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don_socalSeptember 14, 2012

Here is wunderground image

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It's a balmy 92 here, doesn't Nature know we are going toward fall? Hot enough and dry enough, I am running low on water, Joann and I coordinate who does what as far as laundry and dish-washer goes, I am letting the garden go - friends have given us so much produce, no sense in watering to get more squash.

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Are we living in the same state? It was 73 degrees here until about 12 noon and now it's 78 and very pleasant.

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Want to move north.

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WG - you live in the Bay
Area, it always is cooler there, isn't it? And you get fog sometimes.

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No, thank you Don, I don't want it. It's finally getting cooler here. Right now we have 68 degr. Has been a long time since we had that temperature in the evening.

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lilo, if
I could write a poem, it would be about our weather.
Yes, it's cool, warm, hot, foggy, but it is balanced.

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Oh Don, That's really bummy weather! I'm sorry you have to endure that heat. Our area has just begun to cool down a little, but today was in the low 80s again. That doesn't sound so bad, but the humidity and dew point were high, and made it seem very uncomfortable--for me, anyway. But cooler weather is definitely coming; one day next week, the high temp is supposed to be only 73 degrees. I can hardly wait!!

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Don, if I could send you and Missy some of our present Shenandoah Valley WX, I would!

You guys are really suffering in that stuff----AND the animals, also!
That always worries me the most----the animals...
Wild or domesticated.

We really suffered in July, especially----98--99 with heat index up to 107 depending on humidity---which VA has LOTS of!----Day after sweltering day, for weeks on end.

It just about did me in!

But, NOW, it's in the 40's at night and 70's and 80's during the day----I feel alive again!

Just try to hang in there and try not to talk to anyone too much----nobody can be coherant in heat like you're having!!!

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