raking up acorns

shiane(z7 NY)November 30, 2009

I have already picked up all the leaves using a blower and vac but the acorns are everywhere! My yard is full of acorns...and I have been raking them up but what a job! In order to get them up I must rake vigorously with lots of strength and really scraping with the rake into the grass since the acorns embed close to the ground beneath the grass as well as on top. HELP! I'm getting too old for this! LOL! I need a power rake but all of them are for dethatching, that is not what I need to do. What is the eaiest and best way to rake up acorns? Is there such a thing as a power rake to clean out acorns or other embedded debris?

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Can you just mulch mow them? If not, can you leave them there and mow the little trees in the spring?

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

" Is there such a thing as a power rake to clean out acorns or other embedded debris?"

Not that I know of. One tip is to try to rake the acorns frequently and before you do other yard work in the fall. They are more "on top" then and easier to rake and remove. Walking on them and driving lawn equip over them just make them, as you note, more imbedded.

Also, you might try different kinds of rakes to see which one works best for you. I have one of those black plastic "no clog" types and it seems to make the job easier then most of my other rakes. Metal leaf rakes are too weak in the spines to really grab them and straight garden rakes grab too much of the other stuff and so make pulling the acorns in hard.

Of course, if you do run across a some better options, be sure and post your discovery.

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shiane(z7 NY)

Thanks for the tips, someone ought to invent such a rake....there would be a huge market for it! LOL

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Nut Wizard or generic pecan rake might work for you but it may destroy the pocketbook.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nut Wizard

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