It Rained!

gmatx zone 6September 15, 2011

I looked at the radar last night and thought "the rain will probably go north of us or dissipate as it has done all year" but (drum roll) it didn't!! We received nearly 9/10" of rain early this morning. It's 54F right now after a low of 49F. The forecast calls for the temps to get back up in the upper 80s and low 90s starting tomorrow.

You would have thought our town was made up of lunatics today as we all called out to each other "how much did you get". Ah, it wasn't enough to break our horrible drought, but it sure lifted up many a spirit. We've received just a little over 3" of moisture since last October. Maybe the weather pattern is finally changing.

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Those drops feel great, don't they? When we finally got a bit of rain this month I stayed outside during the whole rainstorm, but that was warm weather rain. Right now we have similar temps as you and about .07" last night.

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So glad you got some rain and that you all are celebrating the event.

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So you were the doing the rain dance!

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Blessing the rain after deyness for so long is such a great feeling!

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Hope for more to quench the un-needed fires.

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It was so great to see so many excited yesterday for the rain. A friend got me to join twitter last week and one of her friends I'm following took video of the rain. She was annoyed because you couldn't quite see the rain as it was falling. You could of course see it coming off the roof, and splashing on the ground. A good day for many. I'm following Ruth Buzzi too and she also tweeted that she got the rain.

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It's rainy season here (raining as I write this) but I remember the drought we has two years ago. It wasn't good. I'm so glad you got the much needed rain.

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