wherever I need a bit of a pick-me-up. I dont remember where you have it planted.

OK Ive got to get going we are supposed to do the rail trail again today and Ive got to water first. Later all, have a great day.

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Eden sorry for the late birthday tidings...but it sounds like you had a nice quiet and relaxing day: )
How fun that you have a Clero. too-I think they get better looking blooms in the fullest sun you can give them-the bloom panicles on mine were starting to look leggier in part sun so I've moved it to full sun.I also think these tend to be later season bloomers(?)[mine probably has blooms since it was in the nursery] The cool thing is that it's supposed to bloom on new stems so you can prune it and still get new buds. It seems like I'm watering mine every day.

Cindy-what a relief to hear that your nephew is stablized but oh what a worry still with all the surgery present and future.

See? I was right Deanne was biking it: ) You go girl-I mean you really do! lol.
Thanks for posting more pics of your gardens-I always love looking at them.

Eileen I can picture you freaking out and scurrying your DS to a safe distance from the snake family!(I would have done the same-talk about the willies)

Marian-I thought the deer didn't care for the blue hostas because the leaves are more fiberous-there goes my theory. Sorry the problem continues. I have a cheap smelly way to keep them away. Just raw eggs and water. Not sure if it would gross you out or be too much of a pain-I tend to use the stuff every evening when I see signs of nibbling. When I forget to apply they do nibble. But I notice that when my neighbors hostas are eaten to nubs I still keep intact hostas using this stuff.

T I think your DD looks pretty darn good. She looks all belly: ) She does have kind of a plain face though? lol just kidding. Seriously,I think I looked that size at her point of the preg. and I just had *one* bambino in there so for twins she's looking really good! Continued good thoughts for her as I imagine coming into the home stretch(OOOh bad pun)must be a bit uncomfortable by now.

I need to get a move on...hi to all I missed


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Babs, ROTFLOL, 'HOme stretch'!!! You are too funny!

PS I've got to refuel here promto as we did an extra five miles added onto the rail trail treck we normally do(total of 36.5 miles today). I don't remember the last time I was this hungry. LOL More later.

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Hubbys temp went back to normal by Wed afternoon and he went to work on Thurs & Fri. However, now I have a temp of 100. Were both coughing. Yippee. However, we brought Oliver to an Earthdog training anyway today a couple hrs away. I wasnt going to miss it. We stopped at Jo Ann Fabrics on the Berlin Tnpk on the way home and picked up 3 small-med sized containers. Sue actually left us some LOL. They didnt have anything I liked at my local JAF store.

Im writing my message in MSword and then will copy/paste so I dont lose it. Ive done that for a while now b/c Im paranoid about typing in the GW window.

Deanne, the corn salad Les made included 8 small ears of fresh corn, 1 red bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, cilantro, 1 jalapeno pepper, and feta cheese. The dressing was canola oil, apple cider vinegar, fresh minced garlic, agave nectar (we ran out of honey). Scallions are optional, but we left them off for Sue :o)

BTW, we were at the emergency vet for 3 hrs Friday night b/c Emma has been mopey and stiff jointed since everyone visited last w/end. I had a couple different appts for her for next week and w/end but we decided that we couldnt wait. She was positive for Lyme Disease and is now on antibiotics. We are waiting for the other bloodwork to see if she has any metabolic diseases since she has been drinking quite a bit for a few months and the vet thought that symptom was unrelated to the Lyme. My poor baby.

Gotta go rest up and pop some ibuprofen. Olivers been throwing up a bit today since he got overworked at Earthdog. We all need a nap LOL


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The garden tour was pretty good. We only went to 6 of the 8 as I had been to the other 2 before.

Cindy, great news that your nephew is going to pull thru. I hope that he doesnt have too much to go thru on his road to recovery.

Deanne, you are good, that is Tilt-a-whirl in the back. The plant on the left is Early Splendor Amaranthus.

Monique, I hope all start feeling better at your house, furbies included.

T, 33 weeks, thats great. The babies must be getting to a good size.

Martie, its good to hear how your garden is developing.

Marian, that is just the pits that those deer are so aggravating.

RE: persicaria polymorphia, I saw a lovely specimen on the garden tour yesterday. I will have to keep my eyes open for it. As for ribbon grass, I have a clump that is about 1 ½ foot diameter after being in the ground 5 years. It doesnt seem to be a pest for me. Actually the center has died out so I think I will dig it up and revamp it. I added some it to one of the flower arrangements that I made this afternoon. One is for here and one for my desk at work.

The mosquitoes havent been bad here this year but then its quite dry. I bought a new sprinkler yesterday, I guess its time to start watering. It is a much better design than the old one.

Eden, Im glad to hear that you had a nice day. Lunch and plant shopping sounds like an ideal birthday. I had to laugh when you said you had that clerodendrum. It doesnt surprise me that you have it. You have such an interesting collection of plants.

Ei, I would have been very freaked out to see my child in the midst of a snake family. I can just picture your reaction.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just in for a quick peek and see I've missed a birthday!

Eden, hope it was a terrific one!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi friends! I've been out in the vegetable garden weeding again. Also been watering and watering! It is very hot out there, but at least it is fairly cool at night.

The garden has lots of weeds, that's for sure, but lots of fun things delight me.

Deanne will appreciate my thrill that Sally Holmes returned.

Another favourite, Autumn Sunset, opened today:

Gillenia is blooming next to my chocolate eupatorium and I like the contrast.

Lilies are flowering next to the Diablo Ninebark, a pleasing combination.

Phlox have begun blooming near the barn as well:

Althea and Erygeron are fun together too.

So Deanne, you seem quite smitten by MJ's friend. Any chance he could become a permanent fixture in her life? She really deserves someone neat!

Back to the grind...
Thinking of all!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Guys! Can't stay, off to take sis for chemo and then Scout to the vet.

Just wanted to let you know that I sent everyone an email about IU3 *Sunday* plans. It's a long letter (what a surprise)but would like your feedback, questions, comments, answers when you can...LOL! Also, if anyone planning to come did *not* receive my email, please let me know. Thanks!

As I say, can't stay, but wanted to mention how Marie's pics have me slobbering all over my keyboard and wishing Monique's little Emma a speedy recovery and hope she's feeling better quick. I am actually taking Scout this a.m. for a Lyme disease test too.

Have a great day all! Ei

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

HELLOOOOO! Anyone else out there ?

I spent a couple of hours or more this morning barracading the plants around the house. There isn't much more I can do about the beds farther away, but at least these will no longer be available!

Dispite the munchings, I am not depressed about the losses. I still have all the beauty on the deck...that is more than a lot of people have.

Still no rain here. and very little chance of any.

Marie, your pics are lovely. Thank you for the eye candy!

I hope the silence here is due to busyness, and not illness or other problems.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Boy, it's a quiet Monday!

Marian, so sorry to hear of all your deer damage. The worst I have to deal with are the danged bunnies. The one that irks me is my Heliopsis 'Lorraine Sunshine'. The critters are biting off the stems about 6" above the ground and then leaving them. One nice-sized plant had about half of its stems nipped ! Now what's the deal with that?

Eden, I missed your birthday but I am going to upload some new pics (I hope tonight!) and I will make up for it!

Cindy, glad to hear your nephew is doing better. I hope his recovery continues.

Monique, it sure sounds like you and Les have what went through our house. Don't tell the rest of the group, but my husband finally got it last week. He went to the doctor right away and so he's recovered much faster.

Now the real bummer - my brother is in the hospital. He has been undergoing chemo for cancer of the esophagus and was tolerating it well, but on Saturday he developed a blood infection. He's out of the woods for now but will still be in the hospital for a few more days. The worst is, I don't dare go see him because we've had too many germs in the family. DD had a re-check at the Dr. and was told her walking pneumonia was better but that she had developed an unrelated virus that was causing sores in her throat. I'm still coughing and have a very mild sore throat - not enough to slow me down by nay means, but I don't want to take a chance and add to my DB's woes. But it s**** to not be able to go see him!

Switching gears, here's your laugh for the day. Last night, a trickle of water appeared from underneath our fridge - an annoying thing that happens every once in a while. DH turns to me and says - let's get a new fridge. Then the next thing he says is, "Can we get it before everyone's here on the 21st?" Can I kill him now? I didn't need anything else on my list. We'll see if it happens or not by then. I looked up the dimensions of the fridge I want, and I have to re-measure at home to be sure it would fit. It could be close.

Ei, I didn't get your email!


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Hi, Checked in this morning and WOW more great birthday cards! Thanks so much. I love them all and went back and looked over them a few times.

I took a few pics of the container gardens this morning per Deanne's request. Not the best photos but take a look. I agree with Sue that the containers really are hard to capture in a photo. They look much different (betterI think) in person.

They're looking a little out of control. Think I need to get out there with my pruners and beat them back a bit!

Be back later...Eden

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Work is going to be hell this week-statements, all sorts of deadlines...yuck! I'll be more than ready for some idyllunion fun come next week.

Yesterday I basically hauled mulch all day in the hot sun. At least it's done now. My back is not particularly happy but it's nothing a little rest, stretching and motrin can't fix. Seven yards doesn't go very far in my garden these days. Mulch is becoming a rather large expense every year but it's either that or spend most of my garden time weeding.

Mr. Deer was back yesterday morning. I caught him sneaking down my driveway at 5:30 AM. When I yelled from the upstairs bathroom window he jumped into my garden and disappeared through the field beyond the reclamation area. So far I don't see any signs of nibbling but the fact that I have deer at all is very strange given the density of where I live. Where the heck are they coming from? I know where they're going. Just beyond the field and across a road is a fairly large cemetary with a quarry behind it. There must be just enough wooded area to attract them. It's disturbing though that in 11 years I never saw one and now I've seen one twice in a week. I think it's the same deer both times-a young male. Oh well, maybe I'll be tearing my hair out with Marian soon.

