Highway robbery.

gandle(4 NE)September 7, 2011

Just about can't read the old newspapers in a box in my shed. They crumble when you touch them , but, September 17 1961 is readable and it seems the talk of the town was that coffee had gone up to a dime. Some of the coffee crowd vowed to not even go in the cafes and restaurants that had raised their prices. Highway robbery.

Wonder how long those vows lasted.

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gmatx zone 6

Until their caffine withdrawal hit!

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Seems funny, but minimum wage was less than $1.00 if I recall correctly

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I wasn't in the country then..........but I got my first summer job in '64 and the minimum wage then was $1.25 because that's what my sis was making working at the five and dime. Ha.........what can you buy for a nickel or dime now?

I had a job at a small lodge in the mountains as a waitress to make money for school. I worked seven days a week, but got Sunday suppers off and tried to make it home after lunch and return by seven monday mornings when I started work. I got fifty five dollars a week, and they took my room and board out of that! rofl. Tips were a joke. If you got five dollars after serving a family for a week, you done good. Even at those wages, I made enough for my second year at university because I lived at home and only had to make tuition. It was $1200 A YEAR! Six hundred a semester.

My ambition was to buy a red sports car and make $10,000 a year. So, I guess the average price of coffee then was just shy of 1/10th the mininum wage. It's gone up proportionally since then, huh?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I remember making $88.88 a week....lots more than minimum wage in the day.
Also remember when a semester of tuition and board at an Ivy League College was $1850,
And also remember when the cheapest thing on the menu in a nice restaurant was fried scallops. Remember my first "dinner date" with a "college man" and my mother said "for heavens sake don't order scallops"...because that was my favorite! Remember when a budget meal for the newly weds was a halibut steak, baked potato and frozen green beans....yes Halibut steak!! Swordfish steak was for pay day!
Linda C

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I worked at the local five and dime for a whopping 40 cents
an hour.

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