Checking in my pond

Calamity_J(z7bc)March 21, 2011

For signs of life! Been sunny today and I saw 6(out of 9) of my goldfish coming near the surface, AND my 1 baby...that is about 1.5" long now! I was kinda worried that it might have not made it thru the winter, Pond froze over 2x, I was able to push the ice and crack it, just with my fingers, so not froze deep. SUNSHINE WHOOHOO! Is it too early to start feeding them?

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Great news to hear all is well with your pond and fish! Wait to feed them until the water temp is over 50 degrees. I have pushed it and fed at 48 degrees but that with the promise of warm weather in the week ahead. Start by feeding them a low protien food - some people feed wheat germ pellets or Cheerios (which are good short term). It is good to soak either in some orange juice before feeding to give them some Vitamin C.


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