Company Coming, Not Coming, Coming, Not Coming!

mawheelSeptember 20, 2011

Family members who live quite a distance away were coming to visit. We were happy about that, for we hadn't been together in several years. DH and I are getting older by the minute and so are the relatives, so it was a good thing.

Sunday afternoon, they called and said DW had a terrible cold, felt perfectly awful, and they were contemplating not coming. We said we could certainly understand; when I'm not well, I really want to be home and we didn't need fresh germs!

On Monday, they called and said DW was feeling no worse, and since all arrangements had been made, they thought they'd come. O.K.; that was good; their plane would arrive this afternoon--Tuesday--about 1:30, but it would be close to five, before they got to our house.

Thus began a flurry of activity on our part--mainly grocery shopping. (DD and I had planned meals and cleaned the house, last week.)

We don't usually check emails in the evening, so it wasn't til 10:10, this morning--after we got home from the grocery store--that we saw their message that they'd decided not to come, after all. DH was starting to feel bad, too. Boy, do we now have a lot of good things to eat--and a clean house, to boot!

Who knows? Maybe in a month or two, we'll do this, again. :>)

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Why am I sitting here laughing? Been there and done that with company. My dh's family, bless them, were terrible about confirming if they'd come. It was always a 'maybe'. Well, it's hard to plan large family dinners for 12+ people if maybe four or five of them might or might not be there. sigh. One year I put on an enormous prime rib roast and the step kids showed up with boxes of pizza. Talk about eating left-overs for a week.

BTW my father used to beg my sib not to come down for a visit if the spouse was sick but they did anyway. It's not a kindness, regardless of how badly you'd like to see them.

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The best laid plans of mice and men---Steve in stevens County.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Yep, laughing here also, in sympathy of course. I *just* went through a similar scene... SIL & husband only live 40 miles away, but they are in upper 70's and with her back problems any trip is major. Soon they are moving to Colorado, so she wanted one last visit to old neighborhoods, family graves, etc. I lost track of the number of yes/no/yes/no's before they actually made it here, I think there were about 8 reversals within 10 days.

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