Marie, I love those lilies with the Physocarpus. I've got to start hard pruning my Diablo next spring-it's getting bigger than I want. At least I have the option.

I have to decide what to do with my Persicaria polymorpha. It's just gotten too big for the spot and I don't have anyplace else suitable. Maybe the circle once I reclaim that from the weeds (another project for another weekend).

Allrighty then, lunch is over. Hopefully all of you who are under the weather will be on the road to recovery soon. One of my co-workers called in this morning-she fell over the weekend and broke her ankle. Ouch!


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Good afternoon

Gorgeous containers Eden!! And some lovely combinations from Marie.

Marian - glad you are still enjoying your plants on the deck. Di you know Marina is an anagram of your name? - I just miss typed it and realized that.

V - I'm so sorry you are unable to visit your brother. It must be a hard time for everybody. Healing thoughts going out for him.

We're having a rainy day here which the garden will appreciate. I wasted the whole morning trying to fix the UV Clarifier I bought for my pond. I purchased the clarifier 4 weeks ago on Ebay and the green water became beautifully clear. We've never enjoyed the pond more and loved seeing the fishes swimming right to the bottom. However, after just 3 weeks of use the clarifier tripped the GFI switch and went dead. It is not covered by any warranty (so I found out) and I've had an impossible time trying to locate the manufacturer online (made in China). I've even spoken to company represenatives whose English is only marginally better than my Mandarin. I took the tranformer apart and discovered the circuit board black and melted. Although sold as a "pond" clarifier the transformer should not have been used outdoors. For some reason this wasn't mentioned on the instructions grrrrrrr..... I have an electronics shop who can replace the transformer with something safe when we find out what the stepped down voltage is, but that has been impossible to determine. Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the most time consuming and tedious. The only positive is I've learnt a lot about transformers today:0)

I'm sure just reading the above was boring so I'll get back to my task and post about something more interesting next time.

yours tediously,

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Ive got to do a speedy post here as Ive got a ton of errands to do this afternoon and then be ready to take DD out for dinner for her birthday tonight.

Monique, so sorry you are all sick there. Jeesh! It sounds like you and Les have that type A flu that DD had a couple months ago. Take it easy as it can be pretty nasty. Poor Emma and Oliver too. I sure hope you are all feeling better soon.~~ Thanks so much for the corn salad recipe. Doug especially liked that and asked if we could make it sometime.

Bug, lovely pics and how neat that your Sally Holmes has come back for you. I really need to find that rose again. I miss having her in my gardens. Ive wanted to show you a pic of my lily and ninebark combination. I shamelessly copied your combo because I loved it so. ~~ RE MJs friend, sorry but that will never turn into anything more than friendship. Bummer! I quite like the fellow. He likes a vodka martini, red wine, gardening and does bicycling so we all had lots to talk about.

Marian, glad to hear you are doing OK with the deer damage. I dont think I could be that philosophical about it.

V. sorry about your DB. That must be so difficult. Hope you are all feeling better there soon so you can go and visit.

Eden, thank you, thank you for taking the time and posting the pics of some of your containers. They are all looking so very lovely. What is that strap-leaved plant in the second photograph to the left of the Mt. Washington coleus? (I think its a Mt. Washington) ~~ What are the two variegated plants in the third photo? ~` In the fourth photograph, what is the plant with the white leaf centers in the right of the container? And last question, what is that tall coleus in the back of the last photograph??? I especially love the container in that last photo. That very thin, graceful leaved grass contrasting with the coleus and the horizontal line of the lantana is really nice!!!! Dont chop too much off that one! LOL

Sue, am I correct in remembering that you might drop in on Sunday the 16th?

OK time to hit the road and make some headway on this list of things to do here. Have a great day.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

V - So sorry to hear about your brother and the fact that you cannot go to see him. Glad to hear he is out of the woods at least and hope there will be even better news soon. BTW, I just copied and pasted the email address as you had them in the email you sent to us, not thinking about the fact that you wouldn't be on your own email list! LOL! Anyway, will go now to email to you.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Deanne, we're spending Saturday night with my mom in Gilford. Unfortunately I'll probably have the dogs but if you're up for that onslaught we can certainly drop in for a quick visit and maybe a run to the Mixed Border.


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V, I'm so sorry to hear your brother is having a rough time and that you aren't able to visit him. Hope he's out of the hospital soon.

Marian, hope you have those deer of yours under control and the barricades hold.

Monique, sending wishes that you are ALL on the road to recovery at your house real soon!

Mary, Isn't it amazing how much time trying to get something working correctly can consume? That can drive me crazy but you seem to be taking it in stride which is the smart thing to do. Hope you get it all figured out and the clarifier is up and running again soon.

Marie, thanks for all the lovely photos. I think I remember that lily with diablo from last year and I love it.

Sue, I agree that mulch is well worth the money. I didn't mulch this spring and have lots of weeds to prove it. But then my whole garden is in quite the uproar with all of the tearing out and moving around I've been doing. I keep telling myself that all of the chaos it's in now will pay off big next spring.

OK Deanne, lets see...the plants you asked about: in the second container Eucomis comosa Oakhurst and I think that coleus is Dipt in Wine, tall variegated plant in third container is a salvia called Dancing Flame and the smaller variegated plant up front is a variegated yellow duranta. The coleus with the white centers in photo 4 is buttercream and the coleus in the back in #5 is Dr. Wu.

I went to a garden tour a couple of Saturdays ago and one of the gardens was a train garden. Brad just loved it and no I'm not adding a train to my garden if you were wondering, lol. The engine had a camera on it and you could watch on a TV screen a birdseye or maybe bugseye view of all of the plants as it was traveling through the garden. It was very cool. Here's a couple of pics


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lots and lots of thunderstorms here this morning so my gardening clean up in anticipation of Woody's visit was curtailed. :(

Well folks, in case you haven't noticed, I've been quiet lately. (!!!) That's because DD has announced she is getting married over Labour Day and I have been sorting out my thoughts. I found my immediate response was not the joy I should have expressed and was mad at myself for that. She is very happy and my dismay is for her former partner who is shattered. Anyway, I am trying not to be too involved unless asked. My own wedding was controled by my parents in many ways and I still resent that to some extent 38 years later! Also the event will take place in a barn in Alberta, thousands of miles from here, so not much I can help with. You'll no doubt hear more from me on this topic as time draws closer!

V, does your brother have a laptop? Can you send him jokes and notes to keep him chuckling? I gather he is not comfortable talking by phone.

Love the photos Eden...Looking forward to IU3!!!!
More later,

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I too shamelessly copied Maries lily/diablo combo since I had just added a couple last fall. I used a different but similar lily so we shall see. Unlike Sue I cant wait for mine to get large. They are intended to hide a utilitarian area. This year I added some cannas, elephant ears, castor beans and variegated KMOGG to add some height.

Marie, are you getting rain out of those thunderstorms?

V, sorry to hear that your DB has had this set back. Hopefully, he will be out in a few days.

Eden, you are such a whiz with containers. Each is so interesting. I agree that it is hard to photograph containers. I never know if I should get on the ground or go from the top down. The train garden is quite cool, but not for me. I think that seems to be a guy thing.

Mary, what a frustration with the clarifier and after it worked so well.

Deanne, happy birthday to your DD. Enjoy your evening.

Tonight our Bible study group is going to a restored Victorian house for a tour and dessert.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

'Bug, you've faced some big changes in your life in the last several months - losing your Mom, DH's impending retirement and then the reversal, and now your DD's upcoming wedding. You've got plenty of reason to take time to sort out your emotions. I hope all works out for the best, and you are probably right to sit back and "do as you're told". Remember you can use us to vent!

T, I forgot to mention how wonderful your DD looks! She is certainly all baby! I'm sure she is very, very ready to be done with the pregnancy - until, of course, you think about both of those babies wanting to be fed or have their diapers changed at the same time!

Okay, Idyll advice requested! Once upon a time, I remember Sue saying that she was raised by wolves. I, too, had a similar upbringing and there are some things I never had to deal with. DD's best friend is having her senior recital this Sunday, and we will be attending. This is a wonderful, talented girl who has been DD's best friend since third grade. Should I bring a gift? I've thought about flowers, but I'm also sure that there will be enough flowers at the church to rival a wedding, so I'm thinking flowers are probably not necessary. Any suggestions? The last recital I attended was DD's 5-year-old ballet class, and that was at a different level, you know? (And I'm still wondering if I should have had a senior recital for my own DD? Okay, so when I grew up in the cold, hard city, we didn't have music...)

And 'bug, that is a good suggestion on the laptop, but DB has not shared his email address with me. I did call him last night, but it is physically difficult for him to talk, so I didn't stay on the phone very long. We get along and as far as I kow, there are no hard feelings between us, but he just doesn't like to communicate very much with me. I think I've shared before that my mother did not care for his wife, and while I don't have a problem myself with her, I feel like I always carry my mother's sins with me in this relationship. I'm also suspecting that he's having more problems with his kids than he wants to admit.

I just watched a young ground squirrel climb up an oriental lily to snip a spent bud from the top - he looked sort of like he was climbing a tree! I do enjoy my window at work.

And if I want to keep that window, I ought to work...


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Mary-your clarifier predicament sounds so frustrating...I do think that if I ever get a pond and I needed lessons on pond clarifier'll be the one to call(sorry I am being too silly lol) I hope you get it figured a Mandarin dictionary? : )

So it was a slow building scream of terror and grief that escaped from the pit of my gut...did you hear it? The deer ate the daylilys that were just about to bloom and *would* have been a nice addition to my July garden....grumble grumble....nothing philosphical here!

Monique wow you guys are hard hit with ills and your pups too! Hearing about Lyme's scares me,wouldn't it be even more serious for a small dog?(not sure if that makes a difference)-I hope everybody heals quickly.

