Growing Grass indoors!

dlenartNovember 14, 2007


II was just thinking about growing some grass the winter so I could have some plugs to fill in any bare spots next spring. I'm thinking, fill two large flat containers with some topsoil, pour some of my KBG dlenart blend over it, sprinkle some starter fertilizer over it, water twice a day and keep it in my front bay window? I'm thinking that having this to fill in any bare spots would be better than planting seed in the spring.


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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

I've read about other folks who have tried growing grass indoors for various reasons.

My general recollection is it takes more light than most indoors provide. Think those long high powered lights slung low over growing trays that some folks have.

But, its always fun to try new things. Let us know how your project goes if you decide to try it.

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I've tried it with rye and bent in a south facing 100% sun window. Couldn't get either to stay alive. I believe you can get wheatgrass and some other ornamental type grasses to live indoors but that isn't what you're wanting.

There was someone on this board that was attempting to do what you want to do with KBG but when I asked for an update several months later I did not get a reply and don't remember who it was now.

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I tried it for fun once in a small planter and had a partial success. Light levels are definitely too low for most indoor areas, although the place where I had it was a corner with two southern windows and one western window.

It wasn't thick and rich like good lawn grass, but it survived. Mostly.

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You'd have to mow with scissors!

I have a small growroom with HPS lighting, but the space is at so much a premium in the winter months that I don't think that I could justify taking up the space.

Of course now that I am thinking about it, I do have some seed left over....

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When I read the title of this thread ... I had a "1960's flashback" to my college days at a prominent Midwestern university.(grin)

My girl friend at the time, lived in an older house converted to a duplex apartment. She and her roommates lived on the first floor and 2 gentlemen, who were alleged botany majors, lived upstairs.

The 2 would-be plant scientists successfully grew lots of "grass" indoors in a sunny second floor sun-porch. They had fluorescent lights on in the room all night long. Which in a college neighborhood back in '68 was not unusual. And their indoor garden was never questioned by the absentee landlord.

I believe the variety of grass they were growing back then is called...

Cannabis Satvia

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