New Lawn - I.D. a weed and preparing for winter

sammyq2(6b)November 6, 2012

Hi all. This is a follow up to a long post: which includes soil analysis, photos and all sorts of good advice.

I planted about September 1 and managed to get grass growing. I used a lot of water, but overall we are pleased.

First question; what is the weed shown in the photo. It is sprinkled around the yard, and it came up before the grass shoots. How can I get rid of it? Should I look at a pre-emergent in the spring? If you look at the link above, you will see the mature version. I hit the stuff with RU in the summer, but it came back.

Second question; Winter prep. I added a lot of calcitic lime and a dose of potassium sulfate about a month prior to seeding. Should I add a light application of lime now? Anything else for a new lawn?

Thanks in advance.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Did you forget to link a picture?

Where do you live?

Was calcitic lime the one to use based on comments on the soil test?

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Find some urea (fast release) 46-0-0 or whatever you can find and drop 1-2 pounds per k once the grass has stopped growing--after your last mowing--arond T-day.

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I'll try the weed photos again.

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2nd weed photo

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"Where do you live?

Was calcitic lime the one to use based on comments on the soil test?"

I am in southern Illinois.

Yes, I used the calcitic lime.

Remember me? I'm the guy that dumped all that lime on my yard and you guys found it hard to believe that was the recommended dosage.

See this thread for the background:

Here is a link that might be useful: Original thread

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Sometimes you need to know the exact weed before you can kill it. In this case, whatever it is, it should be treatable with a broadleaf weed killer like Ortho Weed-B-Gone. WBG will leave your grass alone and only kill the broadleaf plants. Watch your overspray because most of the plants in your yard are broadleaf.

You only need to mist the leaves of the weeds. WBG is not a soil drench. Some weeds take a little time to die. The Weed-B-Gone works by hyperactivating the growth hormone in the plant. It dies by exhausting it's energy reserves. So it will look healthy for several days...and then it's dead.

Unfortunately it is too late to seed for this year in your area. Once the weeds are gone, you will be left with bare soil which will attract more weeds. This is especially true if you seed in the spring. You might try dormant seeding to help 'densify' the turf. With dormant seeding you seed in the winter hoping that the seed will sprout early before the weed seeds are sprouting.

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Thanks dchall.

So, I take it it's better to hit this stuff now?

Most of this yard was (or appeared to be) dead when I seeded it on Labor Day. To my dismay, those little broadleafs sprouted even before the grass germinated.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I would spray now and do a preemergent in the spring. Timing for that is always difficult. My new philosophy on timing is to wait until the soil is at or nearing 50 degrees, and then on the day it rains pretty good, apply the preem. My theory is the seeds are not going to sprout with just dew - they need real rainfall. And they are not going to sprout in cold ground.

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