July in NH - (photo heavy)

deanneart(z5Southern NH)July 13, 2010

Thought IÂd share a few photos I took of todayÂs gardens. Things are zooming along at light speed and many are two to three weeks ahead of their normal blooming time. Lots of flowers around at the moment and the gardens smell fabulous with all the blooming lilies.

A view from the patio toward the west container garden

This pink themed urn is really filling in nicely. The Fuchsia ÂBilly Greene is just about to start blooming and will provide more color in front of the acalypha.

The Rose of Sharon is REALLY early! A few years ago it didnÂt break dormancy until the beginning of July so I canÂt believe itÂs in full bloom right now.

The east border. The Chelone and Blue Plumbago are both setting buds already

Love this view when the lilies are blooming

The tropical container border is filling in nicely

The Russian Sage and Hemerocallis ÂPastel Classic are in full bloom.

Love this Pennisetum ÂPurple PrinceÂ. The Acalypha ÂRaggedy Anne was a cutting I took years ago from SueÂs plant.

The Tarragona lilies are gorgeous right now

The shade garden, love this combo

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, my, it's hard to find the words, Deanne -- it just gets more gorgeous every year. It's amazing how much earlier everything is in bloom; I bet you hate to leave the gardens! The new wide angle lense gives you amazing perspective too -- it makes it all look so different but connected. I'm going to have to look some more to decide what I love the best!! Thanks for sharing, Deanne.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just wonderful Deanne! I see there's a little lawn left for Doug to play with too! ;)
I see your hydrangeas are truly blue this year, you have a lovely variegated buddleia(?), a thriving golden Cotinus, perfect hostas without slugs...everything except time to nap! Where are the kitties though?

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Wow! I really don't know what to say. How can your garden possibly look this fresh with all the heat we've had? Just beautiful...and all your hard work is evident.

Your photography skills wow me almost as much as the garden :)

I really like the combo of the blue hydrangea and the pink daylily...that was what caught my eye first :)

Thanks for taking us on the garden tour!


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Outstanding Deanne ! It's even more fun to see photos of your garden after one has been there- really enhances the appreciation ...are you using a filter on your lens for the day time shots? Saucy and V both had one when they were out here, and it seems a good thing to have when you are forced into mid-day photography..

Kathy in Napa

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A true artist's garden! My head is spinning with comments, I just don't know how to put them all into words...I guess I'm speechless! It looks like the "fish" in the fountain is giving the lily a drink. Awesome shot of the water shooting into the air.

The hosta/foliage vignette is serene and perfectly put together. And Mr. C. Grimaldi looks so commanding in that spot. WOW! Wasn't it in a different location last year, or do you have two?

Thanks for the wonderful tour.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh Deanne, so lovely. All that comes to mind are superlatives! The fountain is wonderful. Is it electric or solar? Love the heuchera and caladium with the hostas. Also like the way you mixed in your tropicals. The border by the house is spectacular. What a marvelous sense of color you have. I think I may need to mix in a little yellow or apricot in my gardens since it looks so good in yours.

Did you build the stone walls yourself? I have been toying with the idea of attempting that here.

GREAT pics!!!

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Outstanding Deanne! I love those Tarragona lilies. The tropicals are looking so large and lush, wow! You truly have created a superb garden.

I really need to find myself one of those continus. My 'Sutherland Gold' Sambucus just lost 3 branches the other day. I like that it leafs out so much earlier than the cotinus but the branch die back is too annoying.

Thanks for the lovely tour.


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Deanne, what a fabulous July for you. Looks like you're having the last laugh at those high temps. So much to comment on, but I think my favorite photo is of the house itself, with the wreath on the door. Just love the proportions of the plants against the house. Don't think I've seen this view before, and it's lovely. The last shade photo too, such loveliness, and I love your subtlety in continuing the colors of the brunnera leaf with a caladium slightly similar, rather than going for a strong contrast, saving that for the urn. The echinacea/daylily and perovskia is classic, grown beautifully. So yes, I very much enjoyed the tour!

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Stepping out of "lurkerville" to say GORGEOUS! I'm in awe!