Eden-Why no train? lol. That does sound neat about being able to get the train's-eye view.
Stunning containers there-I like them all and that first one is a knockout. I don't think any of them look out of control! You always find such great unusual plants-I love that name 'buttercream' for a coleus.

V that is sad you can't see your DB right now. That must be so hard. I hope he improves quickly so then maybe you can visit with him.

GB-I'm sorry you are having some trouble with your DD's choices. Were you shocked to learn she would marry this one? Obviously I can't speak for the situation she's in but sometimes a person makes an upopular choice and things still work out for the best. Is your intuition telling you something?

Sorry I need to go-I need to share the computer with the kids now.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A belated Happy Birthday, Eden!

I hope it was a great day!


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Happy Birthday Eden!!!

I hope you had a lovely day!

I have been sick as a dog, but went to the doctor today and got drugs..

Will try to post tommorrow, Deanne, thanks so much for the lovely Elegans lily photo! Wow! What an eye popper.

V-Hope you are able to connect with your brother soon.

Bug- I hope all is well with the wedding. It can be an emotional roller coaster! If you are able to attend at such a distance, you can start looking for your outfit, and plan toenail color:)I bought three dresses before I ended up with the one I wore, and I got that in 15 minutes one night after work, three weeks before the wedding...could not make up my mind.

Hope everyone has a great day!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just in from carting several wagon loads of weeds to a brush pile out beyond the barley field. Unfortunately, DH can't help with that kind of thing yet.

V, I was wondering if you couldn't simply ask DB's wife for his email address. Tell her life is too short not to share things with a brother. There are shared memories and just plain silly stories about parents, uncles etc...that no one else can share. He can always delete your mail if he's not up to reading it, but I'd bet curiosity gets the best of him. Besides, he might just be flattered and simply not know how to talk about these things. For all you know he'd like to share email but not know how to take the initative.

Babs, I'm not concerned about DD's choices, so far! I've not met the man! I meant what I said, that I feel terribly for her former partner. He is away in the Yukon doing field work and they share 2 dogs. It's going to be cruel times. DD is a smart girl, 30 years old, and has actively decided to seek happiness in the past couple of years. I suspect she has found someone interesting, eccentric and loving. He has a solid job, that I know. She has a job interview tomorrow. We shall see how things go. For the time being, I am collecting photos of her early years for a presentation they will have. She has also asked me for dress ideas and I suspect she would like Drema's dress, except with long sleeves! Anyway, she has said no to black, which is a beginning!

I'm off to look at Eden's post of her day.

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Bug-Oh yes I see now-I'm sorry that you haven't at least met him! I now get the sense of isolation you feel...though as you say you never wanted to be running the show for your DD's wedding day-I guess you have no choice now! So...will you at least get to meet him *before* the wedding day? I hope things work out better than you imagine for her former partner-that's tough.

V how sad things are strained between you and your DB-this is a time when he'd benefit from your support too. If that were my situation I would keep plugging away at staying in touch even if they were short bits of communication-maybe in small bits you can break open his shell.
Funny you sure don't resemble a wolf...! I think a small token for your DD's friend is perfectly fine.
What kind of butterfly is that in your card?? NIce shot!!

Drema but the question is,did you get GOOD Hey that card for Eden is beautiful!!!! SO those are daylilies...I had daylilies once then a DEER ate them...: ) So are you psyched for IU3 now that the wedding is behind you? Did you have a good weekend or did your illness start then?

Time to plan my packing list: )


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gonna live dangerously & try to post directly on the thread from home (a dangerous combo) - I've been out of it last few days so afraid I'll probably overlook a lot (pls. forgive!!).

Monique - I sure hope everyone in your family, furry and otherwise, soon feel better - hopefully Emma & the antibiotics will take care of the Lymes; I hope Oliver on the mend too (along w/ you and Les).

V - that's sad re your brother & I think 'bug has a good idea - surprise him w/ an email (something silly & funny) if you can get the address from his DW -- I bet he loves 'em. Brothers are odd creatures - they never reach out but they seem to need the comfort in spite of themselves (can you tell, I've got one just like that?).... we women just have to persist. Re the gift for the friend/recital - it would be nice - maybe a little gift re relaxation - she'll probably need it after all the hard work - or maybe a gift card to local ice cream parlor or some special food treat place like that? You're right that she'll probably get a ton of flowers - that seems to be the routine thing these days that everyone brings to recitals. Maybe someone else has a more special thought for a present?

Eden - so neat that you've gotten such wonderful shots of your containers & garden -- I can't imagine all the time & effort you've put in - but it shows -- such artistry.

Mary -- Im sorry re your pond woes - I'll confess it reinforces my cowardice about having one - I think it's one thing to maintain that is just a bit too much for me - but I recall your photos -- you have such a grand one. Hope it's all better soon.

Drema - get better soon!!

T -- yes, the DD looks ready any day now -- but I think she's probably prettier in person - such a disguise?! Blurs are not becoming, LOL.

Nice to see Martie pop in.
Hi to all I havent gotten to saying anything to (Im up past my bedtime.....) -- Sue, Deanne, Michelle, Marian, Wendy, Ei.... others...

But Im luvin the "garden photo therapy" !!

Ok - gonna press the button now & pray it posts.

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A couple of pictures to share tonight.
Our native sambucus, the flowers are 8-10" across. They like moisture and many grow in the wet areas.

This container is filling out nicely. In the center I am trying to grow a bronze fennel for height. Such a cool plant. This geranium is fabulous also. That is one plant.

One corner of my garden shed:

A mostly self seeded area that looks so sweet to me:

Night all

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Michelle - each pic is prettier than the previous one!! Wow. I love the container especially - is that a fuschia behind the geranium (& is that one called Merlot or something like that?) -- & your garden "shed" -- o my - can I come stay in it? it looks out on all your gardens I bet & is fantastic!! Worthy of a magazine layout! Boy, these pretty pics made me cheerful after a 2 hour commute this a.m. (made harder by having to be offloaded from a broken metro train & waiting for 4 more to come before I could get back on).... but Im in a much better mood - I can dream about viewing your gardens.

Thanks for sharing. I hope to see these in person some day.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

No time for a chatty post, but just wanted to say how much Im enjoying all these pics.... Eden's your containers are *wonderful* not out of control, but I do know what you mean about taking shots of containers...they really do look so much better in person. Anyway, I especially love the two plum ones...I love those colors and that train garden is very neat too! Thanks for sharing.

V your butterfly pic is "out of this world" beautiful!

Drema....I *love* the color of your daylily, such a deep, deep pink and such a pretty flower form too do you know which one it is?

And Michelle...*everything* is lovely. I love your planting all around the gate...its just *gorgeous*!

You guys are really perking up my spirits. Thanks! I needed that!

Michelle, I also *love* that "purple" geranium and it is the *exact* color flower I was looking for this year, but couldn't find! Where did you get it? I feel like a slug asking...but is there any way possible you could give me a cutting from that geranium or can you tell me the name so I can find them for next year? I feel kind of bad for asking, but I would really like to carry that over winter and plant it in the two containers I have for *next* year -the way I had originally planned them. These are the containers your geraniums were suppose to be in! :-) I had to use red geraniums because I couldnt find your color when I was looking. I like the containers (though I know they need a little cleaning up and pruning too) but think how really nice they would have been with your lovely geraniums! :-)

Oh and heres something I wanted to share with you guys. I saw this delphinium at The Growing Place last year. I *swear* it was more red there (maybe it gets redder with age), but I still love it. It is a *gorgeous* shade of deep coral and I *love* the pinking shears look of the individual flowers:

Red Caroline Delphinium

Well, I really have to go now. Hope you all have a lovely day. It is raining here and I am very grateful!


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We are supposed to get some really hot weather here the rest of this week with highs in the mid to upper 90's and no rain in sight.

I enjoyed the Dayton house last night. It was built by the founder of the Dayton department stores in Minneapolis. We had 2 small pieces of 2 different kinds of cheesecake for dessert (one of my favorite desserts) with fresh raspberries and kiwi fruit for garnish.

Cindy, you made my day with your sweet comments. You are good, that is 'Merlot' I think the colors in it are just stunning. The plant on the left is actually another geranium with more single type flowers. You are welcome to visit anytime and we won't make you sleep in the shed LOL Sorry about the bad commute.

Ei, your containers look fabulous. Is that ornamental cabbage or kale in there? I'm going to have a bunch of it in the gardens this year as I wintersowed it and got fantastic germination. I think the geranium would make a perfect addition to your containers. I'd love to give you cuttings. I don't believe I have ever seen a red delphinium. Very cool.


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Just a quick drive by. It's raining here! Things were starting to get dry so that's good news.

Marie, I could write a book on boyfriends, fiancees and broken engagements with my daughters. I hope everything works out well for your daughter and that YOU survive it all!

Michelle, I love, love, love your garden shed. It's just how I pictured it would be. So sweet! I too have a native sambucus in the back corner of my garden that I love. You can't beat those big beautiful blooms can you? Love your self seeded area too. I've put in a request with a friend who does alot of fleamarketing and auctions to keep a lookout for a gate like yours for me. I just love it! Very pretty container garden too. That purple geranium is huge and beautiful! I also noticed the cool pavers it's sitting on. I w/sowed some bronze fennel and added it to a couple of containers but it hasn't done much. Yours looks like it's doing great and is a nice addition.

V, thanks for the butterfly! And Drema for the oh so pretty daylilies!

Ei, great container gardens, so full and lush, and yes the purple geraniums would look spectacular in them. What a cool delph. Never have I seen that before.

I have to go vacuum so no time for more comments. Hope all is well with everyone. TTYL, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oy! Garden talk I'm good at, but wedding talk? DD is on the phone many times a day. "Gifts? People want to give me stuff? I don't know what I want..." "He wants me to think CAKE!. What do YOU think?" "Can you come early and do flowers?" etc etc etc. Today was dress talk. I wish Da would crochet one for her! She'd love it!

