July gardens....

deanneart(z5Southern NH)July 14, 2006

Here are a few pics from the last couple days. The gardens here really peak out this time of the year and some mornings it can take my breath away! Even though I know mid July is the best time it always surprises me for some reason.

I just love the early morning light. You can see there is only one of those Manhattan lilies left in this photo and the heat today did that last flower in so they are gone until next year. IÂve actually got a serious lull in this bed right now and am trying to figure out something to add to bridge the Asiatic and Oriental lilies. I used to have a ÂStella dÂOro daylily in here but the color just didnÂt work so I removed it and replaced it with a ÂRosy Returns which isnÂt as rosy as I thought it would be. IÂm still mulling things over and canÂt decide what to delete and what to add.

IÂm so happy that my large patch of Shasta Daisies have finally returned after almost dying out in that bad winter. Also you can see how much color that Endless Summer adds here. IÂve loving it.

Here is a close-up of that Fuchsia ÂBeacon RosaÂ. This plant is the mother plant of all those cuttings I sent out this year. IsnÂt this a beauty?

And I love this Clematis ÂPolish SpiritÂ. What a gorgeous swath of color.

DonÂt want ÂArabella to feel Âleft out LOL

The ÂMiss Bateman clematis has given way to the roses and fuchsia

This is a sweet new fuchsia to me this year. Unfortunately it came from HD and didnÂt have a tag so I donÂt know the name.

The containers are filling in nicely

Just look at SueÂs banana! It has been growing at an alarming rate since the weather warmed up! LOL

Sue this is what I did with your Canna ÂTropicanaÂ. IÂm really loving the foliage color with the Ajuga ÂRainbow and Coleus ÂGloryÂ.

And here is the other Canna you gave me. I think this container is going to look cool when it fills out. What color are the flowers on this variety?

The Driveway Garden is looking like a jungle this year. All the rain has made some of the plants including that Hakonechloa ÂAlbo striata gigantic.

Some of my favorite coleus from this year, this is ÂFilagree with ÂChocolate Drop and a variety I got a cutting from and donÂt know the name of.

ÂShocking PinkÂ


ÂLemon MeringueÂ

And my two favorites - ÂFireworksÂ

And ÂBurning BushÂ

This fuchsia ÂSun Ray is a second year plant and has gotten enormous this year

And Eden, look at what you Âmade me buy a few weeks agoÂ.

OK I could just keep posting these photos but then the thread wouldnÂt open. LOLÂ. What fun, what fun I just love July!


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Muchissimo bonita!!(Very much beauty...?)OK I was trying to be different in Spanish ; ). Everytime I think your garden can't get more beautiful...IT DOES. HOW do you DO that?????????? lol.
I'm pressed for time but I have to say-why does your 'Beacon Rosa' have SO many blooms?? Is that a full sun area? Mine has a nice amount of them but not nearly as many as yours. I need the secret..should I pinch more?
OMG I love that filagree!!!!

Gotta go-more comments later..


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne! You must have the 'Midas' touch when it comes to flowers! There is no place in the world that can be more beautiful, garden wise. And I mean every word of that !

How many differant coleus do you have? Do you order all those gorgeous ones? (Actually, they are 'all' gorgeous!)
I am so happy everytime I look out at all the beauty on my deck, and a lot of it is due to your generosity. :-)


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well Marian said it all...you really do have the midas touch! Deanne, I cannot get over *everything*, but those fuchsias...I have never seen lovelier specimens *anywhere*...not even in the finest greenhouses I've been to!

Love the way you capture the light through your lilies so that I can see the fillaments in shadow inside...that's lovely!

You're garden beds are just outstanding. I also love the colors you used in the canna pic. Are the caladiums, ferns, begonias, coleus, etc. in other pots next to the canna pot? Just beautiful!

I also love your mailbox planting. Your pics of mailbox plantings from last year are what finally convince me to try a mailbox planting myself.

Thank you Deanne for sharing all these beautiful pictures. I know it's a lot of work posting them all, but I really appreciate all the beauty (and knowledge) you share with us. Thanks!


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Deanne - I can't come up with the right superlatives so instead I'll tell you how much I LOVED all your pictures. There is so much to learn from studying each one, and so much enjoyment in doing just that. This is truely the work of an artist and superb gardener combined. Its great seeing what the mother of my "babies" is looking like!!

Delivering your mail must the the highlight of your mailman's day.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Little did you think as a teen-ager that you'd grow up so happy, gifted and admired. Keep on growing! :-)

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So Deanne , do another thread and post the rest of those gorgeous beauties. We never get tired of seeing them. They are all my favorites. I didn't know ther was a rainbow ajuga. How neat. Norma

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Deanne, I've looked at this thread at least 3 times so far today.....words fail me. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for sharing...

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A word I saw on a plant website a while back that I liked seems to fit this series of pictures - unforgetamazable! I don't even know how to begin to pick a favorite plant or picture. They are all so lush and fabulous looking and you definately have the touch with combining them. Oh, such wonderful varieties of coleus and the fuchsias are to die for. Thanks for the unforgetamazable tour.


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Deanne, my poor old dial-up connection is so slow that sometimes I just forego the pleasure of lots of pictures.........never yours! I just wait for the reward.

It is always worth it. I needed these. This is the time of the year for us in the lower midwest, usually in a drought situation, to begin to loose interest in our gardens. We just got some rain which was a real boost, but your pictures boosted me more.

Thank you.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, Deanne, a series of wonderful shots as usual. If I make it to your house tomorrow I'll be pinching some starts of those coleus. I hate to tell you but I think that Canna is Red Stripe and blooms red or orange. Not your favorite colors but neither will clash with the companion plants.


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Deanne, what a treat! Your gardens never cease to amaze me. And I can't believe the blooms on those fuschias. They couldn't have anymore blooms. I'm still working on mine. They're coming along but I have a long way to go to have anywhere near the blooms that you do. You definitely have the touch with them. I especially like the container with the chocolate drop coleus, he's one of my favorites too. And I love the combo of the shocking pink coleus with the pansies, alyssum and j. maple. And I love the way you've combined the variegated sweet potato vine with the ajuga at the base of the container in pic 12. You've really gotten me using the ajugas alot too. The a. rainbow is new to me. I'm going to have to look for that one. So many great lesson to be learned by studying these pictures. Your gardens are always such an inspiration for me. Now be careful, those begonias can be addictive. I predict that you'll like growing and collecting them too! They're another plant that's so much fun to play around with during the winter months. Thanks for this thread. I'll go back and look at these pictures again and again. Just beautiful!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

What a lovely way to start my day - there are never too many Deanne photos! I could stare for hours getting ideas, Deanne -- w/ your fav word - fabu-fabu..... Wishin I had the cup of coffee to tour w/ you again!!


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