Name that grass

coyotechic(7)June 12, 2014

Or at least I think it is a grass. Located in NE GA Piedmont. Grows in open, full sun spaces with very poor soil. When crushed, it has a strong citrus scent. Blooms will be tiny and yellow.

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i hope i'm wrong by saying it's equisetum

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Could be Hypericum gentianoides . That grows in parts of Georgia in similar conditions. I don't know about the crushed citrus smell though.

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Hypericum gentianoides it is! Found great information on it at a Michigan State University site. It is growing in a granite outcrop with sandy, acidic soil. Thanks for the info... have looked for a long time. I love this site!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hypericum gentianoides(L.) B.S.P. gentian-leaved St. Johnâs-wort

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