A pump question from a newbie

hvpoolyFebruary 14, 2013

I'm hoping to setup my first pond this spring. It will be small. I bought a 200 gallon pond kit and a waterfall kit. The waterfall kit came with a smaller 5x5 liner so I want to build a smaller pond with that and have it flow in to the larger 200 gallon pond. Now both kits each come with 400 gallon pumps. Do I need to run both of these pumps or will one be ok? I don't think I'll put any fish in it, if I do it will only be a couple because I'm sure something will eat them out where I live. I mainly want to add plants.

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You don't say where you live. How do you plan to control mosquitoes? Even 1 400gph pump should be ok for you. What model number and brand are they?

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I'm in Northeast Pennsylvania. It doesn't state what brand or number for the pumps. I haven't received them yet, I ordered them a few days ago. It's the TotalPond starter kit and a Beckett waterfall kit. I was hoping to add 2-3 feeder goldfish or some minnows for mosquitoes but if my pond wasn't big enough for that I would use mosquito dunks.

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sharon_9_fl(z9 FL)

Your pond is plenty big enough for 2 or 3 goldfish. They'll take care of the mosquitoes.

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You don't Need both, but you can run the second one anyway. For example, you could create the appearance of a side stream entering the pond. You might enjoy looking at cliffandjoann's posts. There is a specific post about using cheap harbor freight pumps for that purpose. Otherwise they would be for aspiration but the secondary pumps look real nice.

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