Foolscap and onionskin

meldy_nva(z6b VA)September 17, 2011

Just re-reading Wizard of London, and a phrase jumped out: she put the "foolscap into the drawer." I thought, taken out of context, how many people know that foolscap is a type of paper? (Used for handwriting, it is about 8x13 or 8 1/2x17, depending on your source of definition.) I haven't gone on a search to buy it, but I suspect it would take a specialty store and probably special ordering to obtain.

Some years back, I wanted some onionskin paper. I could find it only on-line, yet it used to be so common that the local drugstore carried boxes of it. Apparently onionskin went the way of carbon paper, into limbo along with the manual typewriters.

We can find fancy papers in all sorts of designs and colors and finishes and weights... around here, sold by the sheet or the 5-sheet packet, in craft stores. But onionskin doesn't rate their notice.

There isn't much that I miss about the "old days", but the lack of onionskin paper seems to have left a hole in my world.

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Know what you mean, an office supply store clerk looked at me as if I was from another star system when I said I was looking for onion skin paper and had no idea what typewriter ribbon was (I know I was mean to ask for that but it was fun). I still have a manual and an electric typewriter, but NO ribbon, booh hoo.

What I hate is filling out questionnaires/forms by hand instead of a typewriter, my handwriting is so atrocious that in 5th grade a teacher suggested that I should study medicine, since I already had the handwriting for it, LOL.

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I haven't thought about onionskin paper in years. I don't write many things by hand any more,but I sure loved dipping my fountain pen in the ink jar,filling it up and writing. I used it all through college and then stopped for some reason.

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As a crafter person I'm looking into making "archival paper". Paper that will last a long time or forever. They have all kinds of solutions in the stores, that claim to to be archiivl. Time will tell.
While looking into the paper subject, I found out that onion skin paper was used in, among other things, Bibles, and the bibles were still in use today.

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