Send any extra this way please.

gandle(4 NE)September 13, 2010

Butterflies that is, our new england asters are beginning to bloom and no butterflies. They usually would be covered by them now. We have a plethora of spiders everywhere but I haven't seen any butterflies trapped in their webs.. Some of the spiders are really fun to watch. Great engineers beautiful webs and so patient.

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That explains our gobs of butterfiles, we stole yours. Or was it a late cold snap there? Or maybe they're just running late? I love love love asters. Such beautiful colors. LF is very interested in spiders. Enjoy the flowers!

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Maybe you need to plant more marigolds, snapdragons & butterfly bushes next year. :o)

But spiders spinning their webs makes a good pastime until the season begins again. Enjoy!


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

We've had the usual full complement of swallowtails, but I do have buddleias, zinnias, salvia, phlox and marigolds to get their attention. There's a 20' buddleia behind the garden; you can barely see the lavender blooms because there are so many butterflies.

However, only a couple monarchs... normally by now they outnumber the swallowtails.

We saw one honeybee this year, although a neighbor has several hives. His bees seem to fly north and east rather than south to us. There only a few of the large bumblebees and fewer of the small bumblies. The teensy-tiny silvery bees (I haven't the vaguest idea of their formal nomenclature) have disappeared -- those were the ones who did all the garden's pollinating for the past several years.

I keep thinking about Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring".

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