itty-bitty climbing/vining/spreading ground cover?

sprchikJune 30, 2014

Would love to know what this is! The area it is growing is pretty much full shade, along the west side of my house (there are 2 large maples in the yard providing shade in the afternoon/evening hours).

And I don't know if this section is a different variety of the same thing, or if it's new growth and the white appears as it ages? But it's all green with no white on it yet...

It grows pretty erect when there's nothing near to climb:

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Looks like Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety'.

It can revert to solid green.

With more sun and some pruning it can form a nice mound rather than sprawl or climb.

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Yes, Euonymus " Emerald Gaiety"

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

It's self clinging and has clearly gone up that white wall in the past. If you let it climb and clip it back every so often it makes a good wall shrub.

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Thanks for the ID folks! I really like this little guy, plan to keep it. It's a lovely border there along the bottom of the house at the back of the garden.

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Euonymus fortunei is a terribly invasive plant. It is devastating woodlands in the Midwest. It not only displaces native wildflowers, it also affects tree regeneration. Once it goes up a tree and produces berries the birds spread it near and far. Plants like this are causing states millions of dollars each year to eradicate. If you don't believe me do a little checking for yourself.

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Well, I am in Michigan, and the Michigan Plant Invasiveness Assessment System (June 2008) lists it as not problematic here, but does acknowledge the problems it has caused elsewhere:

There are no reports of it being identified in the wild (this does not include cultivated gardens) in my county, either --

I have a small amount of it in two flower beds, with no trees for it to climb (though it is growing up into a purple-leaved barberry in the bed... that'll be fun and painful to sort out). It seems pretty content clinging to the house in this spot, and I like it there. Shouldn't be difficult to keep it trimmed and contained where it is.

This is nothing compared to the invasiveness of the japanese knotweed in the back corner of the lot.

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I also have emerald gaiety in my yard. I had taken two small clippings from my daughters yard a couple of years ago. So far mine has stayed small.

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