Tribute to September (poem)

lilosophieSeptember 12, 2012

It's the time of year

You got to watch your apple-carts

Fully loaded, they have a tendency to topple

It's the time of year

You leave any object sitting still

In ten minutes it has acquired spider-webs

Sometimes laced with cat-hair

It's the time of year

to wish for clouds, tired of the blue

To do rain-dances

It's that time...


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Good, good, good.

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Beautiful, Lilo.
Thank you so much----you've put a busy day into perspective for me.

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Nice poem,lilo. Even if I did not have a calendar to tell me what month it is, I'd know by watching nature. The weather and the trees are changing, my veggi garden is going to seed.

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Thank you Sis beautiful in it's simplicity. Now let us figure out how to get those crisp fall temps working, 96 here today and supposed to hit 100 this weekend.

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We call it Indian Summer, it comes right when the kids go back to school. They swelter ib the late heat wave.

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Usually we do get summer's last shot around this time. It's chilly in the morning,sometimes even light frost and then - look out! it gets hot.
I used to have my swamp cooler covered around this time and attributed the heat-wave to that fact, but now I have a window A/C and don't have to worry about that.
WG: technically Indian Summer is the warm spell after the first rainy or frosty days -

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I guess it depends on where in the world you live in what you call Indian Summer.
See the history in the link below.
Here in the valley, we know the heat wave is coming when we send our kids to school in the fall. Not scientific perhaps, but it happens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indian Summer

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The day temps are still warm, but early in the morning is a chill in the air and even the blue sky looks different, at least to me. It's a September blue, not an August blue.
Your description of September is right on. Thanks.

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Lilo---our Shenandoah Valley Indian Summer is like yours and we enjoy EVERY MINUTE of it while it lasts!

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KJ, I've been to Shenandoah Valley in the fall, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. Sometimes the air seems to stand still and other times there is a slight rustle, sometimes it is hot and humid and at other times it's a beautiful cool day, all within a few days.

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West, glad you enjoyed your visit here-----what parts of the Valley did you travel through?-----or did you stay up on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway?
Of your descriptions, out most common one is the clear, beautiful day with the westerly winds becoming more pronounced, with just a hint of sharpness at first.
By the time the sharpness in cooler air is much more pronounced, the west winds are blowing the tops of the mtns. off and sliding down into the Valley!!!

When I lived on the mtn., we were always at least 2 weeks behind in Spring and 2-3 weeks ahead in Fall! Loved it!
Mtn. dwellers knew everybody else's business, but we all talked the WX for connecting with each other, because it was WILD up there! I've had fog CHASE me when I'd be out walking---it was alive. My son and I were chased down by a snow squall when we were walking down the Parkway one winter afternoon----we ran; it caught us and all we could do was fall down in the road, laughing our heads off!
(The Parkway is closed off for the winter months----too dangerous)

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KJ, it was some 50+ years ago that we lived in VA and went on many trips through VA and WV. I don't remember many of the specific names of the places we went,, but we did see some caves, waterfalls and natural bridges.
One of our favorite trips was to go into the valley, park the car, walk a short distance on the trail, sit on some rocks and listen to the trees. It seemed to be no wind on the lover level, but the sound was incredible. When we drove to a higher altitude we could see the canopy of the trees moving with the wind.

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