Can't I have just once

anneliese_32(6)September 28, 2012

a power outage a) at night and b) when the sky is clear? just 30 minutes would be enough!

Grump, grump!

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Nah. Won't happen. Power outages occur A) for 6 days, 17 hours, and spare change when one's spouse and self had recently bought a bunch of cow for the freezer, B) when it is cold, nasty, and lights would be nice to keep from walking into walls, the water pump would be handy so the pot could be flushed, C) it ain't gonna happen!

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Oh no, it won't happen. We had three power outages in one 24 hr period. I did not realize how many clocks we had to reset after every outage. Only one of our clocks had more than one hour battery back up.
We have rigged our house so we have a cheap digital clock, run on batteries hanging on the wall, an old phone model that is plugged directly into the phone line, no electricity needed, a very old boom box that works on both batteries and power.
Yes, we have cell phones and puters, but they need recharging at some point.
In some ways, we are going back to the future.

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I have an old Princess phone on my night-stand and a very decorative analog clock running on batteries on the divider between kitchen and living area.
Some bottles with water in the pantry - electric well-pump, no power, no water and a battery lantern (needs 8 9v batteries) other lanterns and flash-lights -
But I know why Anneliese would like a short power-outage: in order to see the beautiful pre-dawn starry sky - too much light-pollution where she is - right, Anneliese?

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You got it, Lilo.
We had 2 power outages during the last three days, one at night and a lot of rain and one this morning, when a accident left us without power for 1 hour and clear sky.

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