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PidgeSeptember 29, 2010

I have student drafts arriving tomorrow which must be back in student hands no later than Tuesday. I also have two craft shows this weekend and am hoping to sell lots of my jewelry art. Then there are the side issues of husband care (he's longing for a souffle) and all the other ordinary things of getting through life.

So I have too many irons in the fire but I'll bet I am not alone, ha ha.

So what's up with you?

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I'm fortunate in that I can be as busy as I want to be and choose what I want to do. I do what I think needs to be done in keeping our lives on an even keel, after that it is my choice what I want to do. I think it comes down to choices.

Your hubby wants a souffle? I don't blame him, I'd like for someone to fix me a souffle to. But that's a lot of work and precision timing. Pick a time (within minutes, or it will fall) and fix the souffle.

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Finishing up the Voter's Guide which goes into all the newspapers around here,had to wait for one last candidate ( my own representative) to send back her questionnaire. Also met with someone and we went over all our new members and old members..150 of them,to make sure all the addresses,phone numbers etc. were correct before publishing our new directory. All this is for the League of Women Voters. Next week the dog needs groomed,I have two more meetings I have to attend,get bloodwork done and then pack as we are leaving next weekend for my high school reunion in Oklahoma. I can't wait.

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Tomorrow I am going to see Mr. Bones, and I do think he will tell me I may walk without a walker - though I believe that is not an instant thing, I feel I am married to that contraption, been putting more weight on the "bad" leg and it doesnt hurt.
I am very busy doing half the stuff I should be able to do when not lame, it is definitely a lesson in patience.
This forced leisure makes me a bit crazy, I'd rather be more busy.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Work is gearing up for our big conference, so I'm coordinating exhibitor descriptions and artwork for the program and updating the web site. But I seem to be spending most of my time instilling "sit," "wait," and "potty" and going for numerous long walks a day. I'm really looking forward to her managing housetraining and bite inhibition.

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Gearing up for court next week. I would say nuf said, but if you haven't ever done this, it's customary to ask for financial records and every receipt you've incurred for oh say a decade. I've been carrying around a briefcase full of ten years worth of taxes, bank statements, cancelled check copies, letters... and answering the ridiculous questions they ask. Have you had anyone help you out financially [between the time he left and now]? Well yes of course I have!!! He hasn't paid me squat even though there's a court order for him to pay. And he's the one asking the question. What does he hope to accomplish with that one? Prove he's a deadbeat? Prove I'm resourceful? Prove I have a support system in place for our son?????? What an idiot. He's proven that in court three times now. Fourth time should be the charm.

But it's almost over.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Good luck, Rob--you deserve it. Wear your "good luck" necklace, lol.

Marda, how do you do all that and still manage to take care of yourself?

The reason I mentioned a souffle is because the oven has been broken for many weeks and it just got fixed. A souffle is one of the few things one needs a real oven for and not a toaster oven. Well, that and a turkey. BTW, my cheese souffle is really good.

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I will Pidge, I will. Except, my ears will be too bare. Unless earrings could magically appear by next Tuesday. (((wink wink)))

I tell you what, turning in those documents was like turning a thesis. My life's work ready to be scrutinized. I'm really excited!

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Oh dar, Rob, I don't have time for the wink-wink, lol, because I have two shows this weekend. But the winky thing WILL happen.

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pidge, I think I get the issue re the oven and the souffle.
Lilod, you are busy getting well so you can get back to being busy in your own way.

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