water lotus

whiteeaglesue(8)February 21, 2013

i just got some lotus tubes and was wondering when to put them in the pond it is 2 feet deep and 8 feet wide and how do i keep them until time to plant them any info is appreciated i also have some hardy water lilies that i got from lowes so i need to know when to put them in the pond also and they are in some kind of grassy stuff so should i take them out of that and put them in soil pot thanks sue

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Zone 8, You are so lucky-it must be warm there. You can pot up your plants and get started. Search for what and how to pot up your lotus and lilies in this pond/water garden site. They have different needs and I remember reading some good instructions in days gone by. I ordered mine yesterday and can't wait for them to get here. Which lotus did you get?

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The whether is 40atmy nite and 60 in days. So is that OK temps to plant em

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I have been doing a lot of reading about planting lotus and boy is it scary. I hope they wait to send mine until closer to warm weather. I like this web site the most-- http://water-garden-blog.com/planting-your-lotus-tubers/

I hope this will help. I wish someone with experience would write in. I also found good info by searching this web area.

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I went ahead and planted mine yesterday so I hope its OK I put them in the pond about 6inthis deep so I guess time will tell it got 35my last nite. Thank u for the website it was informing. Will let u know if they make a it

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catherinet(5 IN)

I would probably put them at the bottom of the pond. As it warms up, bring them up. With a new lotus, the one thing you don't want to happen is for them to sprout leaves, and then it turns cold again. That can kill a new one.
So I would just keep it protected as deep as possible, then bring them up when its consistently warm.

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