oh happy day

krista_marie(5)September 24, 2011

The radio station I am listening to today is playing a lot of great music. I found the last beautiful cucumber of the season (I thought there were none). The Guinea pigs will be happy for the cucumber peel. DS is cleaning up his corner in the basement. Had breakfast with DS and BFF. The sun is shining and the man is bringing dinner.

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Good for you. Enjoy. Steve in Stevens County.

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Oh, happy day. The heat wave has broken, the ac is not needed and I'm able to go outside without frying.
I shared some of my mini pumpkins with a neighbor.
Today, I fixed an awesome beef stew to celebrate fall.

Tomorrow is football day on TV, go niners. We'll have football food, hot dogs w/all the fixings.

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Krista, glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. I'm having one today. Took the dogs for a walk, had a nice foot soak then gave myself a pedicure. Had pasta/avocado/jalapeño salad for lunch. Now I'm about to relax in the hammock with a good book.

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Happy day! Krista is here. Katie is here. And they're talking to each other!!!!

And the coffee is good.

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