September bounty

lilosophieSeptember 1, 2012

Just getting ripe there are so many - we will give some away, at least until people see us coming and hide :>)

But we have partners: Jays and Yellow Jackets claim ownership

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Gorgeous! I would not run and hide. I have to depend on the grocery store and my neighbor looses his to the racoons.

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What a nice problem to have. Is it possible to make jelly from those?

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They are definitely table grapes, a varietyy of Thomson seedless, good to eat, but not so good to preserve. I tried to make raisins in the dehydrator, didn't turn out very good.

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Gorgeous globular orbs! Ed said that it was common for Germans to make their own personal wine (if you remember, he lived there for a number of years). Does your family? I hope you get to make their recipe sometimes. He mostly misses the bread guy who came to their home every morning.

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Those grapes look so yummy,glad you took the pic before the your "partners" joined the party.
There is a house a few blocks from our house, that has a white picket fence where there are grape vines full of ripe fruit.
A California dream.

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