I weeded and weeded this morning and photographed white dresses this afternoon. Looked at shoes for me. NOTHING is comfortable for me these days. What a pain.

Bronze fennel is really beautiful stuff, but after a few years, it spreads around a lot! Beware! Love the garden "shed". I could move right in!

Eden, I would love to read your book on raising daughters. It would be a comfort right about now! I thought I'd escaped all this when I raised a hockey playing, outdoorsy tomboy. I was wrong!

Babs, "packing list"? Would you send me a copy please so I don't have to reinvent the wheel? ;-)

Lots of blooming wild elderberries here too. I even transplanted a few near the creek. I noticed that in the areas demolished by last August's tornado, elderberries are blooming. It lookse pretty weird.

Sue, finished heaving mulch around? I guess I should get into that this Fall or next Spring. At least in the veg garden. I couldn't possibly afford it everywhere.

Lots of fresh fruit at the stores these days around here: cherries, currants, blueberries, cantaloupe and more. Just love it. And tomatoes too soon. It is peaches I adore. They are good for about a week, then only so-so after that.

Later gang!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Here are a few of my barkin' dogs. ;)
6 Rat Terrier puppies


There's MOM!



I love Dad. :)

Hey, that's my sock!

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Hi everyone, thought I would pop in and say how much I am enjoying all the pretty pictures.
I have been staying very busy here. We had company for over two weeks and it really wore me out. Especialy the 8 year old great grandson whom I had to constantly remind that certain behaviours were not allowed at our house. I could actually feel sorry for him when he wasn't making my blood boil. He just hasn't had the proper guideance. The thing was that if the rest of his family wasn't here he was well behaved, but when they returned he would act up immediately. I don't get it.

Anyway between that and the floor remodeling earlier I am so behind in the gardens. I have got a lot done this week but my back is on the verge of screwing up and I am working in pain so have to stop often. I am enjoying just being out there though.

Drema , that sure is a pretty color daylily. Do you know its name?

Babs so sorry the deer got your daylily. I can feel your agony. I am holding my breath hoping that the deer don't discover my gardens. I have so many daylillies and I know they are a favorite food. The guy that cuts our hay said we have at least 14 deer and fawns including a set of twins. I'm hoping the fact that we have three large dogs is keeping them from near the house.

Sue I hope your deer doesn't make your garden a regular stop.

Ei, what is the fluffy blue green plant in the front of your planter? is it a sedum?

Michelle, That geranium is a gorgeous color. I've never seen one like that. I noticed the nice design in the pavers too. Your garden shed deco is really cool. I would love something like that. Can't wait to see what else you do. It is a fairly large shed isn't it?

GB, your DDs sudden wedding plans brings back memories of our DDs. She barely dated at all at home and I never heard much about anyone while she was in the army until a phone call home saying she was getting married. They did come home to get married at our house and we had a square dance reception at a neighbors shop. It was a good time,even if a little unconventional.

Great butterfly shot V. So how is your area with the bench and Diablos looking?

Happy belated Birthday Eden, I really like the terracotta planter in your first picture. I was going to ask some IDs on plants but see that Deanne already did. Thanks Deanne.

Cindy, aren't you glad to be able to come home to your gardens after such a trying day?

Mary, bummer about the uv clarifier.I hope you get it fixed. Ponds are a bit of work, but I get so much enjoyment from mine. I have two now. The second one is still a work in progress but I love being near the sound of the waterfall. It is so relaxing to me.

Marian, I like your attitude of changeing the things you can and accepting the things you can't. You need a large dog LOL.

Ok I'm fading away . Take care everyone. Norma

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Jerri, They are so cute. Our neighbors have a Rat Terrier that comes over a lot. I didn't know her name so I call her Andretti because she is so speedy. She is black and white and hangs out with our huge black dog. They make the cutest pair.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning to all,

Eileen that red delphinium is wonderful and I just love your containers. What is that plant in the container with the little yellow/purple violas? Is that a coleus? I cant quite make it out in the picture. It looks almost like Kiwi Fern?

Michelle, OK now I have to come and visit you!!!! I absolutely LOVE your garden shed and the garden with the delphinium and garden gate is wonderful. What the heck are you feeding that geranium? It is huge and wonderful. I think I have that same gerani9um but it isnt anywhere near that size and doesnt have that many flowers. That urn is just terrific.

V, lovely butterfly photo. Hope you are feeling better so you can go and visit your brother.

Drema, what is that delicious daylily?

Bug, wow, lots of news from you. I cant imagine trying to deal with being mother of the bride from long distance. (((hugs)))) So have you had any significant rain yet???

V. re recital, do what you are comfortable with. Maybe one of your lovely beaded pieces of jewelery? When did it become an obligation to do a recital for ones child? I didnt know that was another responsibility. Did your daughter express an interest in doing one?

Jerri those puppies are just adorable!

Norma, oh dear, what a dilemma with your grandson. Many times when a child exhibits that type of behavior he is looking for attention in any way he can get it.

Mary, so how goes the battle with the water clarifier for the pond?

Monique, how are you and family doing? Hope all are on the mend and feeling better. Ive been worried about you guys the last few days.

Sue, no problemo with the puppies. Whats your ETA? Will you be here for lunch or dinner? I hope?

OK Im way late in getting things watered and getting out to the gym and Ive got to go and take my friend to her PT appointment this AM. Ive taken a ton of pics in the last couple days but Ill try to get them up on a separate thread later. Later all.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We have been blessed with occasional showers the past 2 days, and again this morning. It hasn't exceeded 1 inch yet, but is the type that all soaks in, and continues to be in today's and tomorrow's forecast.

Eileen, thanks for the deer link. It has a lot of good info, but I'm afraid very little would be of use for us. I may approach the game and fish dept. and see if steps can be taken to reduce the herd. You are so kind to be so concerned wth our problem. Sorry it interfered with your sleep...:-( , but nice that you dreamed about me...:-)

V, I am so sorry about your dear brother. I sure hope the chemo will get rid of the problem. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to be near enough to visit, but not be able to because of your own germs.

My ailing relatives appear to be improving. My nephew is beginning to regain his speach.

Eden, I hope you didn't trim those containers very much. They look great to me.

Oh my! Sue, I am so afraid you WILL have problems with the deer. They soon learn that all the yelling and arm waving does not hurt them, and they start ignoring it. Most of the ones here just look at me quizzically, like they are thinking; " What is her problem?"., I think I like 'Marina' better than 'Marian'. Some of my friends called me 'Mariam. I don't particularly like that name.

Marie, I am sorry that you are having second thoughts about your DD's upcoming marriage. Labor Day is a ways away; who knows what will transpire before then. I can't get too excited about any marriage in this day and age. There is so little commitment.

Norma, dog for us. We don't need that responsibiliy. Even if we ever decided to get one, it would have to be a barkless,( or nearly so), one. I am very intolerant of barking dogs. I like the neighbor's big white Great Pyrenees. He makes his regular tours, and never barks while around our place. ( His only annoying habit is 'watering' my plants...)

I am thankful for the rain that the dry places are getting, the dry and sun that the rainy places are having, the wellness that is returning to the sick and injured, the beautiful pics that all have posted,the fun times that have been had, the nice accomplishments of children and other family members.
I am sorry for the too dry, the too wet, the still ailing, the family difficulties, the garden woes, the home disasters.

I really need to cut down more on my yardwork,( which I have really neglected the past couple of years), and maybe the deer and the drought, etc., is the incentive to do so. If/when I get to where I can no longer do the mowing, less to mow around would be helpful for whomever does it.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

What a great wake up call! Jerri...the puppies are *adorable*! I really wish I could adopt one for my mom, but she probably isn't capable of caring for one anymore, as much as I know she would love it! She had a rat terrier when she lived in Tennessee and while my mom has *always* loved dogs, her Rastus was the one who truly had her heart; you know that one *extra special* soul mate dog? Your first guy Mickey (how funny that was our Irish Setters name) is the one that looks most like moms Rastus. I would love to adopt one myself, but with Scouts age and disabilities, a puppy is probably not in the cards. Scout is kind of touchy about his back and his legs (because of the elbow problem and arthritis) and I would be afraid he might get mad at a puppy jumping all over him. Omigosh, every time I scroll up and down I get this *big* smile on my face and tug at my heart! Well, Im sure all those little sweethearts will go fast. Rat Terriers are *so* smart and full of personality! They are wonderful dogs... Thanks for sharing!

Michelle...Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are all so wonderful and so generous. I would love to have a piece of that geranium, *but* I would hate to see you cut anything off your beautiful specimen and would be fine about finding it myself, if you know the name? Or, if you wait until the end of the season and then cut me a piece? In any case, thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

So Eden hows the new vacuum going (you did get a new one, didnt you)? Still wearing a crash helmet? :-)

Marie Boy, you really do have your hands full! :-) But, you know it will all work out in the end; right? Makes me kind of glad I have a son though...LOL! I guess I wont be *too* involved with the wedding, unless the future DIL asks, which probably wouldnt happen as she has a mom to help her with decision making. Ditto on bronze fennel it reseeds here pretty well too. I try to get most of it out early in the season, but always leave a few up here and there - they are lovely fillers for the garden and great texture. Wouldnt it be nice if they would just "pop up" where you wanted them? :-) You made me hungry with all that talk of fresh fruit. I love peaches too, but only after they are peeled...I dont like the feel of fuzz on my lips! :-) Cantaloupe is one of my favorites and mom use to grow her own. Reminds me of a *special* treat mom would offer us kids - cut a cantaloupe in half and fill the hollow center with vanilla ice cream...yummm! Have you ever combined vanilla ice cream with cantaloupe? Its a delicious combination and very decadent back in those days...a half of a cantaloupe all to yourself?!! Mom use to grow the worlds best beefsteak tomatoes too! Thanks for the pleasant memories...

