Trip To The Vets' Office

kathyjane(z6VA)September 15, 2012

When your four-legged pal

gets sick and pants

and throws up

and throws up


and it's a

bloody mess

and the Doc says

it's the toll from

daily pain pills

over the years

and we have to

cut the dosage by half

and also, here's

something to help with the

bleeding in her stomach---

it's then you remember

the trips to the Dr.

with three little kids.

When they're better,

the relief is the same

and now the kids

are grown and they

worry about

their own kids

and so here you are

almost weak with relief

that she wasn't given

a much more serious

tolling of bells

and that the Dr wrote

instructions on a tongue depressor,

not an irrelevent piece of paper.

he does it for his Mom and

he did it for

Roxie and me.

Such a caring

human being.

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Kathy, I'm so glad for you; what a relief to know your "four-legged pal" can be helped. Hugs for both of you. ((((Kathy and Roxie)))))

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KJ, I would be willing to bet that you have spent more time at the vets than any of us.
You have a heart as big as Texas.

Glad Roxie will be around awhile longer. Hugs (((Roxie))

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Glad Roxie found relief. I am so happy to hear about a kind and caring vet, you are fortunate. Our local vet is the same way, he is not all that high-tech, state of the art type, but he truly cares for his clients. Even when it comes to the final good bye, he is kind and caring, we love him!

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Seems Roxie and I had the same problem, your vet was faster in finding it. Had to switch meds for my back problem. Did Roxie get a different pain pill? Hope she is much better.

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Thank you, my friends for your supportive words----you make me feel stronger.

When the vet said she'd be OK, my knees really did go weak!

I'll have to start giving her the pain meds every OTHER day now, instead of daily, since that's what's now causing the bleeding. That's going to be rough for Rox---but, it's better than this other trauma she just went through!

He's given her something I have to give her an hour BEFORE she eats, OR two hours AFTER she eats. That'll take some getting used to----I'm asking my Angels for extra help in remembering! I have to put the Pepcid right in front of my eyes to remember to put THAT in her food, as it is!!!

I'm just so grateful he figured it out for us.
He is so gentle and kind---I always have to muzzle her, though, because she doesn't trust men at all.
(She was beaten by men when she was a little stray puppy)---and she kept wandering into the car-salvage dealer auction place some years back. When I started working there, she and I found each other! True love!!

Thank you again for your love and support!

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