90 degree - first load of firewood to be stacked

lilosophieSeptember 23, 2012

Seems ridiculous to think about firewood, but things change quickly and rain will show up soon, so best to get it under cover and stacked. It is a lot (2 cord or so) doesn't look like it, but most of it is in the dark of the barn. Nice wood, though

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Looks beautiful to me, Lilo!!!
I hope you enjoy using every last log!

I still have the old Jotul, but haven't fired it up in a number of years----haulin' wood up the steps makes the ol' back scream----even with a 2-wheel dolly...

Throw one on fer me, OK?!

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The photo itself looks cozy, and it brings thoughts of nice and warm rooms.Very nice.

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Every year when you mention stacking firewood, I wished I had to do it myself, but here I don't have even a chimney.

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