Hi Norma! Its so good to see you. Wow two weeks of company! That *is* a long stay, even if it is family. :-) Sounds like the GS really enjoyed and needed you Norma. Maybe sometime if you are up to it, you could ask to have "just him" come stay with you for a little while? I know it would be a wonderful experience for him and something he would remember always. The few times I got to stay with my grandma, *all alone* in California are wonderful memories that I treasure and carry with me always. Those visits left such an impression on me that to this day, the memories are still vivid. There is something special about the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild, at least it was so for me. The knowledge that someone loves you unconditionally and just for who you are. My grandma made me feel secure, safe, loved and *very special* and I know that those are the same feelings your grandchildren get when they are with you. I can just tell by the things you have shared about your time with them. I sure hope Drema pops in with the name of that daylily...LOL! I *too* would really love to know the name of put it on that ol master list of mine...LOL! Oh! The fluffy green plant in the containers is Parrots Beak (Lotus hornklee, I believe). I love the texture. Last year I tried to let some go dormant, thinking I could "wake it up" like I do a lot of things I carry over, but no success. This year I think I will take *one* plant in and try to grow it like a houseplant (actually, I think thats what they are considered here). Im terrible at growing house plants and thats why I tried the dormant thing, but will try growing it this year, as sometimes its hard to find Parrots Beak locally.

Mary so sorry about the UV clairfier. When you come here, I will have a lot of questions about the pond, Im sure! :-) Maybe you can recommend a clairfier for me by then and also I would like some instruction on using those "lines" to protect my fish. I did go to the link you told me about (long ago) and printed out the instruction, but its always helpful (at least for me) to have some personal instruction! :-)

Hi Deanne! Are you out there? Im missing your morning posts! BTW, which clematis is that gorgeous purple one youre showing in Edens birthday card? I have not found Arabella yet...but will definitely get that that not only is it *beautiful* but such a loooong bloomer to boot....

Oh! Hi Deanne! I just was going to check the posts and you popped up. Good Morning! So good to see you! Yes, that is a coleus in the back of the containers (Christmas Candy). I like it a lot, an easy grower.

Yes, I too was wondering about Moniques DH and Emma and Oliver. Have you got the results yet of Emmas test? Scouts test wont be in until Thursday. What antibiotic is Emma on? The vet said that *if* Scout tests positive for Lyme, he would put him on a Tetracycline form antibiotic, but that I would have to watch him, cause they can cause problems? Do you know anything about that? Or know if there are any other options besides Tetracycline? In any case, glad to hear that hubby is better and hope that you are feeling better too and Emma and Oliver too!

Hi Marian! How are you doing? Im glad you are able to take the losses in stride. Not sure I could be so philosophical either. Did you ever get a chance to take a look at the link I posted? Probably nothing there to help you?, but I thought it was a very well written article. No problems here, except just busy, but you are right it *sure is* quiet here these last few days.

For no other reason then just to share...heres a couple pics from the garden the other day... Oh! I *think* I saw my first hummingbird of the season this a.m. Not sure as I was looking out the window of the office and he flitted by *so* fast!

One of my favorite lilies...Doeskin...I love the gentle blush of color. Shes so delicate looking!

Heres by the pond, with a few surprise seedings of Bronze Fennel. I love the airy texture it provides. Can you spot it in the upper left hand corner and lower left hand corner?

Heres Veronicastrum Fascination and Golden Splendor Lilies:

Well, gotta get moving. Thought DB was leaving yesterday, but instead will be leaving this afternoon and I need to get myself busy with have a great day all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Marian! LOL! Well, I see you answered my question...
Your post was not here when I posted does that happen? Yes, I was happy to dream about you too. :-) Actually, it was a pleasant dream...except for those darn "giant squirrels"! LOL!

Okay, have a great day all! Ei

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I forgot to mention...we are being serenaded by the kadydids at night. So far they are not loud enough to bother me. Nolon said he hadn't even heard them. His hearing is getting increasingly worse.

The blooms on the Maackii didn't last long. Maybe it was because of the drought? The sumac out by the east woods has been pretty with their bloom plumes. The roadside on the way to town is blue with chicory. Our pear tree is hanging heavy with fruit. Hopefully the critters won't get all of them.

Sunday evening, as we were leaving the house for evening worship, Nolon's cousin came driving in with another load of slabs from the sawmill. Man...did he have a load! His poor old truck ( 1964) could hardly maneuver to unload, ( it has a dump mechanism), but after much smoking and groaning it finally got back far enough to not block our driveway. I 'peddled' as fast as I could in order to not be late to our meeting, and made it with a little time to spare.( I hate going in late.)
Nolon is now busy cutting up that pile into firewood, even though his back has been extra bad. He can hardly get around. He has a doctor appointment this next tuesday. I will see that that problem is addressed.
At my last appointment I found that my BP is finally at an acceptable level. I now have an appointment next month with a Rheumatologist for my shoulder and neck problem. I 'am' feeling much better since I got my meds adjusted.

My deck plants are fantastic, and the chomped off caladiums are puttin up new leaves! Can I expect new leaves on the Hosta?

There are still blooms on the Rose of Sharons. The Stargazer lily has 3 of it's 8 blooms opened.( It is caged from the deer). Most of my Tiger lilies were consumed, as well as all the other lilies. I can only hope for a better year next year. The Glossy Abelia outside my bedroom window has been covered with blooms for several weeks, and is teeming with visiters.... bees, butterflies, moths, of my favorites is a moth that is no bigger than a bumblebee, but looks like a miniature hummingbird. My young Goldenrain trees were covered with blooms last week, ( and before), now the reddish seedpods are developing.

I hope all the ailing pets are recovering. Trubby gets a little more filled out each day. He was just skin and bones after his terrible sick spell.


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It was a small world this morning. I took some pictures, Ill have to how they turned out. Last night I finally got all the cannas planted. Generally just trying to clean out the pot ghetto. We havent had any significant rain since June 20 so I had the sprinkler going all evening.

V, I think I probably was raised by wolves too. I wouldnt think that a gift is necessary, but would be a sweet gesture.

Norma, the shed is 14 x 28 and I have more plans for it. The pavers are actually all old bricks. Some were much larger than normal so I thought they would make an interesting center area.

Jerri, cute pups and displayed so cute as well.

Ei, I already took the cuttings last night. We will see if they root. What a fabulous color on that lily.

Norma, sorry to hear that you are still dealing with back pain.

bug, at least your DD wedding is soon and you wont be in the turmoil for 9-12 months like many weddings.

Marian, nice to hear that you are at least getting a little rain. It all helps.

Deanne, come on out anytime. Id love to have you.



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi! Too busy at work to talk much but I'm reading and thinking of everyone.

Deanne, DD never asked about a recital, but as the summer goes on she keeps going to one after another, and I just started to wonder if I had blown something. Those darn wolves just never told me about this stuff, you know? Their idea of a good time was to tear apart a neighbor.

I will soon be having nightmares that the danged wabbits will reduce my entire garden to nothing but nubs by next Friday. And then the ground squirrels will dig holes for the nubs to be buried in...

But I did laugh uproariously last night. Our front door is all glass, and last night a frog was sitting on the outside of the door, about three feet above the ground. Mystic tried and tried and tried, but couldn't lick that frog off the door from the inside. All DH could see was a door getting dirty, but I thought it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

Jerri, those rat terriers are adorable!

gonna run,


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Hi, I came home today after a couple hours of work-my fever went up to 101 last evening but is fine today. However today the cough is leaving a strange taste in my mouth and when I blow my nose-the same taste. I never have respiratory problems, so Im not used to this. Luckily we have a dr at work and he saw me but cannot determine whether its bacterial or viral. He wrote me a script for an antibiotic, but Im one of the people who think you shouldnt take them unless you know for sure it is bacterial. There are too many forms of antibiotic-resistant bacteria out there from drs prescribing w/o fully diagnosing. Our work dr didnt offer to culture anything so I probably wont fill the script. Hubby is still coughing but has not had a fever in a week, so this is a long term respiratory illness. I hope were both better before our trip next week.

Emma is not doing well. The vet put her on doxycycline but she hasnt improved yet. Shes fine at times, but at other times shell scream then freeze in place as if she thinks it might hurt again if she moved. She is lethargic and not her usual feisty self. One thing that is good is that she has not lost her appetite in the least. We started giving her a baby aspirin 2x/day to help with the pain. We have a vet appt on Saturday morning for both dogs and we might have to change meds or give her a stronger pain reliever.

Jerri, cute rat terriers! We participate in some terrier races with rat terriers and their people. They seem like sweet dogs.

Michelle, love that shed! Unfortunately mine is filled with gardening supplies-I wish we had room to get another for the other corner of the yard so it can be a nice seating area like yours.

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Hi everyone

Jerri - what adorable pups!! They look as if they are having a lot of fun with that sock.

Monique - do hope you are feeling better soon and Emma finds some medication to ease the pain.

Hi Marina - oops Marian;0) Glad your BP is back to normal. I don't know about hosta regrowing leaves - I do't think mine did but someone else might have better recollection. Wonderful that Trubby is plumping up!

Hi Norma - I think my pond will always be a work in progress. Do you have pictures of your two? Take care of your back - I put mine out working on the pond.

I finally tracked down the information needed to replace the transformer for my UV clarifier. One of the nice chinese gentlemen I'd talked to called me back with the information I needed. However, as I was cleaning the bulb and housing the inner quartz casing slipped out unexpectedly and smashed into the sink. I let out a few choice words - fortunately only the dog and DH heard them. There is no way I can replace the casing so the unit is done for. Rats:0(

One thing that did cheer me (apart from thinking about IU3 which brings a big smile to my face) was getting a call about the new job, explaining that the principal of the school is away till next Monday and that I should hear something then. I think (maybe), (perhaps), I'm might be invited to the next interview. Not hearing anything I'd begun to think otherwise. I just hope its not when I'm in Chicago.