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It's all so pretty Deanne and you deserve to take the time to soak it all in. It's great you get such fab photos to browse all winter. I really enjoyed the house shots too and the orangey combo shot. Norma

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WOW again. I have a short border that has been impatiently waiting my attention since I moved several plants out in the spring. Your photos spur me to action. Plus from earlier posts I decided I should water more often. Thanks!

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cheleinri(z6 RI)

Hi Deanne. You know you're my hero. Everything does indeed get more beautiful every year & those containers are just so incredible. You should write a book on container gardening..they're better than anything in any book or magazine I've seen and you're obviously a little bit interested in them..;) Can you ID the hostas in the lovely combo shot? Love that gold cupped one especially!

Heading back to lurkerville to hang out with blondiesc.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Many thanks everyone for the kind comments! I really appreciate them.

Bug, yes that is a variegated Buddleia. The slugs havenÂt been as bad as in previous years. I think the heat and dry doesnÂt do them any good so at least this weather has been good for something.

Kathy, no filters here. IÂve been researching what IÂd like to pick up first. I just use my Adobe Lightroom program to equalize the levels and that fixes a lot of problems in shooting in full sun.

Anita, I actually have five brugmansias and the one in this shot is a white one I got as a cutting from Sue several years ago.

Cyn, yes I built the stone walls. What else would one do with all those rocks that were dug out when I planted things? LOL

Michelle, I SO understand the dilemma with the Sutherland Gold. I gave up on mine a few years ago when most of the tree died off the weekend before we were going to have company to see the gardens. I love my cotinus! The only drawback is of course as you said it does take its time breaking dormancy.

Hi defrost and cheleinri! Great to hear from you! You both should come for a visit again sometime? The hostas in that last photo are ÂStripteaseÂ, ÂFrances WilliamsÂ. Unfortunately I cannot find the name of the beautiful cup leaf chartreuse one in the lower right. I bought it from the breeder in Michigan six years ago. ItÂs one of my very favorites.


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Absolutely priceless!! Just love your gardens.

I noticed a Climbing Hydrangea in the third photo from last. Is it climbing up a tree? I have one starting to climb on our home but am going to have to move it and was wondering what your's is on.

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OMGosh,I just stopped over to see what is going on over here,,I am speachless!
What breathtaking beauty.
Have you been featured in any mag.? You should be.

May I ask you how long it has taken you to achive this look?Outstanding!
We have the same taste, only I could never do what you have done.Do you do all this yourself?
Sure wish I could visit.
Thank you for posting such a wonderful garden.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks so much Tiffy and Carol.

Tiffy, my climbing hydrangea is climbing up a mature oak tree.

Carol, my containers were featured in Fine Gardening's special container issue a couple years ago and I've had a couple other photos published. ~~ I've been gardening here for more than thirty years and yes I've done all the work myself with help from my DH in digging up and moving some of the heavier rocks.


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Deanne, possibilities for the hosta in the lower right corner could be 'Love Pat' or 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd.'

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Could be Anita, yet my Abiqua Drinking Gourd is a blue hosta... Love Pat is blue as well.
Maybe Hosta Maui? There are just so many!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Maui

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Anita and Bug, that little hosta was a very limited variety and I don't know if it ever went into production or was offered to the general public. The breeder was that lovely fellow from IU1 who was a friend of David Baker. We visited his fabulous gardens and he had a few plants for sale that he'd developed and propagated. I need to get a hold of David to see if he remembers what it was. I know Babs bought one as well but checked with her recently and she doesn't remember the name either.


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Deanne, what a Sunday morning treat to come over here and find this thread. Your garden is picture perfect! Much better than those in magazines! I especially love the combo with the echinacea coconut lime. I think I'm the only one left who hasn't had problems with my s. sutherland gold. Mine has gotten large though and I now have it pruned into almost a small tree form. I do like my gold cotinus too though. And I also have that little gold cupped hosta from Jim Wilkins. I don't remember the name either :( Thanks for sharing your July garden. Just when I think your gardens can't get more beautiful you prove me wrong!

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Stunning photos, DeanneÂIÂm just reeling. For the first time I canÂt seem to pick a favorite from your photography. Every view is breathtakingly beautiful and omigoshÂperfect. Thank you so much for sharing the paradise!

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