Last date to apply winterizer-SE VA zone7

dgillilanNovember 21, 2010

Dear Forum,

I am unsure as to how late I can wait to apply my winterizer. I have tall fescue, pretty much a new lawn since about all my grass died in the 105 deg F heat this summer. I had a new irrigation system installed(winterized now) and seeded on Oct. 22, starter fertilizer then. I also applied my 2nd fertilization with Scott's fall lawn turf with Wintergard on Nov. 8. So I'm racing the temps and frosts to get these seedlings established prior to colder weather. The new grass is sprouting well, not up to 3 inches yet. Our present daytime temps are mid-60s, night into 30's. I have a bag of Lesco Fall/Winter 18-0-8 fertilizer yet to apply, with 5.8% slow release N. Wondering how late I can wait to apply this.

Thanks for advice,

Debra in SE Virginia

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The temperatures where you live are still good for applying fertilizer to your lawn. You can apply fertilizer, technically until the lawn is dormant. However, since the Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard was applied to your lawn on Nov. 8th you will want to wait just a little while longer to apply your Lesco fertilizer because the Turf Builder Winterguard has a six week residual. So you have to wait about 4 more weeks before fertilizing again.

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Thank you, nicolesmg, I agree and will wait a bit longer into December to apply my last fertilization. We are having very mild (up to 70 deg F today !!) temps and a good bit of sun, and I'm hoping mild weather continues all winter (after having five snows last year.)
Thanks, Debra

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