St. Augustine question (cable company butchers)

texaskelley(9a)November 25, 2011

Hello all!

I am new to lawn care. DH and I just moved to TX and are renting a house with BEAUTIFUL 6 month old St. Aug sod (not sure what variety). The owner is adamant that the lawn stay in good shape. We have in-ground sprinklers, so maintenance should not be a problem. I have read all about organic fertilizers, and will be starting a regimen suggested here in the spring.

My question (or, rather, questions): the cable company has to dig through the backyard to bury a cable line. I have been assured that they are only lifting then replacing 4" of grass and dirt to do this, and that the grass should be fine. What can I do to make sure I don't have a path of dead grass in the spring?

Add on question: how often should I be watering through the winter? I can't find an answer to that...

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You really do not have to much of anything really. The machine they use to bury the cable does not do a lot of damage. It will look a bit like mole tunnel of just a line of fresh dirt in a straight line. Come spring once the grass starts to grow again will be gone in no time at all. If anything just go out and step on the line of dirt it mounds up to level it off.

As for winter watering not much to do there either. IF it gets really dry water once a month or so. Or if you hear a really cold snap, and I mean cold like low twenties or lower, you can water to add some freeze protection. If you have mowed properly at a height of 3 inched or higher freeze damage should not be a problem your location.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

All the dirt that comes out of their trench MUST go back. Don't let them take any away or sweep it away from the scar they leave. Mound it up and let it settle back into the trench. It might take 3 years to return to flat but if you remove any of it, it will become a depression.

Water every four weeks in the winter. I guess I should ask where you live before answering that. Your zone is sort of meaningless to grass issues. We need your town. The suggestion for once a month would be for more toward the coast. If you live more toward the Mexican border, then you are in a desert and may need to water every 3 weeks because of the soil and low humidity conditions. If you water weekly you might keep the grass green all winter. I just bought a home in George West, TX and am learning about gardening in a more desert-like climate.

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If you can do so, watch them do the job. If they do not tamp down the sliced ground near the end of the project, suggest you water the line then walk it to help "seal" it.

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