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LouDiNicFebruary 3, 2013

Have been reading about some problems with leaks in ponds and I am having the same problem. We began to lose water out of our pond several weeks ago and finally found someone to try to help us out. We took the entire pond apart - it includes a waterfall - replaced the liner and folded it 3 times, put the liner over the edges of the pond and filled the pond up. It worked beautifully last night but in the morning we looked at it and half the water was gone, can't use the pump because there isn't aenough water, etc. It has continued to slowly leak. I ca't believe it's the liner, I don't see how it could be leaking over the edges and don't klnow waht is causing the problem. We thought it was the skimmer that holds the pump because that level has been going down, but the pond water continues to decrease and I am totally confused why that is happening since it's all below the skimmer line. Any suggestions??

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sharon_9_fl(z9 FL)

Most pond leaks are in the plumbing to the filter or in the filter. Have you checked all of these? I had a pond almost empty because leaves had clogged the filter outlet to the pond and the filter overflowed.

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I like your post and i tell u that there are a few tricks to make finding the leak as simple as possible. If the leak is near the top of the liner, you may not even need to remove the plants or fish. Once the leak is found, you can purchase a repair kit at a local hardware store.

Pond Leaks
Pond Liners Repair

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Here's how to tell where the leak is fill the pond, Do not turn on the pump. If the water level goes down the leak is in the liner it will drop right to where the leak is. If no water leaks out without the pump on. Then the leak is in the waterfall or the skimmer box. I've used this method many times it's a proven technique. It works everytime. If you like my ideas check out my blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gabelmans Gardens

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