What to do in Spring for Dormant Overseeding

jrodriguez90November 22, 2011

I am planning to do a dormant overseeding this winter and am waiting for the first real snow before I put the seed down. I'm wondering if I should plan to do anything different in the spring than I normally would. As of now, I am planning to topdress with compost in Mid/late -February when its still cold but only a few weeks from thawing and putting down a starter fertilizer and tupersan combo once I see the first blooms on the forsynthia. Obviously, I'll also be watering daily at that point, but I'm hoping mother nature will lend a hand and help me keep my water bill down. Any thoughts about anything else I should be doing? Is my timing right? Thanks!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm not sure about your timing.

Mother Nature already put her compost out for most of the country. I think you should take Her lead.

Preemergent (assuming it works) will halt the emergence of your grass seed in the spring. You might have to wait until you have about 80% of your grass up before using it.

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You probably won't need to water daily with a dormant seed due to high soil moisture levels and fequent spring rains. Of course if it is a dry spring then more irrigation will be necessary. You really just have to play it by ear and let nature determine your watering schedule. Putting compost down that early won't really hurt anything, but if the soil temps are low it won't do much until it warms up. Tupersan won't inhibit turfgrass germination unlike most preemergents, of course it is only effective against a few weeds, but I assume you are targeting crabgrass, which is what most people use it for when seeding turfgrass.

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Thanks! Tiemco - exactly, in the spring its just the crabgrass and a few other weeds that I am concerned with. I used tupersan last year (I had seeded last fall, but felt the lawn was too new to use something harsher) and had good results. A few weeds popped up, but nothing that I couldn't get rid of by hand. I did get some Poa Annua last fall that was annoying, but this fall I put down a more robust pre-emergent that is labeled for it.

In terms of the compost there is no specific problem I am trying to remedy, I just like to add some compost to the soil every year. If it lies dormant for a few weeks thats not a problem.

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