We thought that was what it was

gandle(4 NE)September 28, 2010

Sunday afternoon the house shook for about 2 seconds. I thought a car had somehow run into the house. Leone said "was that an earthquake?" Turns out it was, 3.0 on the Richter scale, epicenter about 45 miles northeast of us and it was felt in 5 countys. Quite rare for an earthquake in Nebraska. Leone had never experienced one , I had in 1945 in California but it was much stronger than this little jar.. Couldn't have been any damage done with this minor quake but I suppose no place is immune for quakes.

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We live in earthquake country here in CA, and we've been through a lot of them over the years. I never get used to them, they are scary. I like the terra firma very "firm".

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Little quakes happen a lot here, many times the only way I know it's the earth quaking when I see the spider-plants swaying in their hangers.
3.0 is a little one in this part of the state.

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