We had 2 ins of rain today and I'm feeling very soggy. I spent so much of the day indoors I even started ironing some of David's little shirts. I haven't ironed in months but David serenaded me with his guitar so it was actually quite pleasant!

Well, Chicken is a cooking and corn needs to be shucked.
Off to the kitchen


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Hi Everyone!

Well, you can add me to the get well list. I am on day three of medication and still in horrible pain every once in a while. The day after the wedding my jaw started hurting. I thought it was because of the rain, humidity, being out in the cornfields setting up the reception...My sinuses think my jaw is my nose. I have been getting these sharp blinding pains that just take my breath away. But not all the time, very strange... No fun. Oh well, enough of my boring illness. I just hope it is better next week. I thought antibiotics were supposed to work wonders...Maybe I waited too long to go to the doctor, thinking it would go away.

For those of you who asked about the daylily... I am not sure what its name is. I am trying to be better about that now. I will go to the nursery I got it from and see if they have any more like it, and try to figure it out. It is a small local nursery and they typically have the same plants from year to year, because they propagate their own materials.

Monique, I hope Emma is feeling better...and you and Les too! I wonder if it is the humidity this year that is causing all the respiratory yucky stuff.

Deanne, after I posted the wrong name of your Regale lily I felt kind of dumb. From my mention above, can you tell I am not that good with names? Guess I am making up my own, huh? I was feeling pretty sick that day, so I will blame it on that, and it does look very elegant, thus the new name... either way, I love it!

Ei, I didn't realize that you had a pond. It looks really nice.

I would like to say a general thanks to everyone who posted the picture threads the last few days! Your gardens are all lovely. I love seeing them.

Mary, good luck on the job interview. Unless they have a personal aquaintance who they are hiring, I can't imagine them not picking you!

Hi everyone else! I am really looking forward to next week..and I have to say, I really miss seeing Cynthia's garden pictures this year, and her furbies...I wonder how the garden she planted last year looks now....Must run and try to find something hot to put on my face... my friend said to use my coffee cup. The closest I have come to this kind of pain is childbirth...amazing.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just a quick pop-in here --
Jerri - those terriers are so cute - good thing you live too far from me!

Monique - Im so sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly (do you think it's a sinus infection now maybe?) & Emma feeling so rotten - boy I hope you can get that under control fast - it's the worse thing when they're sick & hurting isnt it?

& Drema -- get better soon & dont bring any germs w/ you to the IU!!

Yep, we probably got an inch or more of rain too here -- feel like swampland - goodness only knows what fungal diseases are now raging on the plants & what other things are going to keel over.... well, I guess it means I don't have to drag the hose around tonite, right?

Im really swamped here at ofc too -- the flak jacket is coming in handy -- I told one atty the other day I felt like I was in the front line war trenches -- to which he said, o "like cannon fodder"???? yep... pretty much that... definitely disposable -- hope everyone else has their flak jacket donned for appropriate battles at their own office today as well... I think Im gonna put in for Kevlar protection.


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Drema, hope you feel better soon! I suggest you contact the doctor that prescribed the antibiotics and let them know that you are still having severe pain. The antibiotics should have kicked in and begun their magic by may not be that you need antibiotics and there is a different problem. You'll be in my thoughts!

I've begun at the bottom of the Idyll, so will go back and read from where I left off yesterday. ;o) I'll be back....

My best to all on this drizzly overcast morn.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Drema...I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. It *must* be sinus time, I've got that foggy head feeling this a.m. I have gone through most of the garden season w/o sinus problems this year and I was so pleasantly surprised...I'm bummed now. Re the daylily...don't rush out and make a special trip...take care of yourself instead...we want you healthy for the IU3! :-) But, whenever you happen to be passing the nursery and you think of it, I definitely would like the name...but there is *no rush*! Thanks about the pond it is not very big and not in the best place (up against the garage) but I do love having a pond. In the next house I'd like to make a bigger one and place it in a more flattering space. Hope you are feeling better soon...the pain sounds awful! :-(

Marian I *loved* your nature walk this morning. I've only seen katydids I think once in my life (they are not the same as praying mantises; right?). I was a small child playing under my little friend's porch and I spotted one. I wanted to take it home as a pet...LOL! Actually, I think praying mantises are neat too...seem so much more "pet like" than most bugs (well, to me anyway...LOL). Poor sure doesn't get easier as we age, does it? I'm sure it took a lot out of him to cut up all that wood. The things we take for granted when we are young. I'm starting to feel my age a bit. The arthritis? (maybe a pinched nerve, I don't know, I've never had it checked out) in my left arm was just aching me last night and woke me from a sound sleep. It was throbbing in the wee hours of the morning and I was having such a hard time falling back to sleep. If I elevate it a bit and stretch the arm out the throbbing dimishes some, but that's kind of hard to do when your sharing a bed with someone...LOL! Tonight I'm going to remember to take some aspirin before I go to sleep. Good to here your BP is under control and glad you are feeling better with the new meds. Ahh...your description of the plants in bloom and all the busy little creatures is wonderful. You tell it so descriptively that I could see it all in my head! Thanks for sharing those peaceful pleasant thoughts! :-) So glad to hear Trubby is on the mend too! are such a sweetheart! Thanks again...I'm very excited! Yes, that may be one of my favorite lilies...such an usual and delicate makes me smile every time I see doesn't need that *really* makes me smile! :-) sorry Emma still isn't feeling herself. They're such a worry, our little pets. I hope by Saturday she is feeling more perky...I know you must be worried.

V...I guess we have the same kind of humor...I would have loved to watch the frog show too! LOL!

Mary that is such a bummer about the clarifier! How totally frustrating...I would have let a few choice words slip too...LOL! How neat that you received a follow up call...I think that is a good sign too! Keeping good thoughts...

Well folks, I'm off to do some weeding, deadheading, la dee da, la dee da (or should that be Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo, doo doo doo)? I want to be done before the really hot weather they are predicting arrives.

Deanne your talk about going to the gym inspires me, but also gives me a little of the guilts. I have not been regular about going the way I should (making excuses of being too busy, but they are just excuses). I wonder if I work really hard at it and not miss a day before the IU3, do you think I will be svelte by the time the Idylls get here...probably not, LOL! But I am at least going to try to get back to a better schedule.

Have a great day all! Ei

P.S. I heard this last night on the 40's channel. I love that channel...they even play the commercials and the news from that's a lot of fun. Anyway, I've been singing this song ever since hearing it last night and thought, why shouldn't the rest of you too? LOL!

A Bushel And A Peck - Perry Como & Betty Hutton

(Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo,
doodle oodle ooh doo, doo !)

What'cha doin' Hutton?
Doodlin' . . . can you doodle?
Can I doodle? ~ I can't get it outta my noodle!
How come?

'Cause I love you a bushel an' a peck,
a bushel an' a peck and a hug around the neck (Ouch)
Hug around the neck and a barrel an' a heap,
barrel an' a heap an' I'm talkin' in my sleep!
About you! ( About me? ) Yes, about you!
My heart is leapin', havin' trouble sleepin'!
'Cause I love you a bushel an' a peck,
you bet your purdy neck I do!
(Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo,
doodle oodle ooh doo, doo !)

Do you like me Perry?
Oh very, do you like me Hutton?
Like a glutton!
So, where's your "Como" button?

Oh! I love you a bushel an' a peck (How much? )
a bushel an' a peck though you make my heart a wreck!
Make my heart a wreck and you make my life a mess,
make my life a mess, yes a mess of happiness!
About you! ( About me? ) Yes, about you!
You're gonna grieve me, if an' you ever leave me!
'Cause I love you a bushel an' a peck,
you bet your purdy neck I do!

(Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo,
doodle oodle ooh doo, doo ! )

Heh heh, it's gettin' kinda quiet around here!
Oh! we can fix that Perry boy! Let's go!

I love you a bushel an' a peck,
a bushel an' a peck and it beats me all to heck,
beats me all to heck how I'll ever tend the farm
ever tend the farm when I wanna keep my arms about you!
About you, the cows an' chickens, let em go to the dickens
'Cause I love you a bushel an' a peck,
you bet your purdy neck I do!

(Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo,
doodle oodle ooh doo, doo !)

. . . it's gettin' kinda quiet again!

(Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo,
doodle oodle ooh doo, doo !)

. . . an octave lower please!

(Doodle oodle ooh doo, doodle oodle ooh doo,
doodle oodle ooh doo, doo !)

Have a great day all! Ei

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Jerri!Those babie are adorable!!!My boys were 'oooing' and 'aaawing' over the puppies. I do think we are getting closer to pethood because when I see puppies now I think of how fun it would be to have one around instead of immediately thinking of the work involved. Even Chris is less guarded when I show him pics(I knew I could one day twist his arm). I just love terriers...they could hunt my chippunks: )

V I love the mental image of the frog on the door and Mystic trying to get him!

Marina; )(that discusssion about your name cracked me up because for years now I am constantly having to retype your name-it almost always comes out as 'Marina'-glad I'm not the only one doing that!we have fast fingers Mary) Sorry about your Maackii tree-but you might be right about the drought. Hopefully next season it will have better conditions- a pain to wait a whole year though.
I am happy to hear your BP is in a better range-it sounds like you are getting some of your health woes somewhat figured out.
You bring up a good point-*sometimes* when the deer attacks they do help the plants-such as the plants that get new top growth because of the damage-not the most fun way to get new growth though. I didn't have time to apply repellant last night so I'm wondering what I will find chopped off today.

Ei & V-how do you have time to post here??lolol.

Norma-so good to see you! It's pretty interesting to see the behavior dynamics in kids-they are pretty smart and know how to manipulate the system...just how do I know that?lol. I do think the alone time you have with your GS is so valuable-he's absorbing every moment with you.
Be careful with that back! Mine is still not right after my fall.

