is this a Common Privet?

sprchikJune 30, 2014

I just bought a house and need help identifying some of the plants around my yard.

I have a whole hedge row of these... erect shrubs, have not been tended to for a while I would guess, look to be about 2 meters tall at the highest point. Going to look horrible when I trim them back to a manageable size (tips for pruning whatever this is welcome also)

Pictures taken today, 6/30/2014. Plant almost done blooming, flowers nearly gone. Would fall off like snow if stalk was shaken.

Leaves are simple, opposite, entire; leaf stalk is hairy.

I don't know the terms to describe the flowers, sorry.


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Yes, Ligustrum.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

invasive in some areas... do your research ...

if you have any plan on being a gardener... one might wonder if these things are worth renovating .... it can be easily done.. dont get me wrong ...

but ... so far... it seems.. like each one of your posts.. on your new house.. has been one nightmare after another... lol.. been there ...

let me give you a clue ... when i got my first house.. i tried to save every plant there.. for the history of the garden ... it took me 5 years to get rid of the last nightmare ... in hindsight.. i wonder why i wasted the space for 5 years ... that final removal ... was the happiest day in that garden ...

so i then planted my own nightmares.. and moved... lol ... good luck.. next owner ... lol ...

renovate them.. but keep it in the back of your mind.. that not everything has long term value ...

but do that research first ...


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I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep the Privet hedge or not. Apparently they were actually planted by the (former, I think, not current) next door neighbor... I had a survey done, and they're entirely on my property. By several feet or more. And they're not parallel with the property line, which bothers the perfectionist in me.

Eventually I would like to replace, or just eliminate, things listed as invasive/problematic with native plants. One thing at a time, though. I'm putting fence up in the backyard for the dog, supplies arrive tomorrow. Forsythia is in the way, gotta tear that out. A grapevine-coverd, and I mean COVERED, sumac tree is in the way, gotta tear that out... trees growing up through a chain link fence I'm replacing with privacy fence... also mostly invisible under the grapevines. I'll get around to the Privet hedge in the front yard eventually!

I didn't bother saving things in the backyard. I killed all the flowers, except one rosebush, in the backyard. Either I didn't like them (orange daylilies), or they were toxic to dogs (hostas, lily of the valley, snow on the mounatin)... plenty of other ground covers I didn't bother identifying, just sprayed.

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