sunset #2

GulfportGailSeptember 29, 2012

Another of my fav.

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Just a guess, but I think you watch sunsets as much as I do. Pretty.

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Must be nice living on a coast! Sunsets are just less light then no light here. I remember them in California, you never see so many colors in one place as then.

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Talking about sunsets and geography, Robin started it by mentioning CA, lol .

When we lived back east, DC, VA. PA it seems that we had long, lingering, beautiful sunsets, we'd put the kids to bed, then sit outside until late in the evening, enjoying the balmy weather.
Fast forward to CA sunsets, it seems that the sunsets are much shorter, and it seems like the sun sort of falls from the sky and into the ocean at a faster rate.
I don't know if I have selected memory or if it's for real.

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I've noticed that, too, west.
It's like the sun is there....three minutes later it's gone.
I'll take pics every 60 seconds just for fun and am amazed at the difference in that short period of time.

Yes, I love sunsets.
I look forward to that time of day.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I don't remember many spectacular sunsets from OH, but in the few years I've lived in AL, I've seen so many, I had to stop taking pics that were just filling up the hard drive. It always intrigued me that the folks who have lived down here their whole lives don't realize how beautiful the sunset is almost every night. So I did a bit of searching and learned the air currents brings microscopic dust particles from the African desert in this direction and that's what causes the increased pink and orange coloring.

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I live inland,, there is a mountain range between me and the coast, so the sun still shines over the pacific, but illuminates the clouds over the mountains, autumn brings spectacular sunsets, lingering for a while

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