Update: dumped kittens

lilosophieSeptember 24, 2013

Two of the three dumped kittens made it, sad to tell one died.
The two survivors are developing well, have eyes open now and are beginning to explore. Joann's great dog Sparky is a big help, he loves them and cleans their bottoms.
I am baby-sitting them when Joann is at work, it is too cold in the feed-store, so I am foster-grandma on Tuesdays and Saturdays and next week, when Joann is going on a three day horse-camping trip.
They are looking like real kittens now and appear to be part Siamese, but too early to tell.

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That's a great photo. Sometimes cats and dogs do get along.
Happy fostering.

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Oh, Lilo, your picture makes me smile! Again, many thanks to Joann and you for your kindness and humanity. Many thanks to Sparky, too, for being a "foster" mother. :>)

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With two such good nannies and a foster mom, they surely will thrive.

We were dogsitting. I think the whole neighborhood laughed at me trying to take three big labs out for their run at the same time. Felt like Marmaduke's owner, the dogs took me.

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Well it takes a village... Joanne, Sparky and you. Great big thanks to all for helping to save these babies.

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Aw, what a sweetie Sparky is, good boy! I'm sure they'll keep on growing and getting stronger. Thank you for taking care of them. All of you.

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