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tibs(5/6 OH)September 23, 2011

It was installed very painlessly and the wifi hooked up. For now it is on top of the huge entertainment center, which makes it a little high, but ok. Dh is in heaven. The HD is nice, and suddenly we get all these different channels (my first question was how? why? my cable bill better not go up as I didn't sign up for anything more). So we now get BBC and more old movie channels - my kind of stuff- Dh is trying to butter me up, pointing out things like "look, Dr.Who!". I am so dumb I didn't know they could do old movies in HD - Clark Gable looks good at 55" and HD. But... I think the next size down would have been better sized for our room and it is soooo loud. Dh doesn't have it set any louder, it just seems to permeate the whole house. And as I go to bed before him this could be a problem. I think I will get him wirelss head phones for xmas. So he is happy, and I am happy he is happy. I probably will not watch it anymore than I did the old one, just get sucked in when I walk thru the room. Probably easier to get sucked into a 55" tv than a 32" tv.

And now I just found out about streaming audio books to your MP3 player or some other gadget. And the Amazon one has all kinds of old authers I like, and there are free ones too...If he gets his tv, I think I deserve this. Slowly the Tibses are getting technicized.

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"the Tibses are getting technicized." Good going, the Tibses.
When we changed to a new TV we also got tons of new channels that we had not requested. Our cable bill did not go up. I seems that between the new cable box (I hope it was free) and an up dated TV, you are able to receive whatever your current plan has to offer.
A note, read your cable bill carefully and don't be surprised if your cable company offers you several "new" plans that will fit your current setup. We still have the basic plan.

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