How long until my fish stop hiding?

aggieroseFebruary 5, 2013

My new pond is up and running! I'm so excited to finally have a pond! I've wanted one for years. It's not big, only about 275 gallons, but it's pretty and it has a waterfall so I'm happy. I have 2 fish in it now that have been there for 3 days. I know it takes time, but how long does it take before they stop hiding? I can NEVER find them! They hide so well that I've been convinced several times now that they were gone. Looking forward to when they swim to me to get fed. I've been feeding them but they've never once come up to eat while I've been outside.

I'll post pics soon.

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Holly_ON(6a Ontario)

Congratulations on your new pond. Your fish are still new too. They will come around probably in a few more days.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

You need to work with them to get them friendly. Put a little food in the water, and splash a bit with your fingers. Hang around for a while, splashing every now and then so they start to associate your presence and splashing with food.

Repeat every day, and you'll see them get more comfortable around you soon. It's been about a week for me and my fish, and they don't let me hand feed them, but they do come near me to eat.

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Hi Aggierose
Your question is one that I've asked myself as a new pond owner, as well as millions of others. An outdoor fish pond is not like an aquarium in which you can stroll up to the glass and see your fish. As experienced fish owners had once given me advice and millions before them, have patience. Your fish can feel the vibrations of your footsteps through the water. This in itself with a new enviroment will freak fish out.
It will take a long time before your fish become accustomed to your shadow and your vibrations. I've had my pond for a year and a half, with daily work, I finally got them to hand feed.
My advice is to sit on the side of the pond, on a rock or chair when you have allot of time. Grad a beer or glass of wine, possible a good book and relax. When you do start seeing your fish, remember any sudden movement such as a flick of the arm to throw food will scare them. It's almost as a hunter waiting for their prey. I used to thumb flip a pellet or two so its available to them.
I hope this helps...Craig

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start feeding them floating fish pellets. This will train them to come to the top of the water where you can see them and soon they will hear you coming and be waiting at the top of the water for you when you come out to feed. Or every time you walk by. After just a very short time, you can even train them to feed right out of your hand. Just don't make sudden movements around them or it will spook them and you'll have to train them again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gabelmans Gardens blog

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Thanks everyone! At this point I'm just wanting them to swim out in the open where I can see them! They are hiding under the waterfall and can't be seen at all there. Last night they did come up to the top and grabbed some food when I fed them, but they raced to the top and got back to their hiding spot as quickly as they could. At least they ate though. I've had one of these fish for 3 years but he was in a whiskey barrel and I just transferred him to the pond. I thought he would come around quicker since he's "known" me for 3 years now. lol!

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Patience pays off! I used to have lunch daily with mine. So relaxing to sit and hand feed. My Koi Goldfinger got to be 16 1/2 inches long before I lost him. His favorite meal was Salmon, rice and peeled peas out of hand. Everybody else got the floating fish pellets and some of the rice GF missed.They'll feel your presence and show off competing for your attention. So be patient and keep trying. And enjoy!

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

I've been splashing the water for about six weeks now, and the fish come racing over when I approach the pond--they totally equate my presence with food.

I haven't tried hand-feeding. I'm just interested in being able to SEE the fish.

That pond is usually pretty murky, but we've had so much rain the last few days, it has become crystal clear. I was even able to pull out a few things that had fallen to the bottom; a couple of plant pots and a floating ball that didn't float.

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