LED submersible lights

jblanche(SE WI USA)February 26, 2014

Can you recommend any specific submersible lights in the 3-watt, warm-white (2700-3100K) range?

I'm interested in how long you have been using them, and at what depth you have them mounted.

The last two seasons I went through two sets of Atlantic SOL3WE submersible lights. The manufacturer said they were rated IP68 and I had them mounted less than one meter below the surface. They all filled with water within a few months and became uselessly dim. (I have two transformers and both checked out OK under load.)

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Hi, I must say when it comes to lights I still like Aquascape. Lights are about the only thing I buy from them anymore. I'm in good with a large Garden store in my area and I was just looking at lights. A-scape...don't want to mention the name to much, someone may think I'm promoting. They just changed up their light line. I always liked the look of them, however they were very expensive. Now, they just came out with a plastic model, they are cheaper. The draw back, you can't open them and change out parts like you used too.

Hope this helps..Craig

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jblanche(SE WI USA)

Thanks. What parts would you change out in LED fixtures?

I used to have some submersible 20W MR16 halogens that also filled with water. I did replace bulbs in them, and it was nice to remove the glass lens for cleaning, but presumably the advantage of LED is a factory-sealed fixture that water will not get into.

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With the brass fixtures, they provide a tool that you can open the whole bulb assemble. I must say, I have attempted in the past. However, I have not been able to fix one of their lights. Weather is be due wire corrosion or other reasons. In a way, I was sort of happy that they made a cheaper version. Now Pondmaster sells a set of three lights with colored lids. I have been reading allot, and if you own expensive koi, lighting may not be the way to go. A lightning hit can kill everything in the pond. Now most submergible pumps have some type of ground that is approved. However, submergible pond lights are not approved. I'm looking to use the colored lights just on the outer pond margins.
Hope this helps..

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rapidwiz(Zone 5)

Depends how much you want to pay, most cash in and overcharge for these. I get mine off ebay and have been pretty decent quality. Note the second one no longer ships to the states, but if you in Canada, you in luck.

I have typically paid around $35 for a set of 3 lights. Amazon is about $60 which is a rip off. I have also bought the ones from china and quality is decent.

I wouldn't pay more than say $40 for a 3 set light.



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