Can new grass be laid in cold weather?

serkhab(9)November 19, 2012


This is the first time i have done this and was wondering if I lay down new grass when it is consistently in the 55- 60 degree range will the grass be ok or should I just wait until spring? Thanks in advance to any who reply.

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The best time to grow cool season grasses is when temps during the day are in the high seventies/low eighties and night temps are in the high fifties/low sixties with low humidity. If your day temps are in the 55-60 range then your germination will not be ideal. If you do get germination it will take a long time, and probably be spotty. Here is a link with the ideal temperature range for cool season grasses:

The threshold for germination varies a bit, but I wouldn't bother below 55 degrees.

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Are you talking seed or sod? If sod you can lay sod anytime the ground is not mud, ice/snow covered, or frozen.

Best time to lay cool season grass sod is the same time to sow seed just after summer temps break. Worse time is the beginning of summer, and may not survive.

For warm season grass sod the best time is in spring when the grass breaks dormancy and greens up. Worse time is winter but will survive.

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So if I go down to my local Home Depot and pick up 50 sq ft or so of sod and lay it down over the area I have leveled and cleared for my lawn, with temps ranging between 60-67, do you all think it will work out? The area is in the front of my house so I am hoping to finish sooner rather than later because the front is all dirt right now. Thanks again for the help by the way.

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You've finally clarified that you are sodding and not seeding, but you still haven't identified the type of grass you are going to sod with. I'm sure TW will have some advice on getting it at Home Depot.

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