Well, if you wanted to start an authentic Cuban restaurant

gandle(4 NE)September 14, 2010

Why wouldn't you locate it in Oconto Nebraska. Oconto has about a 140 people, no school, no other cafe, no gas station, they do have a bank. But now an authentic Cuban restaurant that we hear is packing them in from all over the area. We haven't been there but intend to meet son and DIL there this Saturday.

We understand ithe cuisine is heavy on pork and chicken with some seafood. Since it is in the middle of cattle country I hear there is a small steak on the menu but was told not to order it. Beans and rice is the starch, no potatoes.

Quite a story how a refugee Cuban family happened to land in the middle of NE in the hamlet of Oconto.

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That's about the last place you would look for a Cuban family. I can understand why they do a good business. It's entirely different, not something you would cook at home and even the best beef get's tiresome after a while.

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