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lilosophieSeptember 16, 2012

The egret came to scrounge up breakfast, stalking little fishes and tadpoles at pond's edge

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Lilo, you almost seem to live in a nature sanctuary! Plus, you have a good eye for spotting things. I wouldn't have thought of an egret as being a bird found in your area.

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That's a great photo, glad
you caught it.
Many years ago, a huge egret landed at our small built in spa here in the burbs. It sat there for a couple of minutes, but not long enough to get my camera out and take a pic.
BTW, there is also a couple of egrets that frequent one our local parks early in the morning. There are no water features in that park. A local told me that the egrets come to hunt for small animals.

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WG, yes, they do hunt mice and frogs and lizards, but refer to dig into the water (on the edge) and snag whatever they can get, I guess they like their food wet, if possible.

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They are beautiful. We have none here.

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Lilo, thank you-----one of my favorite water birds.

We have a number of Great Blue Herons----incredible, unforgettable silhouettes!

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Very nice photo. Thanks for sharing.

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