MOnique-your illness sounds terrible-can you take an expectorant like robitussen?? Gingerroot tea works very well to help bring up that 'gunk'.(sorry that sounded gross)
OH poor Emma-she sounds so pitiful: ( Such a worry for you. *That's* the part about having a dog that I worry about-I hate that they can't tell you what their symptoms are and it seems like so much guesswork. At least she is eating well and maybe the new appt will shed some light. Good luck!

MAry-that UV clarifier has just been bad luck! Will you get a new system?
I'm glad you might get that next interview! Good thoughts that you do.

Drema maybe you were smiling too much for the wedding? lol but I bet you are having allergies. Mold is SO bad right now with all the rain. When sinuses are swollen I do think it can affect any part of the head-including jaws: ( If it's allergy, antibiotics won't do anything: ( Can you take an OTC antihistamine/decongestant to see what it does? I've been needing at least a decongestant these last several days because if I don't my ear aches(we'are all falling apart lol).

Michelle if my garden shed(that I don't have)looked like that inside,I would be there all the time: )

Hope I didn't miss's so late and I'm still in PJs!!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahhhh ! What beautiful day. It is showering again for the 4th day in a row ! I love it ! My rain gauges are still saying we haven't recieved much more than an inch, but every drop is soaking in.

Ei, I am so glad you enjoyed my last post. I wish I would spend more time on the beauties of nature and less on my aches and pains....:-(
Guess what.... I have That very song,( with those same singers), on a tape. I taped it and hundreds of others from a radio station that played all those oldies. That one is espacially familiar to me. I have a bunch of Perry Como's.
Katydids are similar to grasshoppers, but are almost always in trees.They are green and bigger than grasshoppers. They are extremely noisy at night...that is when they 'sing'. Nolon is still working on the wood, between showers.He may be about 1/2 done with the cutting. Next he needs to move it all into the woodshed. Sorry about your left arm. My right shoulder was throbbing the other night. Usually is is not a throbbing pain, just persistant. Part of the pain in my arm and leg must be a nerve problem, because any cool breeze blowing on them really hurts. I had to don long-legged pants, and a shirt with sleeves, this morning because the chilly breeze coming in the door was hurting! I sleep with a pillow under my arm, and 'must' have a bed by myself because of the many positions I get into, trying to find relief.

LOL, V, I sure hope your 'wabbit-ground squirrel' dream/nightmare does not come true. I love your frog on the glass door story. I, too, can picture that in my mind. I presume it was a tree frog? We have them, and they do get on my windows. They are so cute.

Monigue, I hope you are getting better. I have that 'strange taste' occasionally, accompanied with strange smells also, or a loss of taste. Sinus woes can sure make a body miserable! You are wise to avoid the antibiotic unless you need it. So sorry about Emma. I can empathize with you.

Mary, that corner of your shed is sure neater than my house!
I like it.
LOL on the "Marina". What a drag that the UV clarifier is 'toast'. ( BTW...I haven't ironed in years ! )

Drema, your pain reminds me of a nerve problem.
Antibiotics sure won't help that, if it is.

LOL, tu Brute' ( Marina) :-)
Sorry that your back is still not right after your fall.
Now...get out of those pj's ! Don't you know, that contributes to making you feel like you are still sick?

I should be posting from my new computer the first of next week. Tim is coming tomorrow eve for that purpose. He, and the girls, will be spending the weekend. He plans on taking me digital camera shopping too.

I almost forgot...last sunday, when driving out,( on the county road), I had to brake suddenly to keep from hitting a hen turkey. Nolon said the littles ones were there too, but I didn't see them. He had seen them before, up at the head of our driveway. He says the babies are about as big as a chicken, and that there are a bunch of them. Neat !


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Meet the newest inhabitant of my garden, Mr. Deer.

He seems to be getting more comfortable in the reclamation area. I've seen him three mornings this week. Tonight I did a quick check and he's been sampling the yews, and some Heuchera and Hosta flowers. I guess I'd better get my behind to a garden center tomorrow and get some spray.

Good grief!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Sue, I just checked out the New England forum, before coming back here, and responded to your post there! I suggested you post your deer pic here! LOL ! I should have known you would. Good luck on the spray!

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Thought I'd better take a minute to post. We need to finish up this Idyll. You know they start to get stale after a week, lol. Meg just left with Bella. That child was a handful today. I have to watch what she's doing every minute. Today I caught her dragging poor old Abraham around by his ear. There's not much left of him and that's the last thing he needed. I had to rescue him and place him up on the couch where she couldn't get to him. I always tell her to remember that she has a great love for animals and she's usually gentle with them but I guess she forgot for a moment.

Aw Sue, your new pet is beautiful! Hope he doesn't do too much damage and you can convince him to move on real soon.

Ei, I love that doeskin lily. What a suble but beautiful flower!

Marina, (typed that by mistake and then decided not to correct it, wonder how many of us do that?) anyway good news that you'll be getting a new camera and posting with your new pc soon. I'm looking forward to lots of pics from you again. I've missed them!

Drema, sorry your in so much pain. Hope you get it figured out pronto and feel better!

I'm tired and going to bed so that's it from me tonight. Oh except where's Deanne? Didn't she promise us a new thread of pics? I've been looking forward to it all day! Hope it's here tomorrow...

Night All, Eden

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SUE! That thar deer's got HORNS!! lol. I so pity you-I don't think he's going anywhere anytime quick and he's probably been around longer than you know: (
If you get serious about putting down repellant you might be able to steer them away-they are very much creatures of habit-they come back for more and more.

Eden-I remember those days when Ryan needed to learn how to be gentle-all young kids forget from time to time and need reminding. I had such a fun time tonight sitting in the screened porch and watching Ryan collecting fireflies out in my garden sitting area. He was immersed in his bugs and having a fun time talking to them. Luckily the bugbox has a big hole at one end so I know they will escape: ) Soon Bella will be doing that too-but I did recall a few squished ones in his hands when he was just a little older than Bella lol.
I do hope Abraham recovers!

Marian I guess we've all been calling you Marina: )

HI Deanne!


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Drema sorry you're in pain. A couple of vitamin A capsules broken open and spread on the skin helps with pain for me when I have toothache that causes the cheek to ache. It's saved me from the worst of the pain while waiting to see a dentist. Maybe it will work for you. I hope you and anyone else sick heal quickly.

Marian I knew a Marina, and she was very nice like you, but you look like a Marian to me. :) I can't wait to see the pics with the new camera. Glad your nephew is getting better.

Jerri those are such cute pups. I'm glad they have you to look after them while they wait for their forever home.

Michelle the sambucus is lovely. I've read that the cooked berries were traditionally used by the natives for medicine here. The sambucus is a favorite of mine not just because of its huge panicles but also because I've long been interested in native herbs and treatments.

Sue Mr Deer looks almost like a statue. I've read that if you find the deer trail leading to you place, then you can set up a barricade there and the deer will go to some other poor soul's garden. I think spraying and deer fences are better personally. There is no easy way to live with these mutated rodents though. To their minds so to speak we're growing on their lands.

We went out to our favorite szechuan place tonight to celebrate Richea's 49th Birthday. What a great meal. I gave him a white gold chain, for which I've ordered an eagle for Christmas. Of course he doesn't know about the eagle yet. I'll have to save my loonies (Canadian one dollar coins)for this, but at least I have his gift picked out. He's very hard to buy for. He wants a motorcross motorcycle, but I won't be buying him that. He wants to go in the seniors groups but I'm terrified that he'll fall and hurt himself. I'll never be able to watch.

We also took a walk with his mother, who is in a extended care facility. It's so great to see her medically cared for clean and fed. Her mental state has been very bad for many years, since she had a nervous breakdown and was given electric shock treatment. We had her placed in many homes and situations which she always ran from. Now she can't run more. Hurray. She has a wandering band on which doesn't allow her to leave the building without being escorted. She was not caring for herself at all and the place where she was living called the health department in and social services. Luckily they caught her and locked her in while she was being treated for diabetes, and a heart condition called atrial fibrilation. We truly feard for her life before, and now feel she has a life.

Michelle sorry I didn't say hi back all the times you said it to me. I always start out too late to really write here at all, for example it's 1:10 A.M., but I type away for a while and then fade away, but I do appreciate and feel like part of the group when I see your, and others', greeting. I wish I could do so well as some here with the clear, to the point, one line comments, but I guess once a novelist, always a novelist, lol. Anyway thanks again.

Hi everyone else. I'm thinking of all of you, appreciating you for who you are and enjoying your pics. Also I hope all who are sick and any sick pets get well soon.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well Wednesday night we got some more torrential rain and it just smushed the gardens. I have a sneaking suspicion that there were either huge raindrops or huge raindrops with a bit of hail mixed in with it. It tore most of the petals off the remaining Asiatic lilies that were blooming and also broke petals off the daylilies. In fact there were flowers and flowers parts all over the ground yesterday morning. The Polish Spirit lost half of its flowers as well. Le sigh! Oh well at least it isnt a deer.

Sue! Arrrrrggghhh!!!!! I think that would just do me in. If I had to deal with deer on top of everything else I might just quit gardening. So sorry you are now faced with the hoofed rodents.

Yeona, Sounds like you had a nice BDay celebration for Richea. Happy Birthday to Richea!!! Another July Birthday. Ive still got five or six more July birthdays to send cards for. I love your idea of buying a chain for the birthday and a medallion for Christmas. Neat! I wish Doug was that easy to shop for. He doesnt ever wear any jewelery. (I wear enough for both of us I guess. LOL) and all he wants for Christmas is an airplane. Now that is NEVER going to happen. ~~ Sounds like you have so much on your plate between your family and Richeas Mom. Glad to hear she is in a good facility where the care is what it should be. That must have been such a worry when shed wander off.

