Man, those were expensive apples

gandle(4 NE)September 27, 2011

Since the blossoms on our apple trees were frozen by a late frost and we didn't get any apples we decided to go to southeast Nebraska to Nebraska City where there are a number of orchards. Plus, I wanted to go into Kansas to try to find the graves of my great grandparents. A kind person had put us on track for finding the graves of my maternal grandparents graves and we did find them. A very small cemetery, well maintained but apparently seldom used anymore. Originally a Presbyterian cemetery but the church has been abandoned the town scarcely exists anymore.

We tied to find the fraternal great grandparents graves but couldn't, we thought in the Hanover KS. area

We went to Nebraska city and bought a 1/2 bushel of jonathan apples, wonderful fruit but when we were in a hardware srore parking lot a plumbers truck backed into our car and a pipe sticking out the back of the flat bed punched a hole in the trunk of our car. We didn't know the name of the plumbing business and none of the clerks in the store knew who they were so, damage and cost for repairs $22340 well we have $250 deductable so there was $250, 2 nights in the Holiday inn, $260, we did splurge on a couple of meals in a great restaurant, little over $120, one night at a neat bed and breakfast $80. Gas $60 plus lunches and incidentals add about $50 oh, and the apples cost $22 but we enjoyed the trip except for the hole punched in the trunk. When you add it all up those were quite costly apples.

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MURPHYS LAW. Steve in Stevens County.

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gandle(4 NE)

Oops, $2234 not $22000, car isn't worth that much.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

As I read your post, all I can hear is my grandmother's voice asking "How do you like THEM apples?"

If all you got out of that trip was apples, they were expensive. But listening to the description of your little getaway, I'd say it would be a bargain at twice the price. Except for that part about the hit and run.

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Yea, stuff happens.

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George,you and Leona lead the most exciting lives and most of the time all you have to do is just sit there and let it happen to you. LOL

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When life hands you lemons ....lemonade
apples or cider
I like the way you roll with the punches and find something to enjoy, no matter what

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I love that you had fun while you waited. Sorry you had to wait though! Dang plubming truck.

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I agree with all the above posts, especially west gardener's -- "stuff happens"! And just think, every time you eat the apple sauce, apple pie, apple cobbler or whatever gets made from those apples, you and Leone will immediately think about this trip and your adventure!

Is it possible that the folks in the plumber's truck didn't know they had punctured your trunk? Seems unlikely, doesn't it? :>(

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