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endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)September 17, 2010

Not much to say today, except it's an ever so gorgeous day. Yes, it's a bit warm, 92 or so, but the humidity is no where to be found. It made for an excellent bike ride this afternoon. Have my average speed on the bike up to just over 20mph. Better yet,when I took my blood pressure just after riding it was the best of the day; 130/84. Not ideal but a whole lot better than it had been earlier this summer. Will run in a 5K in Athens tomorrow morning. Otherwise it will be a quiet weekend as I have no plans to do much of anything.

The pack is up to two once again. My neighbor's son's dog had a litter about 3 or so months ago and he had found a home for all but one. Until today. This dog is mixed breed, of course. I am seeing traits of three breeds. The body shows definite signs of a Labrador, the shape of the head and color of the coat suggest a bit of Irish setter. There's also a bit of Chow, as the pup has a two-toned tongue. The coat is a blend of light red, mainly around the ears, and a dark red on top and blending into a much darker red/brown on the leggings. His muzzle is longish and dark. This is going to be a big dog. My guess is that he will ge to be between 80 and 100 lbs.

Angel isn't all that pleased with no longer being the only dog in the pack. But I'm the alpha dog in the pack so it will work out.

I guess I really do have plans for the weekend now. Integrating a new dog into the household.

I will post a picture, but it will have to wait until the dog is sleeping. It has the energy of a lab, and the exuberance of a puppy.

I was holding out for another Dalmatian. No matter, though, the pack is still not up to speed so the opportunity is still there. I don't think this will be a three dog winter so I'm in no hurry, and can be patient in looking for a third dog to complete the pack.

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endorphinjunkie congrats on your 20mph average speed on the bike. I'm impressed. DH and I do between 7-8 mph average speed on our bikes, it takes us about 30 minutes and we go about 4 miles.

We have cat eyes on our bikes to measure our progress as far as, high speed, low speed, average speed and time biked and real time. I see that you also measure your blood pressure. We don't have that measurement on our cat eye. How do you do that?

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Seems you will have your hands full for a while. The mixture of part lab and puppy can get lively. You will have plenty to do with a new pup. Have a good run. I have no problem with walking 5k but running is another story.

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anneliese, I agree with your statement about the 5k. We used to run but now we're into walking.

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I measure my bp when the ride is over, the normal way with a sphygmometer. I don't know if there is a bike computer that measures bp. I do know you can get one that measures heart rate.

Haven't yet named the new dog. That's unusual.

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I know about the heart rate measure on a bike computer, but I've never seen a bp rate, that's why I asked. Thanks for the reply.

Re naming your new dog, he'll show his temprament sooner or later and you can name him then. Or the GP can help you name him. Lot's of aunties and uncles here.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Congrats on the puppy, Dorph. Last night was our first night with ours. Although we picked out a name for her, I noticed we haven't used it yet. If I had to pick one based on the personality traits she exhibited in her first night away from home, I'd go with "Lungs McYowlsalot" or "Constance" or something along those lines. She's bright, curious, outgoing, humorously awkward and persistent.

If the cat could speak, I'd be washing her mouth out with soap.

I am feeling very sleep deprived.

Izzy is going to require vigilent supervision with the pupster. I've seen her play nicely with the pup and share water... however, I've also seen her fixate on the pup's chew toys (even though she has her own) to the point that I've had to take them away from the pup to avoid her getting hurt and redirect Izzy to use her powers for good and not evil. With time and patience, we'll work this out, but it's going to be a challenge...

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How nice to have 2 canines running around Dorph. He really sounds like an interesting mixture from the way you are describing him and if you are correct,he is going to be one very strong dog. What does his tail look like? Can't wait to see a picture of him.

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Dorph, your new dog sounds as if he will be a handful, but lots of fun. If he gets to 100 lbs., he really will be a *big dog*, but not *top dog*, as you said. My DD's shepherd weighed 108 at the vet's, this morning, and I know how big she is!

Michelle, I really chuckled when I read what you wrote about your cat; she must be feeling very put upon!

Please, both of you, pictures, ASAP!

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Dorph, I hope you had a nice run. It was 50 this morning, nice for a fast walk. Did not stay that way, I worked in the garden and gave up, it's 90 already again.

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It was about the same here. Temperature at 8 a.m. was 70, but it warmed up quick, especially on the run. It's 92 right now.

I just missed the time I was shooting for. That's inconsequential to the fact that when I took my blood pressure after the race it was 125/75. If I keep up with the exercising and weight loss I should soon not need any pharmaceuticals for the bp.

One takes life's little victories where one can..

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A couple of pictures, from my cell phone camera.

And I do believe I will call him Beauregard.

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He is beautiful Michael.Those fuzzy ears tell it all and I'll bet he'll have a nice coat on him when he gets older. Beauregard looks as if he might have some shepherd in him too.

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Thank you for the pictures. I love those fuzzy ears. Marda, I agree with you; he looks to me as if he has some shepherd in him, too--look at those sturdy legs and big paws.

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Thanks for the pics. Your (big) puppy makes me smile. He looks so cute.

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Good looking General, love the tongue wagging pleasant look on the cutie pie face. Happy racing! I have two 5Ks back to back, but I'll walk mine.

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Looking at you Beauregard, I don't agree the he's part Chow, some other breeds have flecked tongues. He's not stocky enough. I disagree with Irish Setter, I think Afghan. If so, he will be a good running companion.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Beauregard is "beautiful looking" indeed! What an apt moniker! He's going to be a big boy and is adorably awkward in that frame that is already bigger than he realizes. Enjoy!

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