Mary, so sorry about the UV Clarifier. What a pain in the neck. ~~ It now looks like Doug will be spending one or two weeks a month in Rochester for the foreseeable future so I can see a visit coming up sometime in the next month or two. Id like to come out with him when he does a short week and comes home Wednesday night instead of Thursday or Friday. ~~ He took his bicycle this week and did a 20 mile ride on the Erie Canal and he was in heaven. He loved it and wants me to come with him so Ill be out there before the cold weather hits. Ill have the UAV this time so I wont be limited to what I can carry on a small airplane. LOL

Babs, loved Ryan and the firefly stories! Too funny he talks to his bugs.

Eden, oh dear about Bella and Abraham. She is at that age where they go a mile a minute and you just cant foresee everything theyll get into. I hope he wasnt too upset by his being dragged around. ~~ Thanks for asking, Ive just been in a bit of a downer of a mood lately (feeling sorry for myself because I cant attend IU3. I keep reading through all the emails then being bummed. I still want to get the emails though, you know how when you have a toothache you keep poking at it even though it hurts?) Anyway, it makes me very happy that you really want to see more pics from me so Ill get to working on that thread. I took a few of some of my favorite new coleus from this year and there are a couple of great ones there.

Marina, whoops, Marian, yes Ive typed your name that way many many times and corrected it. Great to hear you are going camera shopping and that Tim is going to visit for the weekend and get your new computer all hooked up. ~~ Glad to hear youve gotten some beneficial rain the last few days.

Eileen, I love that Doeskin lily. Do you know what type of lily it is? It looks like one of those new crosses between Asiatics and the types with the recurved petals. What a fantastic delicate color. I think it would look beautiful with my peach Jolyene Nichole daylily. Your pond is so pretty with that Oak leaved Hydrangea and the Veronicastrum/Trumpet lily combination is WONDERFUL!

Cindy sorry things have been difficult at work for you lately. Ill bet your ready and past ready for vacation.

Drema, so sorry you arent feeling well. That pain sounds strange. What is causing that? Ive never heard of sinus causing jaw pain. I sure hope you are back to feeling tip-top again soon. (no worries about plant names, Im still learning too)

OK Ive got to run and get ready. Im going to take a bicycle trip to Ayre, MA again this morning. It is going to be in the mid 90s today so Ive got to get out of here early. Im going to meet my girlfriend in Pepperell and we are going to go on to the end of the trail and back. Ive got a few pots that need some water before I leave so Id better get on it. Have a great Friday everyone!!!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So Deanne is comparing us to a toothache this morning?

And it looks like Sue has a spike in her garden! That would be a buck that is getting his first set of antlers. So he's still a growing boy - which means he's hungry.

The air here today is as thick as a brick - yuck.

Tonight my goal is to get home while it's still light enough to see if I have a garden. Then early to bed, early to rise so I can get some work done outside before it's beastly hot.



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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning!

Thanks Deanne for all the nice are always so thoughtful and supportive to us all. I really appreciate it. Thanks too Eden & Deanne about Doeskin :-) She is actually prettier in person. I saw her described as a "peach champagne" and there is a pearlescence to the petals that makes her glisten in the garden! :-) She's an asiatic lily with what was described as "turkscap" type flowers, so she may be a cross, but I don't know. Anyway, Deanne, in the fall I could dig you up a bulb of her, if you would like to go with your Jolyene Nichole :-) I have her in several places in my garden, so happy to too Eden, if you would like. I will probably need a gentle reminder in the please do remind me! So sorry about the storm and the damage to your pretty flowers. I too was hoping for some more beautiful garden pics.

Actually, I was thinking 'Doeskin' would look lovely next to Sue's deer too, but I don't think she would last long...LOL! All kidding aside, I am very empathetic Sue. Deer are *so* pretty, but what an awful "guest" to have in the garden. Hope he goes on to find greener pastures.

Hi's always great to hear from you. Good to hear about the positive things going on for your MIL. I smiled about the good care facility she is in. It really is such a relief when you can find a nice place. There are some awful ones out there, but some very nice ones too. DH's grandmother stayed at one just 5 minutes from my home and it was such a nice, cozy, small, clean, friendly place (really just like a home) that I told DH that's where I want to go (if I must) when my time comes.

Eden what a great thing to say to Bella! I really like the way you used positive reinforcement to encourage and gently remind her. You are a wonderful grandma; Bella is very lucky.

How neat about the turkeys Marian! Glad to hear Tim will be in to fix up your puter and to get you a new camera. I can't wait to see all the wonderful pics you will be sharing of your beautiful property. I *love* your surroundings! Laughing about the typo Marina, but as Yeona said, you definitely look like a Marian to me...Maid Marian, actually, that's how I think of you! ;-)

Okay, need to get ready to take mom grocery shopping. So "Hi" to anyone I missed. Have a great day! TTYL!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning all......

Another VERY light shower this morning early. Just enough T&L for me to have to get up and unplug the computer from the phone line, and a sudden wind that prompted me to close the windows.

Hi cyber-daughter Yeona! Thanks. I look like a 'Marian' to me too. LOL
Your Richea is almost exactly 6 months older than our Tim. I hope he had a happy birthday. Shoot...I was hoping Tim was getting too old to still be interested in a motorcycle. When he was a teen he wanted one. His dad said he could have one when he was bigger than him. Well, he got as big as his dad, but the desire for a motorcycle evidently went away.I have not heard him ever mention wanting one since he grew up.
So sorry about your mom's condition, but glad that things seem to have leveled off for her, and you. How old is she?

Eden, multiply your one GD by 3, and you can imagine what we have gone through when our GDs were here before getting old enough to stop watching like a hawk! It is such a relief that I can relax when they come now. They spend most of their time either playing with all the toys from the toy box, or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. No more roaming all around to see what all they can get into...:-)
Also, keep in mind, I was 61 when the first was born. Nolon was 67! We sure were not used to having small children around!
Poor Abraham. I hope he has recovered. Our cats always ran for safety, but have almost accepted them now since they aren't so pesty...:-)
Thanks on the pics. There may not be that much left to take pics of! :-( I can only take so many pics of my deck plants. Of course, fall may be beautiful.

Deanne, all your bicycle riding sounds so fun. I wish I had learned to ride one.
Sorry about the rain/hail and plants.

A question>>>>Are any of you having a problem with fruit gnats? I have been buying a lot of fresh fruit lately, and my kitchen is swarming with fruit gnats! I have put the fruit in plastic bags, but the gnats are still all over the cabinet and the bags! Curses!

My deer barracades are working, but unprotected plants are still being pruned. The large blue hydrangea gets smaller every day! This morning the bucks were back under the pear tree. Poor Nolon is trying to deter them, by putting piles of wire rings all around it. He left too many gaps, and they pick their way in amongst them. He is out gathering up more wire to fill in the gaps! It is really bugging him. I am not upset about them eating what falls on the ground, and they can only reach what hangs low enough. The problem is...the limbs are getting heavier and heavier, and hanging lower and lower.

Sue, one of the bucks under the tree this morning has antlers almost exactly the size of 'yours'. There are at least 3 bucks, probably 10 or so does, and heaven knows how many fawns. 4 at a time have been seen. One doe and her spotted twins passed through the old garden spot while I was looking out yesterday. They bed down in our yard, after eating their fill !


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Marian, thank heavens I haven't had a problem this year, but last year I had an awful problem with the fruit gnats. Most likely, they are actually something called vinegar flies, nad you can make a fairly simple trap for them. You will need a 2 liter plastic bottle, and if you don't have an empty one on hand from the GDs' last visit, I bet you can get one from a friend. You want to cut off the top 1/3 of the bottle, and then you will turn that piece upside down and set it on the bottom piece. Fill the bottom with about an inch of vinegar and leave it out near where the flies are bad. They will be attracted to the vinegar, fly into the bottle and most will be unable to fly out again. It sounds so simple, but it really works. Every few days, I would carry it outside well away from the house, empty it out and refill the bottom with fresh vinegar. Leftover wine also works very well, but I bet you don't have much of that on hand! :o)


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Marian, how exciting, a new computer and camera. My word, you have a whole herd of deer at your place!

The other day we saw on top of a building 3 large birds that we didnt immediately recognize. We first thought they were wild turkeys until we saw them fly. They soar like eagles. It turns out that they were turkey vultures. I had never seen them around here before.

Yeona, I have never collected any of the elderberries. I will have to watch for them. The all grow down by the creek so its a little trek from the house. It sounds like Richea had a nice birthday. What a relief to see your MIL is being cared for and is safe.

Talk about being gentle, I had a disgusting experience last night. Jaden came with something in her mouth. I assumed it was dead until I heard this peep, peep it was a young bird and she was eating it live. I let her as I realized the bird was beyond help at that point. I was so thrilled that Jaden wanted to share her hunting skills with me NOT!

Deanne, sorry about the damaging rain/hail. We got 2/10" yesterday. It was welcome, but we need much more. We are getting temps the next few days close to the 100 mark. That wont help. On the news last night I saw that ranchers in South Dakota are selling their all their cattle for whatever they can get because of the severe drought there. There is no water and no hay crop to feed them.

Eden, I know exactly what you mean about watching them every minute. I dont remember having to do that with my kids.

Babs, I laughed at your comment about being the in shed all the time. Lately its been quite hot in there. My dad told me that he saw an air conditioner at a garage sale. He wondered if I wanted one for the shed. I told him that might be a little extreme, but if he finds a little refrigerator to get that for me.

Cindy, good thing you are getting a few days vacation. I know the swamped office syndrome.

Mary, what a bummer about the clarifier especially after you got the information what to do with it.

V, I have a humorous picture in my head of Mystic trying to "clean" that frog off the window.

I hope that all the Idylls who are sick are feeling better. Drema you should talk to the Dr. again. I cant believe there is so much illness in the Idylls in the middle of the summer. Weird!

Stay cool

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