Tire ruts again

sandrina2(z6 CT)November 27, 2011

I've done a search already so I know there are several methods on how to repair tire ruts in lawns. However, does anyone know what will happen if I do nothing to repair the numerous two inch deep ruts caused by a tree service using a Bobcat? Will they eventually erode away or perhaps smooth out somewhat on their own during the snowy winter months and spring rains, or am I doomed to gaze upon them forever?

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As long as your soil isn't so compacted that it can't absorb water it will probably return to it's original level. My front yard gets run over weekly as there is no curbing on the street. I usually just water the area ASAP and it returns to normal in a few weeks.

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sandrina2(z6 CT)

Thanks, tiemco, glad you had such good luck. I'll leave the ruts all winter and hope for the best in the spring!

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