Kittens off to be adopted

lilosophieSeptember 7, 2013

The one in the picture, we called him Uno, the firstborn, was adopted almost immediately, new owners were traveling through Willits, stopped at the adoption place, and went and got him and a travel-crate right away, got an airline ticket to their destination: Boston, Mass. Amazing, isn't it?
The other Siamese mix was also adopted, by a friend of the person in charge of the rescue. As of last Friday the two boys were still waiting, I'm sure they'll be placed soon.

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Lilo, how heart-warming to know that two of those precious little kittens have already been adopted. As you said, hopefully the two little boys will be adopted soon. That cross-country trip to get one of them is still out of the question for DH and me, but we sure have enjoyed seeing their pictures and reading your posts about them. What about Mama? Is she still around?

Thanks for sharing this sweet story with us.

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Mama has settled in with Joann, she will be spayed shortly and be a permanent member of Joann's cattery.
The two boys, I am sure, will find good homes soon, I think the long weekend has slowed things down some. We went to Ukiah for some shopping and on the way back stopped at the pet-store that facilitates the adoptions. They have a large room with cages and the kittens are let out to play part of the day. There is a sliding glass door separating the room from the rest of the store and the room can only be entered by permission.
The store owners and the help are all trained by the rescue as far as applications and paperwork is concerned before a kitten is released. Very impressive.

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luv the photo, that's a cute one. Wish I could bring it home.

There is a vet's office in our small, local shopping center and they seem to be part of a cat rescue program. They have adoptable kittens showcased in the "store" window. A note says that they have had all their shots and been spayed. There seems to be a regular turnover of kitties. I hope they have been adopted
Just another way to save the kitties.

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Our vet too has most days a cat/cats in a larger cage just off the waiting area, waiting to be adopted. Great that two are already adopted, I bet the boys find a home soon also.

My son found on Thursday a pitbull puppy, obviously abandoned, took it to a vet, no id, skinny and beating marks. He got it his shots after a thorough exam and test.
Took it home and put a picture on his faceboiok page . It was picked up yesterday evening by one of his friends. He has now a big yard, 2 canine friends to play with and an owner who realy loves dogs.

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anneliese, Thanks for sharing the story about your son and the pitbull puppy. Cudos to your son for rescuing the puppy and finding it a home via Facebook.
Lol, I guess we are somewhere between "How much is that puppy in the window"? (remember that song?) and social media. Interesting,

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