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gandle(4 NE)September 20, 2010

This could be interesting. Got my semi-annual steroid shot in a darn arthretic knee and we are leaving for south east NE. Had hired a company from Lincoln NE to reset gravestones in the cemetery near where I grew up. Since I'm the last of the line that knew the grand and great grandpsrents I figured it better be done. A cousin called and said that the job was not good, she sent a picture she took on her cell phone but the definition wasn't good so we will take a camera and printer there and go to Lincoln to confront the people who did this. I have already given them $800 and owe $600 more on completion. they poured concrete slab and I understand it is already breaking up at the corners, they aren't going to get the $600 and I'll try to get some back that I've given them.

Beatrice NE is where I lived and worked just after I got out of the navy in 1946, I pumped gas at a filling station until fall classes started at the U of NE. There was a bar in Beatrice named ------place, can't remember the first name but that was where I and many others ate lunch. They served only 4 things. Ham or beef sanwiches and bean or chili soup, well I guess 2 more they of course served beer and undrinkable coffee.

I aleays ordered beef on wheat and alternated on soups. A neat thing was if you ordered chili soup you could say chili dash and they would put a ladle of bean soup in the middle of the chili or bean dash and you got a ladle of chili in your bean soup. The bar smelled of tobacco smoke and stale beer and I doubt that the hygene was all that good but the food sure was and it drew a capacity crowd every noon. The beef was really good and you got a thick slab of juicy slighty salty beef and the soups were so thick your spoon would almost stand up in them, well that is an exaggeration but they were good. The man the bar was nmamed for always had an unlit cigar stuck in his mouth and seemed to do nothing but run the cash register. Soup was 20 cents a bowl and either sandwich was 25 cents so you could eat for under 50 cents unles you wanted the nickle coffee or a 10 cent beer.

Running on as usual and this was typed with 2 fingers, hands just don't work right yet. Hope that therapy will bring back some of the sensation. Enough.

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George, you and Leone have a safe trip. Looking forward to hearing about it when you return.

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There seemed to be at that time similar dives left and right of the Atlantic. Reminds me of a place we haunted once rationing was over.
Have a safe travel and I am looking forward to your trip report.

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Great story George. Steve S.

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gandle Are you back yet? How did it go?

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gandle(4 NE)

we got back Thursday noon. Got pictures of the botched cement slab with its very porous appearance and went to Lincoln NE and showed the people at the memorial co the shots of the job. We came to an agreement that I only would pay them $200 and the whole thing would be over. Really not very satisfactory for me because I doubt that the slab will hold up more than 20 years.

Friday had a very depressing day, appointment at a neurologist and they did a nerve conduction test, was told that there was only a 20% chance that I would get back functioning nerves in my legs and get used to using a walker because thats what I will be doing from now on.

I guess to cheer me up a bit, Leone bought a new plasma TV and had it installed in the living room instead of the den. Not really muchof a TV watcher but this one is nice to watch. Old one worked OK but it was at least 18 years old and took up a lot of room. Don't think this one is over 2" thick.

Now I will try to design a new stand for this set that won't take up so much space, know that SIL will build it if I can design it.

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You may need a seatbelt if you're watching some of the things shown in HD on a big screen. Hubby has been watching the coastal cities coverage, but there's National Geographic, Nova, Discovery, and several more that put you right up in the front seat of action and travel and air travel shots that can awe and numb at the same time. Everything in living vibrant color you could reach out and touch.

All that geography should have been and wasn't, this is, and its beautiful. Have you ever seen 5000 Caribou from
100 feet up? Or even that many Gazelles... What a treat you have in store now!


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George, get Leone to make you a big pitcher of lemonade
out of all the lemons you picked up on your trip to the
doctor's office. Sit down for a spell and watch that new
awesome TV screen and then keep on keeping on.
Whether you use a walker or not you still have your brain and
from what I can see from here is that it is working overtime.
Design away, George, design away.

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Ditto to what Janis said, George.

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