Any seeded bermuda I can plant that will patch 419 ?

juncNovember 6, 2013

I have a really messed up front yard that has 419 all around its edges. I have been thinking about seeding, but I'm not sure if there is any seed I could use to match it and blend into it. I have been looking at princess 77 and Yukon. Are these good choices?

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I have a yard that I initially seeded with yukon bermuda, then decided to just sod it like a week later. I can clearly notice where the yukon is coming thru. Major differences is color, but I really like the density. Anywho, all I know is all the bermuda experts are going to say is that no seeded bermuda will match your hybrid bermuda. Now all that being said, how many sq ft are we talking about? Im assumin very little bermuda present. If budget's an issue, I would seed with yukon bermuda, I can personally say that it can make a beautifull lawn. There are threads on here on how to renovate.

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Sorry for taking a long time to check in here. Its about 1350 square feet. I read at a site that if I spread princess or Yukon over the hybrid as well as the whole area that you wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. I guess I wont plant Yukon if you could see the difference that much.
I think I'm going to try princess 77. It looks ggood in the pics, and

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They keep saying it is dark green.

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